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"You two have nothing in common!"
"Yeah, he's about water, she's about rocks."
"He's a hero, she's a villain."
"He's a boy, she's a girl.
Beast Boy, Robin, Raven, and Cyborg on Aqualad and Terra's relationship.

Awkward Double Date
"Rocks and Water"




Original air date

12 March 2015

Running Time

11:17 (minutes)


1.968 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Ben Joseph

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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"Tamaranian Vacation"


"Multiple Trick Pony"

Teen Titans Go! - "Rocks and Water" (clip)01:14

Teen Titans Go! - "Rocks and Water" (clip)

"Rocks and Water" is the thirty-fourth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the eighty-sixth episode overall. It first aired on 12 March 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Raven and Beast Boy are shocked to discover that their exes, Terra and Aqualad, are now dating each other.[1]


Beast Boy's singing annoys Terra

Beast Boy flashbacks to his time in the Trash Hole, where his song for Terra leads to their break-up.

Beast Boy is skipping rocks across the Pacific Ocean when one of them hits Raven as she resurfaces. He apologies and asks what she was doing in the water. Raven reveals that she was thinking about "the one who got away", referring to Aqualad. Beast Boy shares that he was thinking about the one who got away too, referring to Terra. Raven says that she thought he had won her over with his song. Beast Boy thinks back to his time in the Trash Hole, following the Valentine's Day dance where he repeatedly sang the song until Terra, annoyed by it, broke up with him. After his flashback, Beast Boy admits that the song was the only thing he was bringing to his and Terra's relationship. He groans and admits that he thinks of her whenever he sees a rock. Raven tells him to get over her as she tried to destroy them. Beast Boy asks Raven to at least hit him with a boulder just as Terra used to do and she agrees. Using her telekinesis, Raven slams the boulder on Beast Boy's head with him claiming that it feels like Terra never left.

Back in Titans Tower, Beast Boy dials Terra's number on his communicator and leaves her a voicemail, asking for her to call him back as he misses and loves her while the other Titans watch. Raven teleports into the room and says he's being pathetic and to stop calling her. He dials her again and hears that the phone is ringing. Outside the tower, Terra levitates herself on a boulder while clutching her phone and uses another boulder to knock all the Titans out of the living room and they fall to the shore. Robin recovers and questions Terra on her motives. Beast Boy immediately claims to know what she wants and begins singing "Fade Away", but Terra drops a boulder on his head, claiming that he ruined the beautiful song for her and just wants him to leave her alone. Beast Boy is heartbroken as Terra reveals that she met someone else. Raven tells Beast Boy that since she has a another boyfriend, he should move on. Terra thanks Raven for helping, but mentions that her boyfriend is someone she knows.

Aqualad and Terra with the Titans

Aqualad and Terra inform the Teen Titans that they're dating.

Instantly, a pirate ship rises from the water with Aqualad on the helm. He jumps onto the sand and asks if Raven missed him. She feels embarrassed, but Beast Boy places himself in between them and yells at him for dating his other girl. Aqualad tells him to relax and gives Terra a kiss on her forehead. Beast Boy, Robin, Raven, and Cyborg comment on their relationship, listing off all the differences between them. Aqualad explains that since Raven rejected him, he was heartbroken and took comfort in Terra. He then says that he's happy he moved on as Raven is sad, lonely, and single. Raven lies and claims that she's dating Beast Boy, shocking the other Titans. Aqualad suggests that both couples go on a romantic date tonight to celebrate their happiness. Robin tells him to make it a triple date as he and Starfire will be tagging along in the hopes that the romantic tension would make her fall in love with him. Cyborg says that he'll go as the "third wheel" in order to get in the way of Robin and Starfire.

Cyborg promises to ruin romance between Robin and Starfire

Cyborg decides to be the third wheel on Robin and Starfire's date.

