Sandwich Guardian
Sandwich Guardians
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Sandwich Wizard


Sandwich King


To protect the Legendary Sandwich's ingredients



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"Legendary Sandwich" (only appearance)

The Sandwich Guardians were a trio of colossal robots created in ancient times to protect select ingredients needed to forge the legendary sandwich.

According to legend, the Sandwich Guardians were created by the Sandwich Wizard with the assignment to protect the ingredients used to forge the legendary sandwich, excluding the pretzel bread. They laid dormant for many years until awakening to confront Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire as they sought out to recreate the legendary sandwich. While valiantly defending the ingredients, each were eventually defeated and destroyed.[1]


Seeking the legendary sandwich, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire traveled to the locations of the ingredients and were confronted by the dormant Sandwich Guardians. Cyborg was crushed repeatedly and lost an arm in the process, but in a fit of rage, fired multiple missiles that destroyed the first guardian, leaving only a leg.

Beast Boy used his shape-shifting skills to dodge every attack from the guardian, but lost his teeth when trying to bite its leg. He later transformed into a whale and crushed the Sandwich Guardian, kicking its head in victory.

In the Lilap system of space, Starfire was confronted by the most vicious of the Sandwich Guardians. The protector summoned a sword and tried to brutally kill Starfire, and managed to cut off her hair. However, Starfire countered with her star blasts and filled the guardian with a powerful star blast that vanquished the protector in seconds.[1]


The guardians were colossal yellow humanoid robots created in the ancient times. Their body parts were sculpted in the shape of bread slices and loaves. They had a dome head with glowing red eyes in the center of their forehead. The Sandwich Guardians also had a belt around their waist, locked with the outline of a sandwich.


  • Super strength: The Sandwich Guardians were capable of lifting massive boulders and crushing opponents with their fists and legs.
  • Sandwich Sword: The guardians were equipped with a sword that they could skillfully use to defend the ingredients.
  • Immortality: The protectors were immortal, capable of living countless years until their demise.


Sandwich Guardian with sword
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  • The Sandwich Guardians bear a resemblance to Cinderblock.
  • The Sandwich Guardians were defeated in the reverse order they were encountered. Cyborg met his first, but it was defeated last. Beast Boy's was met and defeated second. Starfire's was encountered last, but defeated before the others.
  • The Sandwich Guardians were the first original antagonists that the Teen Titans faced in Teen Titans Go!.


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