"Second Christmas/Transcript"
Season 1, Episode 35
Second Christmas title card
Production code: 118a
Airdate: December 4, 2013
Director: Peter Rida Michail
Writer: Amy Wolfram
"Caged Tiger"
"Nose Mouth"
This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Second Christmas" from season 1, which aired on December 4, 2013.
Starfire (featured)
Beast Boy
Second Santa (cameo)
Silkie (cameo)
Titans Tower
Jump City Hospital
Second Christmas Carols
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Second Santa
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[The episode opens to show the seagull outside Titans Tower on a snowy day. The camera zooms in and shifts to show the Living Room decorated with a Christmas tree, stockings, and other decorations. Scene switches to show Batman clock turning from 7:59 am to 8:00 am. The Titans instantly peer out of their doors and enter the living room.]

Cyborg: [Looking at a plate of crumbs and cookies.] He ate the cookies!

Beast Boy: [Peering down at a empty glass of milk.] He drank the milk!

Starfire: [Holding a candy cane.] He left this striped hook in my sock!

[Starfire looks back to see Robin standing while the other Titans sit on the couch.]

Robin: Remember, titans, pace yourselves. We've got a full day of ...

[Title card of presents appears.]

Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Robin, Starfire Presents!

Cyborg: [Pulls out robotic arm and attaches it.] Robot parts!

Robin: [Puts on cape.] Capes!

Starfire: [Carrying pipes.] Borkflorts!

Beast Boy: [As cat, and playing with yarn ball.] Yarn ball!

Raven: [Carrying Pretty Pretty Pegasus doll.] Collector's edition. Sweet.

[The Titans's hands are shown unwrapping a present rapidly. Title card of ugly Christmas sweaters appears.

Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Robin, Starfire Ugly Christmas sweaters!

Cyborg: [Happily, wearing Christmas sweater.] Yuck!

Beast Boy: [Delighted, wearing Christmas sweater.] Uh, man, this one itches so good!

Starfire: [Wearing Christmas sweater.] They are most unattractive!

Robin: [Happily, wearing Christmas sweater.] So ugly!

Raven: [Wearing Christmas sweater.] Yet still festive.

[Beast Boy runs to the window, spotting snow.]

Beast Boy: It's snowing!

[Titans exit the Tower to a snow day with white snow hills and tall pine trees in the background. Raven rolls a snowball using her powers while Starfire and Cyborg build a snowman. Cyborg attaches his head to the body and is hit by a snowball from Beast Boy and Robin who snicker behind a small fort. Cyborg's body looms a cannon over them and shoots them, trapping them in a snowman. Starfire and Raven make snow angels although Raven's look demonic and Starfire decorates hers using eye blasts to look like a cat. Beast Boy, as a dog, pulls a Cyborg sled while Starfire and Raven ride Cyborg's arms and Robin whips the air. Title card changes to Christmas Dinner.]

Cyborg: [Off-screen as camera pans over the food.] Ham!

Beast Boy: [Off-screen as camera pans over the food.] Tofu!

Robin: [Off-screen as camera pans over the food.] Potatoes!

[Beast Boy is shown eating tofu noisily while Cyborg eats the ham in a similar manner. Raven uses her powers to lift her fork while chewing. Robin lifts the bowl to eat potatoes and Starfire switches between two turkey legs while chomping.]

Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Robin, Starfire [Off-screen, nighttime view of the Tower with the seagull next to a snowman.] We love Christmas!

[Instantly, camera switches to the morning with a sunny day, melted snowman, and the seagull under a top hat. Camera switches to show eaten dinner, unwrapped presents, and stocking where Starfire's sock falls. The Titans, with ring under eyes are shown sitting while the remains of the celebration can be seen around them.]

Beast Boy: [Sad.] Aw! No more milk!

Cyborg: [Sad.] No more cookies!

Raven: [Sad.] No more presents.

Starfire: [Sad.] No more of the candy hooks.

Robin: [Entering and twirling around the couch happily.] No more mess, no more ornaments, no more empty calories! Ha. [Robin takes down Christmas decorations, and lifts the tree.] That was fun. But I've got a heavy workout schedule for us at 0900.

Beast Boy: [Grabs Robin's leg, wailing.] No! Christmas isn't over.