That night, the Titans board the T-Car to Le Chez Romantique. Cyborg, sitting in between Robin and Starfire in the backseat, claims that he loves being the third wheel because he gets to get in the way of true love. Robin warns him to not mess things up for him, but Cyborg instead comments on his bad breath which Starfire reasons must by why Robin doesn't get any kisses on his mouth hole. At the driver's seat, Beast Boy berates Raven for telling him to get over Terra when she wasn't over Aqualad. She claims that she made a mistake dumping him, but Beast Boy is happy that she did as he got a date out of it. She reminds him that it's a fake date and they're just trying to make them jealous, a plan which Beast Boy supports. He tries to high-five her, but loses control of the T-Car and swerves on the road.

The Titans pull up to Le Chez Romantique when a killer whale flops onto the road beside them. It opens its mouth and Aqualad and Terra walk out, shocking the Titans. The seven walk into the restaurant where Robin compliments the table's romantic setting. Starfire agrees that it is romantic and tells Robin that they should sit with Cyborg, who is waving at them to sit at a booth he secured. She takes him away, leaving Beast Boy and Raven with Terra and Aqualad.

Disturbed by flirting

Aqualad, Terra, and a waiter are disturbed by Beast Boy and Raven's flirting.

An awkward moment ensues with Beast Boy and Raven flirting with each other. However, their flirting only embarrasses and confuses Aqualad and Terra. As soon as they finish, Raven claims that she and Beast Boy have trouble containing their feelings for each other and mentions that she ordered for the table. A waiter brings a plate of calamari, which Terra claims is a dish she loves. She happily begins eating it, but Aqualad recognizes one of the squids as the one who raised him when he was a boy. Raven and Beast Boy smile at each other as Aqualad begins to tear up, but Terra apologizes for what she did and assures him that she believes he was a good man. Aqualad instantly cheers up and states that he believes he would have liked her, shocking Beast Boy and Raven. Aqualad thanks the two for dinner and prepare to leave with Terra so that they can make out. Beast Boy notes that the two really love each other which Raven claims would make it even more difficult for the two to break them up. She opens a portal and drags Beast Boy into it to follow them.

Robin kisses Cyborg

Cyborg succeeds in interrupting a romantic moment between Robin and Starfire.

Meanwhile, at the booth, Robin purposefully orders one large plate of spaghetti and claims that he'll need help eating it all. He and Starfire begin to eat from their respective side of the plate, but manage to begin eating the same strand. As their lips near one another, Cyborg begins eating from the middle of the strand and kisses Robin, much to his disgust. Cyborg, happy that he ruined another romantic moment, begins dancing as Robin glares at him while Starfire smiles.

Aqualad yells at Terra

Beast Boy and Raven succeed in sabotaging Aqualad and Terra's romantic moments, leading to their breakup.

Aqualad takes Terra underwater in a bubble where he summons the underwater symphony band to perform for her. On a nearby sea cliff, Raven (in a bubble created from her soul-self) and Beast Boy, as a fish, watch the two and knock a boulder onto the octopus, interrupting the song. Aqualad yells at Terra, saying that she should of just told him that she didn't like the song. Terra begins to explain that it wasn't her, but Aqualad refuses to believe her. Raven and Beast Boy snicker and glance at each other briefly. Later, on the shore, Aqualad is finishing up a painting of Terra and turns it to show her, but Raven transforms it into a painting of a fish before she can see. Terra begins crying and tells Aqualad that she's not a fish and that he can't make her one before running off. Aqualad chases after her, saying that she's beautiful without gills. Raven and Beast Boy share a laugh and glance at each other again. The next day, Aqualad and Terra are sitting on opposite sides of a bench with their backs to each other. Raven and Beast Boy appear behind the bench and throw a rock at Aqualad and a fish at Terra, respectively. They sneak off to the bushes as Aqualad and Terra turn to face each other and break up.

Beast Boy and Raven kiss

After they break up Aqualad and Terra, Beast Boy and Raven share a kiss.

