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This page is comprised of Raven's relationships with other characters in the Teen Titans Go! series.



Raven and Trigon bond

Trigon has trouble persuading Raven to accept her birthright.

Raven and Trigon's relationship is strained due to both having differing desires for Raven's future. While Trigon wishes for Raven to embrace her demonic birthright and follow in his footsteps of enslaving worlds, Raven wishes to be a hero and protect innocents. Initially, Trigon allowed her to become a hero in the hopes that she would eventually grow out of what he considered "a phase" and attempted to manipulate her friends into persuading her to accept her birthright. However, he realized Raven had only been trying to show the others his true self and this plan ultimately failed.[1] Despite their different wants, the two do care for one another enough that they regularly visit each other, though Trigon does not miss the opportunity to state his wishes for her.[2]

Trigon is frequently mentioned by Raven, though more often negatively than positively as she usually describes him as "demonic" or "bad".[3][4] One of her frequent nightmares is the thought of becoming a demonic conqueror like Trigon even through his defeat.[5]

Raven frustrated with Starfire and Trigon's bond

Raven grew jealous of Starfire and Trigon's growing relationship.

Raven's relationship with her father was further strained when she neglected to give him a Father's Day present. As a result, Trigon arrived to destroy Earth yet she simply resorted to calling him a big baby instead of making up with her father, telling Starfire that she didn't care about his feelings. However, when Starfire began spending quality time with Trigon, Raven grew jealous over their bond, knowing that he'd would hurt her in the end. The two eventually discovered that Trigon had manipulated them to battle each other for his benefit and she proceeded to banish him into a portal. Afterword, Raven confided to Starfire that she still yearned for Trigon's love despite him being a demon.[6]

Love interests


Raven kisses Aqualad

After their first (and only) date, Raven grants Aqualad a kiss.

Upon realizing that Raven is a girl, Aqualad grew an attraction and attempted to flirt with her though Raven repeatedly asked him to stop. However, she later showed up to go on a date with him, and warned him about her dark side. He took her to watch an underwater band for their date. Raven initially mocked his attempts, but realized the date was watching the underwater band get consumed by sharks which she enjoyed. As they returned to Titans Tower, Aqualad placed a fish skeleton in Raven's hair and remarked how beautiful she looked with her hood down. Raven expressed her happiness that someone finally understood her and gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving. The next day, Raven happily admired the fish skeleton in her hair but quickly covered it up once Starfire commented that she'd never seen her happier. When Cyborg asked if she's seen his pirate booty, Raven blushed suggestively but quickly recovered.

As she attempted to go on her second date with Aqualad, Beast Boy intervened by attempting to prove his intensity. However, Raven chose to have both of them fight for her to the death and supplied both with weapons before transporting them to an arena. Aqualad refused to fight Beast Boy for her which nearly lead to his death until Raven stops Beast Boy. Battered and bruised, Aqualad declared Raven to be too dark for him and collapsed on the floor though Raven was shown to be indifferent to his choice and showed no sign of worry for his safety.[7]

Some time later, Raven confided to Beast Boy that she still periodically thought about Aqualad, titling him, "the one that got away." When Terra revealed that she was dating Aqualad, Raven blushed once Aqualad asked if he missed her. However, she became angered when Aqualad called her sad, lonely, and single and decided to fake-date Beast Boy in order to get him and Terra to break up on a double date. On the way to the date, Raven told Beast Boy that she thought she made a mistake when she dumped Aqualad. She tried to get Aqualad jealous by flirting with Beast Boy, but only succeeded in disturbing him. To get him and Terra to break up, Raven ordered seafood for Terra to eat, framed Terra for ruining a date, and transformed a picture of Terra that Aqualad painted into a fish. The next day, she threw a rock at Aqualad, framing Terra once again and succeeded in breaking them up. However, after celebrating the success of their plan, Raven leaned in and kissed Beast Boy, effectively getting rid of her feelings for Aqualad. Once Aqualad and Terra discovered their plan, Raven opened a portal to the Trash Hole, sealing her former flame and Terra inside.[8]

Beast Boy

Raven smirking at the thought of her and Beast Boy

Raven smirks at the thought of her and Beast Boy.

