The Legendary Sandwich

The Sandwich of Power.

The Sandwich of Power (also known as the Legendary Sandwich) was a sandwich created by the Sandwich Wizard to grant a king eternal life. However, when the prince attempted to steal the sandwich, the king decided that the sandwich had to be destroyed and hid the ingredients in far corners of the world to be guarded by Sandwich Guardians. The sandwich eventually became forgotten and deemed an ancient legend, but was reforged by the Teen Titans and consumed (and regurgitated) by Silkie.



According to Ancient Legends, an aging king tasked his sandwich wizard to create a sandwich that will grant him the power to rule his kingdom forever. In his tower, the sandwich wizard spent six days attempting to construct such a sandwich and proved successful on the seventh. He presented it to the king, and the latter had it locked away knowing its power would draw evil forces.

However, the prince attempted to eat the sandwich, but was caught by the king and two of his guards. Saddened by the betrayal of his own son, the king decided to dispose of the powerful sandwich. He hid each of the ingredients on the far corners of the world and assigned three Sandwich Guardians to protect the mystical ingredients. However, the sandwich was said to be reformed if all four ingredients were brought together and a magic spell was said.

Searching for the sandwich

Raven used the legend for her own mischief, claiming it to be true despite not believing in it herself. She told the other Teen Titans the legend as a way to lure them out of the tower so she could spend the day watching Pretty Pretty Pegasus. The legend turned out to be true when the Sandwich Guardians confronted Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire in an attempt to stop them from reforging the sandwich. The battle was brutal, but the Titans managed to defeat them at the cost of Cyborg's arm, Beast Boy's teeth, and Starfire's hair. Returning to the tower, Raven uttered the magic words to recreate the legendary sandwich. Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire argued over which one of them earned the first bite when Silkie swallowed it whole. He became the first and only being to gain immortality until he vomited it out, leaving the Sandwich of Power in ruins.


In order to reunite the Sandwich of Power, four ingredients must be gathered together and a magic spell is required to combine them. The first three ingredients were placed in a chest and guarded by the Sandwich Guardians while the fourth could be bought at the local supermarket.

  • Mystical Bacon: The bacon was hidden in a rock at the Lava Lake and retrieved by Cyborg.
  • King's Lettuce: The lettuce was buried in an underground cavern and claimed by Beast Boy.
  • Stellar Tomato: The tomato was placed on a planet in the Lilap System of space and recovered by Starfire.
  • Pretzel Bread: The pretzel bread was the only non-magical ingredient, and was bought in Food Bear by Robin.
  • The Spell: Once the four ingredients were gathered, the spell was spoken by Raven.



  • The Legendary Sandwich is, in fact, a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) on pretzel bread.

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