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Scarface is an ink monster who made a cameo appearance in Robin's dream.


During a dream, Robin defeated the Brushogun-Daizō Ink Monster and saved Starfire from the wreckage. The two passionately kissed, prompting Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven into relaying the information to their friends. While recounting on who they have told, Cyborg reported to Beast Boy that he informed Scarface. The ink creation shockingly displayed interest at the news.[1]


Teen Titans Go!


  • Despite being an ink creation, Scarface was referred to as a crazy ghost by Cyborg.

Background in Teen Titans

Scarface originally appeared in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo as an entity created by Brushogun for Uehara Daizō. The ghost-like creation was sent to attack Raven, and he proved to be a worthy opponent, but was defeated nonetheless.


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