Due to the clashing personalities of Raven and Beast Boy, the latter often manages to irritate and anger her to the point where she disintegrates him[1] and threatens to banish him to another dimension.[9] The first hint of attraction on Beast Boy's side came when he flirtatiously asked Raven what bathing suit she'd be wearing, and responded with hot when she answered.[10] When Beast Boy met Terra, Raven was immediately accused by Cyborg and Starfire that she was jealous of the two despite her saying otherwise. Terra revealed her true colors shortly and prepared to crush Beast Boy with a boulder, but Raven freed herself from her imprisonment and banished her to another dimension, disappointing Beast Boy as he was waiting for Terra to express her true feelings. Cyborg admitted that the Titans were silly for thinking she was jealous causing Raven to scoff, but smirked lovingly, hinting at a possible romantic attraction.[11]

Beast Boy flirtatiously winked at Raven when he began singing his burrito song. He later spent hours trying to entice her into granting him a monster to fight Cyborg's robot.[12]

Beast Boy matched with Raven

The Love Matcher 5000 paired Beast Boy with Raven.

During a chess match, Raven grew frustrated with Beast Boy and threatened to banish him when Cyborg announced the creation of the Love Matcher 5000 to pair superheroes with their perfect match. Beast Boy participated and was matched with Raven, shocking the Titans yet the green-skinned Titan opted to make their relationship work. However, Raven knocked him aside and exited the room. Despite rejecting him constantly, Raven soon recalled all the things Beast Boy did to impress her and offered to give them a try which soon led to a wedding. However, Cyborg intervened by revealing the program suffered a minor glitch and paired Beast Boy with a scratching post instead. Beast Boy readily accepted the change and found himself in love with the object, thus ending their relationship.[9] When Raven was split into five incarnations of her emotions, Passion (Purple) kissed Beast Boy enthusiastically and periodically, much to his delight. Rage (Red) never attacked nor made an attempt to attack him.[13]

Beast Boy entranced by Raven's legs

Beast Boy entranced by Raven's legs.

After her cloak was taken by Robin and ensnared on Cyborg, Raven grew more comfortable, confident, and outgoing while her leggy figure mesmerized Beast Boy. He periodically stared at her admiringly and was upset when she announced she'd be fighting crime solo as Lady Legasus. After she returned to defeat the demonic Cyborg, Raven donned her cloak on once more, depressing Beast Boy. Raven initially scoffed at him, but smirked and exposed one leg, causing Beast Boy to transform into a dog and howl.[4] During Beast Boy and Cyborg's game, Beast Boy said waffles to Raven and she blushed, indicating that she knew what he was saying.[14]

Beast Boy wants Raven as his Valentine

Beast Boy asks Raven to be his Valentine.

As Valentine's Day approached, Beast Boy attempted to ask Raven to be his valentine, but she fled in disgust, prompting Beast Boy to seek out Terra. When she discovered this, Raven attempted to prove to Beast Boy that Terra was planning to kill the Titans. Beast Boy mocked Raven for giving up a chance to be with him, but Raven showed him that Terra was conspiring to kill them and take revenge on Beast Boy, depressing him. Raven comforted him by reassuring at least one girl liked him with longish eyes, but Beast Boy tearfully wondered why she hasn't told him anything. At the Valentine's Day dance, Raven attempted to reveal to Beast Boy how she feels, but Terra interrupted with an attack yet Beast Boy soothed her with a serenade. Raven watched the exchange in tears and jealously transported Terra back into the dimension she was trapped in, but Beast Boy jumped in after her. Raven sadly realized that she never got a chance to tell him how she felt.[15]

