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"As of this moment, I am instituting a bathroom rationing. No lavatory visit will last more than five minutes."
Robin imposing a bathroom limit.

Robin discovers the bathroom's magic
"Serious Business"




Original air date

23 October 2014

Running Time

10:41 (minutes)


1.826 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

John Loy

Directed by

Peter Rida Michail

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"The Mask"



Teen Titans Go! - Serious Business01:07

Teen Titans Go! - Serious Business

"Serious Business" is the eighteenth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the seventieth episode overall. It first aired on 23 October 2014 on Cartoon Network.


When Robin rations bathroom time to 5 minutes per visit, the other Titans try to show him the magic of the bathroom.[1]


Pee Pee Dance

The Teen Titans perform the Pee Pee Dance.

Robin pleads for Raven to exit the bathroom and begins moving in place to avoid urinating. Beast Boy spots him and deduces that Robin is performing the Pee Pee Dance and begins to dance alongside him, and are soon joined by Cyborg. Starfire notices them dancing and reveals her wishes to participate in the dance, but admits that she does not know how. Cyborg offer to show her and they explain how to perform the dance through a song. When they finish dancing, Raven exits the bathroom and sighs over missing the Pee Pee Dance.

Robin sets the bathroom on fire

Robin starts making the Titans use the bathroom for five minutes.

As Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire relax on the couch, Robin's birdarang lands in front of them, releasing a holographic projection of Robin announcing the first ever bathroom meeting. When questioned by Raven, Robin projects a holographic pie chart to explain that the Titans spend most of their free time in the bathroom which he doesn't approve of. Beast Boy interrupts and asks Robin to repeat what he said as he was in the bathroom, angering Robin. Robin announces that he's imposing a bathroom rationing and that no visit will last longer than five minutes, shocking the other Titans who complain that it won't be enough time to do their usual activities. Robin questions what they do in the bathroom and Raven answers that she tap-dances, Cyborg admits that he sings, Beast Boy responds that he steam paints, and Starfire reveals it is where she makes her chili.

Robin tells the Titans that the bathroom is not for any of those reasons, but a place for serious business. Cyborg and Beast Boy attempt to convince him that the bathroom is a magical place, and Starfire claims that man did not evolve until the creation of the bathroom which Raven backs further by saying that no one knows where they came from. Robin counters by informing them that they built them. He decides to show them that everything in the bathroom can be completed under five minutes and the Titans gather outside the bathroom. He sets the time limit and the Titans observe from the outside as the timer counts down. As it nears the end of the five minutes, Robin jumps out of the bathroom before it explodes, shocking the other Titans. They race to save the bathroom as Robin says that he'll be holding them responsible if they don't complete their bathroom visit under five minutes as he's just demonstrated that it's possible and claims that he'll be watching them.

TTG Serious Business 210a 19

The Titans become dirty as a result of five-minute bathroom breaks.

Raven reads in the bathroom when she notices that she has only five seconds remaining. She quickly flips through all the books and announces that she's done when the bathroom explodes. Beast Boy, as a dog, sniffs the bathroom for a place to urinate when he notices that his time's running out. He sniffs frantically and finally finds a spot only for the bathroom to explode. Starfire is licking Silkie behind the ear when she begins to lick him faster as her time runs out, but the bathroom explodes again. Cyborg, in the bathtub, begins to play with the bubbles when the time limit again reaches five seconds. He plays with them faster, but the bathroom explodes.

TTG Serious Business 210a 24

Robin agrees to the Titans about the magical world of the bathroom...

