Sandwich Temple
Sandwich Temple
Physical information

Alien planet



Residential information

Perfect Sandwich (formerly)

First appearance

"Sandwich Thief" (only appearance)

The Sandwich Temple was a former place of worship constructed by the Perfect Sandwich as a residence while it meditated to discover the secret of the universe.


After its abduction by Nightwing, the Perfect Sandwich evolved while waiting to be eaten due to being too perfect. It escaped its confinement and retreated to a distant alien planet where it constructed a temple as a place of residence. There, the Perfect Sandwich meditated, seeking the truth to the universe's greatest secret. When Robin led the Teen Titans to the alien planet, the Perfect Sandwich revealed it had arrived at an answer, announcing that the sandwich should be the superior form of life before attacking the Titans in an attempt to rid the world of humans. The ensuing battle destroyed parts of the temple as the Perfect Sandwich manipulated its surroundings for the battle. However, the temple was abandoned after Robin succeeded in consuming the Perfect Sandwich.[1]


The temple was stationed in an abandoned alien planet and ringed by a mountain range. Around the temple was a garden made from speared olives with a clearing between the flora and the temple. The temple was composed of circular stone steps placed on top of each other with a carved slice of bread resting on top. On the left side of the temple was a gigantic red bottle filled with ketchup while a similar bottle, colored yellow and filled with mustard, was stationed on the right side. Following the battle, the stone sculpted slice of bread had collapsed due to Beast Boy knocking it down as a result of the force of the Perfect Sandwich's attack.


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