Raven recalled a moment where she entered her room to find rose petals, candles, and Beast Boy, clad only in his underwater and gesturing her to come closer, on her bed. She claimed that she hated it and promptly closed the door.[16] Raven was cited as the toughest person Beast Boy knew when he attempted to recover from a scar, causing her to blush. Beast Boy later purposely disintegrated his arm to get a robotic replacement and transformed into a bear which retained the arm, causing Raven to comment that it was hot. Beast Boy teased her, but she slapped him away with his detached limb. As Beast Boy began to lose more limbs and took on the alias Scar Man, Raven lovingly commented that he was no boy and asked the narrator to repeat his name once more.[17]

Raven kisses Beast Boy

Raven kisses Beast Boy on his forehead.

While eating shrimp provided unknowingly by Aqualad, the hero found himself attracted to Raven and attempted to flirt with her, much to Beast Boy's protest and Raven's shock. Eventually, the two went on a date, causing Beast Boy to attempt to prove his intensity for Raven yet she remarked she'd only choose through a fight to the death. Beast Boy mauled Aqualad near to death yet Raven intervened at the last second. Beast Boy reminded her that she was supposed to see the piranhas with him, but she clarified the word "death", causing Beast Boy to become intense and faint. Raven, impressed, complimented him and gently kissed him on the forehead before floating away.[7]

After he was transformed into an elderly version of himself, Beast Boy called Raven "hot stuff" due to being the only one of the Titans who retained their youth. She laughed and playfully told him to dial it back. Raven eagerly listened to Beast Boy's story about how he obtained his mysterious watch and patted him when he slept. She complimented him by calling his stories 'charming' and was interested in hearing the story once more until she was notified of his passing by Robin, astonishing her.[18] Like all the other Titans, Raven was annoyed by Beast Boy's craziness during their made-up holiday, Crazy Day. As Beast Boy appeared with Cyborg as the second obstacle in her quest to discover the identity of a mysterious voice, it is assumed she finds them both more annoying than Starfire, but less than Robin.[19]

Beast Boy and Raven kiss

Beast Boy and Raven sharing their first kiss.

After she found Beast Boy lamenting over Terra, Raven chided him for holding feelings for a girl that tried to kill them, but agreed to slam his head with a boulder when he requested it. When Terra told the Titans that she and Aqualad were now dating, Beast Boy and Raven became surprised and jealous. After Aqualad told Raven that he was glad he and her didn't end up together and that he enjoyed seeing her sad, alone, and single, Raven quickly lied about dating Beast Boy, saying that he was her boyfriend. Aqualad suggested that they all go on a double date to celebrate their happiness. On the way to the date, Beast Boy berated Raven for chiding him on his feelings for Terra when she still held some for Aqualad yet agreed to work together to break up Aqualad and Terra. At the restaurant, Raven and Beast Boy awkwardly began to flirt with one another in an attempt to make Terra and Aqualad jealous, but only succeeded in making them uncomfortable. Raven claimed that the two had a hard time keeping their affections hidden. She and Beast Boy watched as their first attempt to get Aqualad and Terra to break up fail. Beast Boy noted that the two were in love which Raven claimed would only make it more difficult to break them up an dragged Beast Boy into a portal to follow. The two succeeded in sabotaging Aqualad and Terra's romantic moments and would laugh and glance at each other afterwords. The next day, while Terra and Aqualad were sitting on the bench, Raven threw a rock at Aqualad while Beast Boy threw a fish at Terra, causing them to end their relationship.