Robin: [Struggling.] Over. [Leaves while Beast Boy whimpers.]

Starfire: Now that Christmas has concluded, I am off to Tamaran for the Great Kergoff!

Raven: Huh! The Great Kergoff?

Starfire: It is like Christmas, but instead of the Santa, we have Gilnark the Terrible.

[Scene shows a monster roaring while carrying a present and fire engulfs the background.]

Raven: Festive.

[Starfire flies off screen as Beast Boy walks in with arms crossed.]

Beast Boy: Don't mind us, [sits on couch.] we'll just be waiting another 364 days till next Christmas.

Cyborg: 364. Doesn't seem so long! [Closes eyes as clock starts ticking. Cyborg bites lips and cries out.] I can't do it, man! [Grabs Raven and starts shaking her.] I just can't do it. [Throws Raven back and bawls into hands.] It's too many days!

Beast Boy: It's not fair! Why does Starfire get to have a second Christmas?

Starfire: [Off-screen.] Are my ears hearing correctly? [Zooms into screen.] There is a second Christmas coming?

Male narrator [Off-screen as Starfire watches with puppy eyes.] And with that one question out of Starfire's mouth, [Off-screen as Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven look at each other mischievously for a second.] the magic of second Christmas was born.

Beast Boy: Yeah, second Christmas. You don't know about second Christmas?

Starfire: I do not.

Raven: Oh, that's right. You're never here for that.

Starfire: Oh, tell me more about this second Christmas! Does Santa return?

Beast Boy: No, he's too tired after first Christmas, so there's a new Santa.

Cyborg: Yeah, Second Santa is a [Off-screen as Santa is shown being morphed into Cyborg's description.] tall, skinny dude.

Beast Boy: [Off-screen as Santa is shown being morphed into Beast Boy's description.] In a green tracksuit!

Raven: [Off-screen as Santa is shown being morphed into Raven's description.] No beard.

Beast Boy: [Off-screen as Santa is shown being morphed into Beast Boy's description.] And he wears sweet high-tops!

Cyborg: [Off-screen as Santa is shown being morphed into Cyborg's description.] And a headband!

Beast Boy: [Off-screen as Santa is shown being morphed into Beast Boy's description.] And he flies around with a jet-pack!

Cyborg: [Off-screen as Santa jetpacks out of sight.] Yeah, that sounds right!

[The smoke of the jetpack clears to return back to the living room.]

Starfire: I would very much like to see this Second Santa.

Beast Boy: Well, you can, but you're gonna have to cook us an amazing second Christmas dinner.

Raven: And buy us even more presents.

Cyborg: And decorate the tower with even crazier lights.

Beast Boy: And ... uh, fly the second Christmas kite!

Cyborg: Yeah!

Beast Boy: And if you do all that, Second Santa will deliver you the second Christmas miracle.

Starfire: Ah! There is a second Christmas miracle?

Cyborg: Oh, yeah! With a [Off-screen as scene changes to a night sky.] flash of light [scene shows Second Santa flying through the night sky.] and the rumble of Second Santa's jet-pack, [a silhouette of Second Santa lifting a small present lands on the ground which releases a bright flash of light.] you are given the miracle of ... [bright light changes to the living room.] um, ya know, somethin'.

Starfire: [Gasps.] Something! [Walks around the Titans who are grinning slyly.] Oh, second Christmas sounds too wondrous to miss!

[Elevator rings as Robin walks out dusting his hands when Starfire flies in front of him.]

Starfire: Is this true?

Robin: Is what true?

Starfire: Second Christmas!

Robin: Uh, there's no such thing as second Christmas.

Beast Boy: Robin's the grouch of second Christmas, man. Don't listen to him. Anytime he tries to shake your belief, just punch [mimics punch.] him in his grouch face.

Starfire: I still believe, grouchface!

[Starfire punches Robin, who yelps as he flies backwards, into the elevator.]

Robin: [Off-screen.] Ow!

Starfire: Who is ready for the second Christmas?

Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven We are!

[Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire dance in celebration. Two wreaths and two Christmas trees pop up in front of a backdrop as Starfire decorates the Tower and the trees. She flies past the three Titans, leaving them with Christmas sweaters. Outside, her pink trail flies around a wire-wrapped Tower until stopping to briefly admire her handiwork. Inside the Tower's living room, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven sit on the couch as Starfire's pink trail is shown flying past, decorating the Titans and the tower with even more stockings, a candy cane, snowman, and pink beads. She tapes a kite together and holds it up with glee. Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg smile as a present is dropped onto their laps. Entranced, Starfire claps her hands while Robin, cleaning his shoe, stares condescendingly at them before standing up, and walking to the fridge. He stares inside, but quickly turns and closes it as hearing the others start singing.]

Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven [Singing.] Second Christmas is so amazing, fa-la-la-la, la-la-la.

[Starfire punches Robin, who falls off-screen.]

Robin: Gah!

Cyborg: [Off-screen as Starfire places a pot of chili on the table.] Chili!

Beast Boy: [Off-screen while placing a plate of burritos on the table.] Burritos!

Raven: [Off-screen while Cyborg places a plate of burgers on the table.] Burgers!

[Scene changes to a four-corner split screen with each one showing either Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, or Starfire happily chewing their food.]

Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire [Off-screen as the scene changes to show the seagull dancing on his rock while the Titans Tower seems yellow as a result of the night sky.] We love Second Christmas!

[Starfire happily smiles as she connects plugs together creating a brightening glow which fades to show the Titans Tower displaying brightening lights which the seagull is entranced by. Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire stare in awe as camera zooms to the side to show Robin.]

Robin: Wow, what an incredible waste of energy! [Trying to explain to an entranced Starfire.] Our generator can't take this kind of strain! The others are playing a trick on you Star. They just want more presents and more food. [Frustrated.] Don't you understand?! Second Christmas is a lie! A lie!

[Starfire punches Robin who falls off-screen.]

Robin: Gah!

Starfire: I think it looks pretty, Grouch!

Male narrator [Off-screen as camera shows Robin sprawled on the floor.] Starfire didn't listen to the Second Christmas Grouch, not even so. [Camera shows seagull sleeping as the still lit Tower glows until it zooms in to show the generator.] She was the certain that tonight, [Camera zooms in to show the danger level on the generator rising.] the Second Santa will come.

[Camera switches to show Beast Boy as a cat dancing on the couch with Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg sitting next to him as the Second Christmas decorations are displayed.]

Beast Boy: [Dancing as a cat.] Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la la-la la-la la-la-la la [Falls off couch.] Oh, this second Christmas got me. I'm beat.

[Cyborg and Raven nod in agreement.]

Cyborg: Great second Christmas guys!

Raven: Yeah.

Cyborg: [Pause.] Ok, well good night.

[Beast Boy pounces on Cyborg's shoulder as the robotic Titan activates jet packs from under his feet and flies around the corner. Raven yawns and floats around the corner. Starfire blinks and the three peer over the corner.]

Raven: Aren't you going to bed Starfire?

Starfire: How could I?! I do not wish to miss second Christmas Santa.

Beast Boy: [As a cat, nervously.] Uh, heh heh, he might not come till really late Star.

Starfire: [Turns around to face the Titans, passionately.] I did not miss the Great Kergoff, the most important celebration of my people to not witness the second Christmas miracle!

[Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven exchange guilty looks.]

Raven: There's something we should tell you.

Starfire: [With puppy dog eyes.] Yes?

[Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven watch with extremely guilty faces.]

Raven: [Quickly.] Good night. [Zips around the corner.]

Cyborg: [Quickly.] Good night.

Beast Boy: [Quickly, as a cat.] Good night.

[Cyborg zips around the corner, taking Beast Boy with him. Robin watches while leaning in front of the bathroom door as Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy head to their rooms with guilty faces and shakes his head. Scene changes to show the kite taking into the nighttime sky.]

Starfire: [Singing.] O' Second Christmas night, fly your second Christmas kite. [Exhales, and talks.] Perhaps I am not believing hard enough. [Grunts.] Believe! Believe! [Grunts, and begins to look around.]

Male narrator [Off-screen as camera shows Starfire getting sadder.] She cooked all the feasts and hung all the tights. She decorated the tree and turned on the lights. But, try as she may and do what she might, there was no Second Santa appearing that night.

[A bright glow appears behind Starfire.]

