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Robin's weapons are a variety of devices throughout the show to aid him in battle. These devices make it easier for him to cope with the fact that he does not possess superpowers.[1]


Robin victorious

Robin beats up the Titans with his staff.

Robin's most prized possession is his staff which he considers to be the best of all weapons.[2] As noted by Robin, the staff allows for fast maneuver and is capable of breaking bones with a simple attack.[3]

Robin's Staff also has a taser zapper inside of the top of it and some spikes on the bottom that allow it to lock itself into the ground.




Birdarangs are a multitude of small bird-shaped projectiles extensively used by Robin for long-rage attacks. By throwing these weapons, Robin can attack from a safe distance as seen when combating Mammoth.[4] If activated, they release a small explosion that temporarily blinds the opponent. This allows Robin to sneak up on the target with either his staff or a flurry of hand-to-hand combat moves. When not in use, Robin throws these birdarangs at his ceiling when lost in thought or simply bored.[5]

Grapple Gun

Robin uses a line of rope equipped to a launcher in order to scale higher ground. He also used it to help make a sharp turn.[6]

Secret Water Launchers

Inside his glove are mini water launchers ,also a fire extinguisher in his shoe, can put out fire. This was seen when the Titans were lazy and broke the TV in The Best Robin.


Grappling Hook

Robin prepares to launch a batarang.

Robin possesses a launcher similar to the grapple gun, only capable of firing projectiles instead of a grappling hook, such as a batarangs or birdarangs.


Robin uses more than just weapons. His ''R-Cycle'' is a motorcycle customized for high-speed chases and is equipped with several weapons for offensive purposes. He uses it primarily on Mondays (or as he says it Motorcycle Mondays).


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