Behind the bushes, Raven and Beast Boy celebrated the success of their plan. Afterword, Beast Boy turned to Raven and began to blush while Raven sweetly smiled back at him. They both locked eyes with one another and the two leaned toward each other and kissed for several seconds until Raven suddenly pulled away after realizing what was happening. Raven became angry at Beast Boy and was about to attack him but realized she enjoyed the kiss and said it was "nice," which Beast Boy was happy to hear. They leaned in to kiss again until Aqualad and Terra found them behind a bush after they finally discovered their plan and confronted them. Beast Boy told them it wasn't a good time and snapped his fingers to resume the romantic music and to focus back on Raven, hugging her until Aqualad interrupted. Raven and Beast Boy worked together to defeat them with Beast Boy using his gorilla's fist to slam Aqualad and Terra both into a portal to the Trash Hole that Raven conjured. Following their defeat, Raven floated to the shore and Beast Boy approached Raven to ask what they were talking about before they got interrupted. Raven smiled sweetly and sheepishly claimed she didn't remember. They leaned in to kiss, but were interrupted by Cyborg. When Beast Boy questioned Cyborg, he claimed that he was fulfilling his third wheel status and ruining romantic moments. When Beast Boy said that sounded like fun and began dancing to his music, Raven groaned in defeat.[8]

Another hint Raven liked Beast Boy was inside the episode Beast Man, when Raven says "...and you get a lifelong marriage," but giggles, and continues her sentence.



Raven is chosen to eat da meatball

Cyborg chooses Raven to eat a meatball.

Raven is easily annoyed by Cyborg's loudness as she prefers to be in a calming setting which proves impossible when he's around.[13] As she attempted to brush her teeth, Cyborg interrupted her and plead for her to use her powers to duplicate himself, annoying Raven. Cyborg then tricked her twice into casting the spell, infuriating Raven.[20] When Cyborg was plugged into the tower's mainframe computer, he interrupted Raven's meditation session and programmed her laptop to play "Bad Girls" by Donna Summers instead of her classical playlist and was annoyed as he moved the screen around her, boasting for her to join him in dancing.[21] Starfire turned Cyborg against Raven by telling him that she hates how she chewed popcorn too loudly, resulting in a fight between them, and Robin which nearly destroyed the living room.[22]

Cyborg enticed her into joining a meatball party due to wanting to spread his love of the food with or without the others' consent. He accidentally released an Octopus Demon inside her mouth which forced her to reveal her annoyance toward him when he acted loud and rude. After Cyborg saved the others, he promised to never force her into doing anything again, but quickly repented the statement and smothered her with meatballs.[23]

Cyborg and Starfire mocked Raven for being jealous over Beast Boy's relation with Terra.[11] When a crystal separated Raven into five multi-colored versions of her emotions, Rage (Red) periodically attacked Cyborg and revealed that she hates how he screams all the time yet Cyborg takes this with a grain of salt.[13] Raven joined Cyborg in backing up Beast Boy to trick Starfire into thinking there was a Second Christmas.[24] Raven was annoyed by Cyborg practicing his boo-yahs while in the midst of playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls and used her powers to remove his mouth.[25]

When Cyborg revealed his fear of the dark, Raven went against Starfire's statement, claiming that she didn't understand his phobia. However, she participated in a slumber party in an effort to help him get over his fear.[26] As with the other Titans, Raven was annoyed by Cyborg during Crazy Day. He, alongside Beast Boy, was the second obstacle, revealing that she finds him and Beast Boy equally annoying.[19] Raven later helped Cyborg become a real boy by stripping him of his robotic body parts and replacing them with human ones. Cyborg, overjoyed, hugged and thanked Raven for her help.[27]


Raven refuses to let Robin in the Tower

Raven refuses to let Robin in the Titans Tower.

Robin thinks of Raven as a sarcastic older sister[28], and the two often behave as such. When Raven was upset over her father coming to a visit, Robin was the only one who was able to calm her down long enough to share her problems.[1] Raven was forced to do the laundry in Robin's stead despite her insisting that he take his responsibility, and chose not to let him in the tower when he was trapped outside naked and chased by fangirls.[29] Raven granted Robin powers in the hopes that it would teach him about the misery they cause yet Robin managed to stop all crime in the Earth, thus resulting in the disbandment of the Titans. When an elderly Robin realized his mistake, Raven gloated over her victory, resulting in Robin's death.[3]

