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Titans Tower, Jump City, California, USA

Physical Description
Gender appearance


Skin color


Skin type


Eye color

Black (dotted)

Professional Information

Foul Demon

Behind the Scenes
First appearance

"Driver's Ed"

The Seagull is a minor recurring character in Teen Titans Go!, who is often hurt or killed by antics as a result of the Teen Titans. He mainly appears on a rock located outside Titans Tower.


Picture(s) Episode Notes
Foul Demon about to attack a seagull "Driver's Ed" Eaten by the Foul Demon.
Silkie floats by Seagull "La Larva de Amor" On his rock when Silkie floats by and squaks upon noticing him.
Seagull - Colors of Raven "Colors of Raven" Wearing shades and with a boombox.
Seagull Headphones The Left Leg
Seagull The Left Leg
"The Left Leg" Wearing headphone, later crashes onto the screen due to being kicked by the Titan Robot.
We Love Second Christmas "Second Christmas" Celebrating Christmas and Second Christmas by wearing a santa hat, scarf, and dancing.


Title Sequence 3

Seagull in the theme song.

  • The Seagull is the only character, besides the Titans, to appear in the Theme Song.
  • Second Christmas features the seagull's longest appearance to date.
  • In Be Mine , there are two seagulls sitting on the rock.

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