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Scary Figure Dance title card
"Scary Figure Dance"



13/52 (117)/156

Original air date

October 29, 2015

Production number



"A Farce"


"Animals, It's Just a Word!"

This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Scary Figure Dance" from season 3, which first aired on October 29, 2015.
Beast Boy
Titans Tower
Jump City Candy Factory
H.I.V.E. Tower
Plot Point
Halloween with the Titans
This transcript is partially completed

DISCLAIMER: This transcript is not yet completed.

(The episode starts with Robin howling at the moon, dressed as a werewolf)

Robin: Titans! It's time to commence operation Halloween!

(He points to a pumpkin in front of Cyborg.)

Robin: Cyborg! Carve that pumpkin!

Cyborg: Yes, sir!

(He blasts the pumpkin, making a face on it.)

(Robin approaches Beast Boy.)

Robin: Beast Boy! Spin some spooky spider webs!

(Beast Boy transforms into a spider.)

Beast Boy: On it!

(Beast Boy spins a web that says "Happy Halloween".)

(Robin approaches Starfire.)

Robin: Starfire! We need apples for bobbing!

(Starfire approaches the bucket with apples and puts them inside the bucket.)

Starfire: I have the apples! But I cannot find the Bob.

(A hand sticks out of the bucket.)

(Robin approaches Raven.)

Robin: Raven! We need skeletons, and lots of 'em!

(Skeletons appear on the couch.)

Robin: Straight from the closet, hey Raven? Hehehe.

Raven: No. These are from dead people.

Robin: Great! Everything is set up for our best Halloween ever! Now let's get it started with that old holiday favorite, the Scary Figure Dance!

(The crime alert alarm blares.)

(The skeletons dissapear.)

Raven: Do we really have to fight crime TONIGHT?

Robin: On any other Halloween, I'd say no, but the H.I.V.E is trying to blow up the Jump City Candy Factory!

(The titans gasp.)

Robin: Titans, GO!

(The titans appear at the Jump City Candy Factory.)

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