When a crystal separated her into multi-colored versions of her emotions, Rage (Red) occasionally attacked him. Robin also displayed a minor attraction to her as he readily attempted to kiss Passion (Purple) until he was stopped by Starfire.[13] Raven was the only one who laughed at Robin's uncle jokes[28] despite claiming that she doesn't laugh.[30]

Raven was annoyed by Robin's use of cheap magic gags to express his love for magic, claiming that he was bound to anger the Magic God yet he and the others ignored her as she thought she was simply being negative again. When the two were brought forth to the Magic God, Raven defended Robin strongly in order for him not to be sent to the mines yet she was sent instead. Robin pleaded to the Magic God to give her one more chance, saving Raven from the mines and resulting in her promising to be more positive yet she grew annoyed when Robin once again performed a cheap magic act.[16]

When holding the box containing the Twin Destroyers of Azarath, Raven handed Robin the box, showing her trust in him over the others.[31] However, she occasionally made fun of him for his baby hands.[32] When Trigon visited Raven for Thanksgiving, he informed her that she transformed her least favorite Titan, Cyborg, into a turkey for them to eat. Raven corrected him by informing her father that she liked Robin the least.[33] While searching for the source of a mysterious voice in her head, Raven came across her final obstacle, a door in the likeness of Robin, who acknowledged that he is the Titan who drives her the craziest.[19]


Raven and Silkiesoft

Raven and Princess Silkiesoft.

Raven often dresses Silkie up as Princess Silkiesoft when playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls. However, she usually ends up frustrated as Silkie will either eat one of them or consistently vomit causing her to chastise him.[34][25] When annoyed due to her father's visit, Raven used her telekinesis to throw Silkie out the window due to him crossing her path. However, this was mostly due to annoyance and not because of Silkie, although she was astonished that the maggot had also received a gift from Trigon.[1]

When Silkie went missing, Raven was one of two Titans to desperately search for him though she mainly relied on a demon to search in place of her.[35] Raven originally believed that Silkie did not care for Starfire and was indifferent to his absence when the male Titans took him to Killer Moth. However, once Silkie gained the ability the talk, he told Starfire he loved her and accepted Raven's apology by reassuring her that he loved her too.[36]


Starfire and Raven

Raven is usually annoyed by Starfire.

Raven and Starfire share a sisterly bond, but their differing personalities often clash with one another. Unlike Raven, Starfire prefers to see the brighter side of things and happily expresses herself and her interests merrily,[37] and her willingness to share often irritate Raven.[36] When Starfire planned the festivities for Cyborg's birthday party, Raven supported her changes to classic party games by using real animals.[38] When Trigon visits the tower, Starfire redundantly introduces herself as Raven's best female friend.[1]

Raven influenced by Starfire's puppy dog eyes

Raven succumbs to Starfire's puppy dog eyes.

After the males refused to let her accompany them on a boys' night out, Starfire immediately grabbed a reluctant Raven in order to have a girl' night out. However, Raven preferred to stay indoors and slammed Starfire away until she fell victim to the Tamaranean's puppy dog eyes. The two traveled to the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility in order to free Jinx for a girl's night out which Raven was immensely against. During their trip to Wacka Doodles, Raven's eagerness to go home was berated by Jinx and Starfire and she only saw the bumper car chase around the city as a means of being thrown in jail. However, after riding a building across the city, Raven found herself enjoying the night and opted to break out of the detention facility to continue it.[37]

Starfire was the first to accuse Raven of being jealous of Terra, but realized how silly it sounded due to Beast Boy having no redeemable qualities.[11] The two sang the Team Titans theme song together due to both being horrible at dodgeball.[39] When Beast Boy pursued Raven's affections, Raven confided in Starfire on her current situation and the two briefly discussed the situation, showing another side to their sisterly bond.[9] When Raven was split into five versions of her emotions, Happiness (Pink) was often seen with Starfire, braiding her hair and laughing together. This hints at a desire for her to be more feminine and have a closer relationship with her female teammate.[13] Raven, alongside the others, believed that Starfire was incapable of being evil due to her overbearingly niceness yet Starfire the Terrible succeeded in trapping her, Beast Boy and Cyborg.[40]

Raven attempts to consult Starfire

Raven consoles Starfire.