Two weeks later, Robin enters the kitchen and announces that bathroom usage has gone down ninety percent, but gasps as he notices that the Titans are unhygienic. He demands for them to explain and Beast Boy answers that due to his standard, the Titans refuse to enter the bathroom any longer. Robin orders the Titans to clean themselves up and claims that he doesn't understand why the bathroom is special for them. Starfire offers to teach him, and Robin agrees so long as it restores her strawberry scent. Inside the bathroom, Robin waits for the Titans to show him why the bathroom is magical and Beast Boy first hands him a toothbrush which he claims is a microphone. The Titans launch into a song by singing through their microphones and Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg style their hair in different ways, causing Robin to smile. Beast Boy and Cyborg perform a play in the bathtub with them roleplaying as The Joker and Batman, respectively. Robin's stomach growls and Cyborg begins creating food made out of sink water, which soon leads into a party. Afterwards, Robin decides that the other Titans were right about the bathroom being a magical place and destroys the timer, announcing that the five minute limit is no more. The Titans cheer and Robin asks if he can spend some alone time with the bathroom which the Titans agree to.

TTG Serious Business 210a 21

...and later has gone too far with it the next day.

The next day, Cyborg makes his way to the bathroom and spots Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven performing the Pee Pee Dance as they wait for Robin to exit the bathroom. He corrects them by revealing he never left the bathroom and enters the toilet. Outside, Raven suggests that they enter the bathroom and remove Robin by force. The Titans knocks down the door and Robin emerges from the toilet, announcing that it's occupied. He wraps toilet paper around Cyborg, stops Starfire with a plunger, and fills Beast Boy's mouth with shaving cream. Raven and Robin prepare to battle until a voice orders them to stop. The bathroom curtains draw back and the tiles move to resemble a face. It announces itself as John, shocking the other Titans save Beast Boy. John reveals that all bathrooms arrived from a planet that was destroyed and found refuge on Earth, but that humans have abused the privilege, gesturing to Robin. Robin apologizes, but John ejects Robin from the toilet and announces that all bathrooms will be leaving Earth to avoid the madness.


The bathroom is revealed to be John.

The bathroom begins to shake and the Titans quickly leave to avoid being transported alongside the bathroom. All bathrooms follow suit and the Titans watch as they float toward space. Beast Boy questions where they're heading and Robin responds that they're going home, but Starfire corrects Robin by telling him that John told them their home world was destroyed. The bathrooms hold hands and begin to rotate until they disappear in a flash of light. At Titans Tower, Raven asks what they do now as the Titans still have to go to the bathroom. In union, the Titans launch into the Pee Pee Dance.


For a full transcript of "Serious Business", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Peter Rida Michail John  
Non-speaking roles
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • The episode was confirmed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic during an interview with Comic Book Resources.[2]
  • Originally, an episode was to start with the Titans waiting in line to use the bathroom. However, when an executive producer told them that bathroom humor was never funny, Horvath and Jelenic took it as a challenge and extended it to full length episode.[2]
  • The bathroom is the second inanimate object in Titans Tower that is revealed to be alive. The first was the Couch.
  • This episode aired exactly one year after "Power Moves".
  • Running Gags: The Titans performing the Pee Pee Dance.
  • Food Content: The Titans spend eighteen percent of their free time with food. They also eat meals made out of sink water.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "The Mask".


  • Robin says "in and out" again ("In and Out").
  • Raven is seen reading A Tale of Flame and Snow again ("Knowledge").
  • Starfire licks Silkie behind the ear, which was mentioned in "La Larva de Amor" and demonstrated in "Missing".
  • Robin mentions that Starfire has a strawberry scent ("I See You").
  • Bat-O's makes another appearance.


  • One of Raven's books has the likeness of the Helmet of Fate on the cover.
  • Starfire styles her hair in a manner similar to Jinx's.
  • Cyborg dresses up as Batman and Beast Boy dresses up as the Joker for the Bathroom Theatre.
  • Batman's likeness appears on a billboard advertising Bat-O's.
  • One of Raven's books is red and has the likeness of a hand, which could resemble the cryptic journals in Gravity Falls.
  • Robin enters the toilet and is transported to an area stylized like a game in the Mario franchise, collecting coins and gaining a star (in this case, a T) to make him invincible against enemies.


  • When the bathroom breaks from the tower, the purple towel is seen behind the Titans next to the door. In the next scene, the towel is seen beside the bathtub floating away with the rest of the bathroom.


Serious Business title card
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