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"The man: handsome, strong, intense, great hair."
— Robin describing himself.[1]

Cocky Robin
Biographical information

The Boy Wonder




Gotham City


Titans Tower, Jump City, California, USA

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Black (dotted)

Professional information

Richard John "Dick" Grayson


Teen Titans

Weapon of choice
  • Staff
  • Biradarangs
Powers and abilities
  • Leadership
  • Advanced hand-to-hand combatant

The Flying Graysons
Batman (adopted father)


Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Silkie, Batman, Couch Spirit, Senior Citizens, Universe Tree, Beat Box, Birdarang, Treadmill Spirit, Super Robin


H.I.V.E. Five, Mother Mae-Eye, Ed, Trigon, Speedy, The Voice in Robin's Head, Doctor Light, Cinderblock, Tree Custodians, Kitten, Control Freak, Killer Croc, Kyd Wykkyd, Brother Blood, The Mockingbirds, Menos, George Washington

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Legendary Sandwich"

Voiced by

Scott Menville

Robin (Richard John "Dick" Grayson)[2] is a teenage superhero and the leader of the Teen Titans.

Richard John "Dick" Grayson was a child growing up with his parents, two acrobats, in a circus. However, their performance was sabotaged which lead to their deaths. Dick overheard two men claiming that they had done the act, but before he could stop them, Batman convinced him otherwise claiming Dick would end up dead. He adopted Dick and trained him to be his sidekick, Robin.

After becoming Boy Wonder, Robin left Batman and became the leader of his team, the Teen Titans. Robin led his team without objection and trained the Titans for combat while also allowing time for horseplay though grew frustrated that the others repeatedly brushed off his orders. However, this created an inferiority complex, causing him to strive to be the best superhero in the world. Skilled in acrobatics and combat due to his training with Batman, Robin is a vigilant and born leader, though this occasionally goes to his head as seen when attempting to control the Titans' daily lives outside of battle.


Main article: History of Robin


Robin is a vigilant and born leader who knows when to do the right thing due to his training with Batman, thus being capable of maintaining control and order over the Teen Titans. However, these traits can occasionally go to extremes due to his traumatic past with the circus animals and his parents' deaths.[2] He has an extreme sense of pride and ego, shown when he targeted Mammoth due to his size.[3], and when he refused to let Beast Boy be better at something than him.[2] As a romantic, Robin is nervous about admitting his feelings toward Starfire[4], but does have questionable traits shown when he was snooping around Starfire's room and going through her drawers.[5] He is also quick to anger when something goes wrong, and also very self absorbed.


Robin wears a domino mask (which are actually glasses) over his eyes. He wears a red suit with two small yellow stripes and an R symbol which represents his name. His sleeves, as well as his gloves and tights, are green. His shoes are about knee high with the leg portion colored black and the actual shoes colored grey. He has a yellow utility belt around his waist and also wears a cape which is yellow on the interior, but black on the exterior. Robin has peach-colored skin and spiky black hair.


Main article: [[List of Robin's weapons]]

Robin has no superpowers, a trait he feels makes him inferior compared to the other Titans. However, he does maintain an assortment of talents due to his training.

  • Acrobatics: Robin is skilled in acrobatics and is capable of performing flips and jumps even on a dangerous mountain terrain.[6]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Robin is also skilled in close combat and uses his size and slim figure to defeat powerful and large opponents like Mammoth.[3][7]
  • Staff: Robin's most skilled in wielding his prized possession, which he sees as the most powerful of weapons.[8] The staff itself has many abilities such as an electric claw which he uses to shock his opponents.[9]
  • Accessories: Robin has many weapons stored on his belt such as birdarangs, grappling hooks, and smoke pellets which he uses to give himself an advantage in battle.[7]
  • R-Cycle: Robin has a motorcycle at his disposal which he sometimes incorporates into battles.[10]


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Starfire is Robin's "love interest" throughout the series. His feelings are clear in his jealous moments; Starfire is very pretty and boys often flirt with her, which infuriates Robin to no end. It is also seen throughout the series Robin is always at the side of Starfire.


It is obvious that Cyborg's laid-back nature and Robin's serious demeanor sometimes clash on missions. Cyborg doesn't like people telling him what to do and is often annoyed by Robin's leadership position.

Beast Boy

Robin and Beast Boy are quite different and the two have clashing personalities. While Beast Boy is free-spirited, carefree, and doesn't exhibit much intellectual strength, Robin is very focused, smart and serious. Despite their different personalities though, the comics have portrayed both of them as having very similar pasts, even if they both have a mutual ignorance of this fact.


Robin and Raven had a respectful relationship in the original show, in Teen Titans GO! They aren't as close as they are with others, Robin usually ends annoying her like everyone else in the team.


Speedy is Robin's rival. When Speedy asked Starfire out to a restaurant, Robin got jealous and kidnapped him.

Speedy & Robin

Speed & Robin


Robin doesn't interact with Silkie as much as the other Titans, but seems to care for him less than the other Titans due to using the search for Silkie as an excuse to raid Starfire's room while the others, save Beast Boy, searched for the maggot thoroughly.[5] However, he was seen talking to the maggot sharing his concern for Starfire's sanity, but this was mainly due to the others having found a friend in Parry and thus leaving Robin without someone to talk to.[11]


Batman is Robin's adoptive father and mentor. Robin seems to be scared of Batman, as he was constantly warning the Titans not to touch anything. However, Robin is also shown to respect Batman to the point where he considered that getting his former mentor's equipment safely was more important than battling the H.I.V.E. Five.[12]

Alternate forms

Super Robin


Red X

Media focusing on Robin

Season 1

Season 2

Teen Titans Go! comic series


Robin title card
The Image Gallery for Robin may be viewed here.


  • Robin claims to be a sandwich expert.
  • Robin is a fan of Pretty Pretty Pegasus.
  • Robin's mask was revealed to be glasses in the episode, Driver's Ed.
  • Robin does not like being called Boy Wonder as revealed in Sidekick.
  • There are 3 running gags revolving around Robin in the series:
    • Him flirting or getting nervous with or around Starfire.
    • Him not noticing what being a true hero is, being rude and selfish.
    • Him doing something wrong, then later realizing his mistake. Then he apologizes to the Titans, but the Titans don't seem to notice and/or care. This happens in episodes such as No Power, Starfire the Terrible, and Puppets, Whaaaaat?


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