Starfire: [Happily.] Second Santa! I knew you'd-

Robin: [Off-screen as Starfire becomes shocked.] Tell her.

[Starfire turns around to see the light coming from the opened elevator as Robin glares at Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven who are standing with their head down.]

Cyborg: There's no such thing as Second Santa.

Beast Boy: We just didn't want to have to wait 364 days for another Christmas.

Raven: We're sorry.

Starfire: [Shocked.] No Second Christmas Miracle? No flashing light?

Cyborg: Yeah, we'd kinda made all that up too.

[Starfire lets go of the kite and turns around to cry.]

Raven: Are you okay?

Starfire: [Angry.] No! I am not the [Eyes turn green.] o or the k! You made me miss the Great Kergoff for this!

[Starfire summons multiple snowballs out of the ground and grabs one which she supercharges with her starbolt. Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Robin spot the snowball and run away. Screaming, Starfire throws multiple snowballs at the Titans. Cyborg jets through the night sky while Raven flies behind him, dodging the projectiles. Robin attempts to run, but is knocked down by two snowballs. Starfire grabs a huge snowball and throws it.]

Beast Boy: [Looking back as the snowball gets closer.] Where's your Second Christmas spirit? [Hit by snowball.] Oh!

Robin: [Running until Starfire appears in front of him.] Gah! [Falls.] Whoa! What did I do? [Attempts to escape, but Starfire appears in front of him again, worried.] Don't shoot the messenger!

Starfire: [Angrily.] You are the Grouch! [Punches Robin.]

Robin: [Falling down.] Gah!

Raven: Wha-? [Covers head as multiple snowballs begin to cover her.]

Cyborg: [Running when Starfire, holding a huge snowball, appears in front of him. He drops on the ground and pleads.] I'm sorry!

[Starfire throws the snowball at Cyborg who is shot backwards and lands on the ground as the snowball begins to roll and get bigger. Beast Boy screams and trips as the snowball traps him within. Raven and Robin run but the snowball manages to trap them inside as well and crashes into the back of the elevator, revealing parts of the exhausted Titans. Scene changes to the generator which has reached the highest level of danger. The screen cracks as pipes begin to collapse. A lightbeam shoots out of the top of Titans Tower.]

Robin: [Surprised.] Whoa! Second Santa?

Cyborg: [Excited.] Second Santa?!

Beast Boy: He's real!

Raven: He is?

Starfire: [Happily.] He is coming! He is really coming!

[Titan Towers explodes, releasing a flash of light that fades to show the Jump City Hospital. Zooms in to show Silkie, Starfire, and Raven in hospital beds on one side while Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are in beds on the other side of the room. Health monitor stabilizes as camera shows Beast Boy slowly opening his eyes.]

Beast Boy: [Weakly.] Whoa. What happened?

Robin: [Crawls on bed and grabs clipboard, reads from clipboard.] The Titan Reactor exploded. We've been in the hospital almost a year in comas.

Raven: A year?

Cyborg: 363 days to be exact.

Raven: [To Starfire.] Do you know what this means Starfire?

Starfire: That I was a blorpnort to believe the fictional stories of Second Christmas.

Robin: [Holding cane, and stands by Starfire's bed.] No, Star. It means this was a Second Christmas Miracle.

Beast Boy: [Happily.] We didn't have to wait 364 days for another Christmas!

Cyborg: Because thanks to that horrible explosion, we've been unconscious the whole time!

Raven: It's Christmas Eve.

Beast Boy: [Hugging Cyborg.] Tomorrow's Christmas!

Robin: [Opens hospital windows and happily cheers.] Ha ha ha! Yeah-hoo-hoo-hoo! Merry Second Christmas! Merry Second Christmas everybody!

Male narrator [Off-screen as the Titans are shown in silhouettes dancing, the scene slowly fades out.] To those who believe Second Santa does exist, [Camera zooms out to show the back of Second Santa.] the Titans didn't have to wait a whole year for Christmas. [Switches to front view of Second Santa.] They got their Second Christmas wish.

[Second Santa jetpacks into the sky as Starfire flies to the window. He winks at her and Starfire waves in response as Second Santa jetpacks around the night sky spelling Happy 2nd X-Mas before flying pass the camera to end the episode.]

Episode ends.

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