Robot Overlords
Robot Overlords
General information

To overtake Earth



Chronological information
First appearance

"Staring at the Future" (only appearance)

The Robot Overlords are a group of extraterrestrial robots who overtook the world in an alternate future as a result of Beast Boy and Cyborg's actions. Their narrowly conquered world was only rivaled by the Teen Titans and they sought to destroy them.


Alternate timeline

After creating a future in which their friends grow up with responsibilities, Beast Boy and Cyborg traveled back in time to alter the future. Upon doing so, they created a future in which the Robot Overlords arrived at Earth and nearly destroyed the planet, sending civilization into chaos. As the Teen Titans were the only force left to combat them, they were constantly under attack by the robots. When the Titans conversed, the Robot Overlords spotted them and chased Robin, Starfire, and Raven around the area.[1]


  • The Robot Overlords bear a resemblance to The Manhunters, a fictional race of extraterrestrial robots in the DC Universe.


  1. Loy, John (writer) & O'Brien, Scott (director). (October 30, 2013). "Staring at the Future". Teen Titans Go!. Season 1. Episode 31. Cartoon Network.

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