Raven and Starfire relaxed at the tower together and bonded with Doctor Light while waiting for the male Titans.[30] Despite their sisterly bond, Raven was spurred by the prospect of experiencing a second Christmas and used Starfire's naivety to convince her of such a holiday alongside Beast Boy and Cyborg, though she felt immensely guilty. She was the first to comfort her yet Starfire unleashed a barrage of starbolts on her teammates for tricking her, including Raven.[24] For unknown reasons, Raven replaced Starfire's hair color while under the influence of her powers, scarring the Tamaranean into claiming that Raven had lost her humanity.[25]

Starfire licks the gunk off Raven

Raven is disturbed by Starfire licking the gunk off of her.

While initially hesitant to abandon fighting her enemies, Starfire showed Raven how to properly meditate, causing the half-demon to reach enlightenment.[41] After Silkie went missing due to the male Titans wanting to collect a reward from Killer Moth, Raven expressed her opinion on her relationship with the maggot, calling it one-sided and was annoyed by her cries as a result of his absence. Starfire, slowly going crazy without Silkie, began using Raven as a substitute, going as far as lick off the gunk behind her ear. However, Raven was proven otherwise when she led Starfire to Killer Moth's lair and Silkie gained the ability to talk. The three of them then flew back to Jump City where they terrorized the male Titans before flying off into the sunset.[36]

Raven volunteers to help Starfire

Raven volunteered to help Starfire gain knowledge of human customs.

After Raven's date with Aqualad, Starfire noticed the skeletal remains of a fish in Raven's hair and remarked that she'd never seen her so happy.[7] When Starfire became upset over her lack of knowledge in human customs, Raven (despite being annoyed by her crying) volunteered to help her, calling her "girlfriend" in the process, showing a strong bond between the two. Despite the others claiming that she had turned her into a bummer, Raven was the only one who remained by her side yet later came to regret her actions as a result of Starfire recounting trivia that negatively portrayed her daily activities. In an effort to save Starfire's brain from exploding due to the rapid expansion of her brain, Raven conjured up the T-Sub to travel to the source and came up with the idea that eventually allowed Robin to defeat it. Afterword, she apologized to Starfire for taking the easy way out instead of teaching her through traditional methods but was interrupted by the male Titans calling her a bummer.[42]

Raven and Starfire as fathers

Raven and Starfire roleplay as each other's fathers.

Raven and Starfire's conflicting methods of kindness came to a boiling point when Starfire expressed kindness to the Twin Destroyers of Azarath. Raven ultimately informed her on the method to defeat them, teaching Starfire that not everything can be solved through kindness.[31] When Trigon attacked Jump City due to Raven refusing to acknowledge him on Father's Day, Starfire managed to placate his wrath and began bonding with Trigon, slowly causing Raven to grow jealous. Raven eventually resorted into insulting Starfire through her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls and attacked her out of rage. The two battled briefly until Raven realized that Trigon had purposefully pitted the two against each other. After banishing him, the two roleplayed as each other's fathers for the remainder of the day.[6]

When the boys claimed that they were better than the girls, Raven and Starfire decided to compete against them to prove which gender was superior. They both managed to win every challenge and celebrated their victory by rubbing it in Robin's face. After they were infected with cooties by Robin, Raven and Starfire chased the male Titans around Jump City in order to infect them and succeeded in their mission, forcing Robin to release the antidote and admit that girls were better than boys.[43] While searching for the identity of a mysterious voice in her head, Raven came across a sphinx in the likeness of Starfire as her first obstacle, meaning that she thought of her as the least annoying out of all her teammates.[19]


Doctor Light

Date with the Doctor

Raven and Starfire bonded with Doctor Light over lunch at Justice Java.

