Season 2, Part 1 - Appetite for Disruption

The cover of Season 2, Part 1: Appetite for Disruption.

Season 2, Part 1: Appetite for Disruption is a DVD containing episodes one to twenty-six of Season 2. It was released on April 14th, 2015.


Disc 1

Disc 2

Bonus Features

Some of the New Teen Titans shorts are included as Bonus Features on Disc 2.

  • Cyborg the Lifeguard
  • Lightning Round
  • Red X Unmasked
  • Bad Dad
  • Burping Contest
  • Utility Player
  • Gamma Rays and You
  • Stream of Consciences
  • Taped Before a Live Studio Audience
  • Groundhog Minute

"Bad Dad" has been extended, including a cameo at the end by Slade wishing the viewers a Happy Father's Day, while "Burping Contest" is cut short, omitting Cyborg's reaction to Raven's belch and Raven herself smiling at the audience.

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