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Second Santa is the bringer of presents and the mascot of Second Christmas, a fictional holiday invented by Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven to trick Starfire into continuing the holiday celebration. However, he appeared outside the hospital where it was revealed that he was narrating the Titans's holiday celebrations before flying away on his jetpack.


When Starfire inquired about Second Christmas, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven lied that there was a Second Santa who delivered presents on that day due to Santa Claus being too tired to do so, bringing a Second Christmas Miracle when arriving at a location. Entranced by the idea of witnessing the Second Christmas Miracle, Starfire performed deeds to ensure a visit from Second Santa. However, when it was revealed that the three Titans had lied to her, Starfire attacked them out of rage only for the Titans Tower reactor to explode which they confused as the arrival of Second Santa. The Titans entered a coma and woke up three hundred and sixty three days later which they claimed to be a miracle due to not having to wait a year for Christmas. Outside the hospital, Second Santa concluded his narration of the Titans' holiday and revealed himself to Starfire. They waved at each other before he wrote Happy Second Xmas on the sky with his jetpack and disembarked.[1]

Physical appearance

Second Santa is designed to be the complete opposite of Santa Claus. He is tall and thin with a short torso and long legs and lacks a beard while wearing a bright green jumpsuit. His hair is styled upwards and to the side of another in curly tufts. It is held up by a pink headband which matches his pink high-tops. He wears a pink jetpack around his waist with dual-rocket engines and controllers in order to travel.


Teen Titans Go!



  • Second Santa takes on the traditional role of a supposed fictional character who appears briefly only to the person that believed in them to show them that they are real. In this case, only Starfire knows of his existence.
  • It is unknown how Second Santa could exist as he was simply created from random designs spoken out loud by Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven. However, it is speculated that Starfire's belief in him was strong enough to make him real.
  • At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Second Santa was the narrator for the whole episode. 


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