While usually being able to thwart Doctor Light in a matter of seconds[13], Raven and Starfire bonded with the villain when waiting for the Titans. Growing bored with wait, Starfire inquired on the villain's chosen alias and he revealed, under the promise that they won't laugh, a trick which allowed him to light up lightbulbs through the pull of a finger which Raven deemed cool. The three later dined at Justice Java and, when Raven attempted to pay, was stopped by Doctor Light. The villain payed for them; an act which prompted Raven to call him cool. After the three ate dessert, Doctor Light announced his decision to join the Titans and follow the path of good which was met with enthusiasm by Raven and Starfire. However, the male Titans arrived and savagely attacked him despite Raven and Starfire's protests. After the brutal beating, Doctor Light swore revenge on all the Titans, including Raven and Starfire. Despite this, both girls tended to his wounds while they waited for an ambulance to arrive.[30]

The two, however, returned to their roles as hero and villain.[17]



Raven is cited to be one Jinx's least favorite Titans, the other being Starfire. This is partially due to the fact that Raven visits Jinx and taunts her about her incarceration when she's bored. She was heavily against the idea of releasing Jinx from prison for a girl's night out, and the two often argued during the night. Jinx occasionally criticized Raven's refusal to have fun while the half-demon was certain she'd attempt an escape. After being chased by the Jump City Police Department and riding a building through the sky, Raven admitted to Jinx in juvenile detention that she had fun and did not hesitate to join her in another girl's night out.[37]

Following their crazy night, the two reverted back to their original status as a hero and villain although it was a while until the two began to periodically attack one another.[4] However, Raven and Starfire later attempted to free Jinx from the Team in order to go on a girl's night out.[44]


Raven vs. Terra

Raven and Terra prepared to battle.

Ever since meeting Terra, Raven was suspicious of her and accused Terra of being a spy. She spied on her through a demonic eyeball and attempted to relay the information to the others, but they immediately accused her of being jealous which she constantly denied. After one of Robin's Titans Test left them incapacitated, Terra tied Raven and the Titans up and left them dangling off the edge of Titans Tower. As she attempted to attack Beast Boy, Raven freed herself from her bonds and battled Terra which resulted in her banishment to another dimension.[11]

Due to this, Terra swore revenge on all of the Titans. Six months later, Cyborg unintentionally told Beast Boy where Terra was trapped in and he helped her escape by tricking Raven for Valentine's Day. Once Raven discovered this, she proceeded to spy on her again and showed Beast Boy a footage of Terra declaring hate to Beast Boy. As she attempted to tell Beast Boy how she felt, Terra interrupted and attacked the Titans. Raven attempted to attack Terra, but was distracted by a baby Cupid and squashed underneath a boulder. She freed herself and watched in tears as Beast Boy serenaded Terra with a love song. Blinking the tears out of her eyes, she destroyed Terra's weapons and effortlessly trapped her back in the trash portal, but Beast Boy jumped in after her.[15]

After Raven found Beast Boy thinking about Terra, she chided him for holding feelings to a girl that tried to destroy them yet agreed to hit him on the head to mimic her. She later berated him for calling her and was shocked to see Terra outside of the tower before she summoned a boulder to knock them into the shore. After Terra informed them that she had a new boyfriend, she teased Raven by saying she knew who it was: Aqualad. Jealous of their relationship, Raven teamed up with Beast Boy to break them apart. To reach this end, Raven tricked Terra into eating seafood, framed her for crushing an underwater symphony band, and transformed a portrait of her that Aqualad painted into a fish which hurt her feelings. The next day, Raven framed Terra by throwing a rock at Aqualad and cheered with Beast Boy for breaking them up. Terra eventually discovered the ruse and she and Aqualad teamed up to destroy them, but Beast Boy knocked them out with his gorilla fist and Raven opened a portal, trapping both of them in the Trash Hole, much to her protest.[8]


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