They begin to insult one another while Raven and Beast Boy laugh behind the bushes. Beast Boy and Raven blush and the two lean in and kiss. Raven, upon realizing what's happening, breaks away and angrily asks Beast Boy what he was doing. He claims that he was just following her lead and to not hurt him. However, Raven claims that the kiss was nice which Beast Boy is excited to hear. They lean in to kiss again, but Aqualad and Terra find them behind the bush. Beast Boy tells them that it's not a good time and snaps his fingers to resume the romantic song. He hugs her, but Aqualad says that because they caused them pain, they'll return the favor.

Aqualad and Terra fall into the Trash Hole

Aqualad and Terra fall into the Trash Hole.

Terra claims that they'll destroy them with rocks, but Aqualad protests, wondering why they can't summon sharks. Terra and Aqualad begin arguing over who hated the Teen Titans first, but Terra says that their hatred for the Titans was the only thing they had in common. Aqualad suggests that she throw rocks and he'll throw sharks and then they'll go see other people. Terra angrily agrees and summons a rock while covering her fists with boulders. Aqualad summons a shark and wraps electric eels around his hands. The two charge at Beast Boy and Raven, but Beast Boy transforms into a gorilla and raises his fist, stopping Terra and Aqualad in mid-charge. Raven summons a portal as they fall and Terra complains about being sucked into the trash hole again.

As the sun begins to set, Raven floats toward the shore and Beast Boy follows, asking what they were talking about. Raven, blushing, nervously says that she doesn't remember. The two turn to face each other and prepare to kiss, but Cyborg drives up in the T-Car with Starfire and Robin, blaring music. Beast Boy questions him and Cyborg says that he's just third-wheeling and ruining any chance for romance. Beast Boy says that that sounds like fun and begins dancing along to the music as Raven groans in defeat.


For a full transcript of "Rocks and Water", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Ashley Johnson Terra
Will Wheaton Aqualad
Non-speaking roles
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This episode was first teased at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.
  • Second time Beast Boy is shown driving ("Driver's Ed").
  • This is one of the few episodes where Robin doesn't say, "Titans, Go!".
  • This episode aired exactly one year after "In and Out".
  • Running Gag: Cyborg becoming a third wheel and interrupting romantic moments.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Tamaranian Vacation".


  • This episode is a continuation of "Be Mine" and "Pirates".
  • Beast Boy and Terra are revealed to have dated briefly before Terra broke up with him for repeatedly singing "Fade Away" ("Be Mine").
  • "Pirates" is referenced multiple times:
    • Raven, Beast Boy and Aqualad mention Raven and Aqualad's past relationship.
    • Cyborg mistakes Aqualad for a pirate.
    • Beast Boy recalls the time he beat up Aqualad.
    • Aqualad calls Beast Boy a goblin.
    • Aqualad takes Terra to see the underwater symphony. He took Raven to see them on their first and only date.
  • The remodeled T-Car from "Road Trip" appears again.
  • Starfire says that Robin's bad breath is why no one has kissed his mouth hole, referring to his lips. She previously used this term in the episode, "Mouth Hole".
  • The restaurant that the Titans, Terra, and Aqualad visit in this episode is the same one that Robin and Starfire visited during their stakeout in "I See You". The waiter that served both parties also reappear.
  • Terra says, "not the Trash Hole again", referencing her imprisonment in the dimension at the end of "Terra-ized" and "Be Mine".


  • Robin and Starfire both eating a single strand of spaghetti references the iconic scene from Disney's The Lady and the Tramp.


  • Terra and Aqualad change positions multiple times during their confrontation with Beast Boy and Raven. When they approach them, Terra is on the left (viewer side) and Aqualad is on the right. As they charge toward Beast Boy and Raven, Aqualad is on the left and Terra is on the right. When they are punched by Beast Boy, however, Terra is on the left and Aqualad is on the right. As they fall into the Trash Hole, Aqualad is on the left and Terra is on the right.


Rocks and Water title card
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