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"Oh, my gosh! Look how big I am!"
— Silkie's first words.[1]

Silkie standing
Biographical information
Real name

Larva M3-19

Other alias(es)



Mutant Moth Larva Unknown


Titans Tower, Jump City, California, United States

Physical description


Skin color


Eye color


Relationship information

Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robin, Killer Moth, Sonia, Chuck


Carlos, Carlos' henchmen, Bed Demon, Painbot

Professional information


Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Legendary Sandwich"

Voiced by

Tara Strong

Silkie (designated Larva M3-19, by Killer Moth ) is Starfire's pet mutant moth larva and the mascot of the Teen Titans. Originally the pet of Killer Moth, Silkie later came under the ownership of Starfire through unknown circumstances.


Legendary Silkie

Silkie gains immortality.

Silkie was being carried by Starfire when she wondered if it was story time after she noticed Raven holding a book, Ancient Legends. Like the other Titans, he was entranced by the Legend of the Legendary Sandwich, but was left behind while the others sought out the ingredients. Raven dressed him up as Princess Silkiesoft when he ate one of her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls. Once the Titans returned, Raven threw him across the room along with her toys to remove any evidence of her fondness of the show. Silkie managed to free himself from his costume and walked toward the recreated sandwich, devouring it in one massive bite while the Titans argued. He floated into the air having absorbed the sandwich's powers, but quickly vomited it out before walking away.[2]

Starfire played with Silkie near the kitchen table and she warned the larva to not eat the berries as they were bad for him. At that moment, Robin kidnapped Starfire so she can drive him to The Cave. Once they were gone, Silkie crawled over to one of the berries and ate it, swelling up as a result. Later that week, Starfire petted the still-bloated Silkie sadly.[3]

When Raven exited her room, she spotted Silkie walking in front of her. She cloaked him with her powers, and tossed him out the window as she was upset over Trigon's impending visit. Once Trigon began granting wishes to the Titans, Silkie wished for wings and fluttered into the living room, astonishing Raven.[4]

After the Magical Doubles kicked the Titans out of Titans Tower, Silkie accompanied them outside and rested on luggage while the Titans discussed their current situation.[5]

After Starfire took Robin's staff from Raven, she placed it on a peg to serve as a limbo stick for Silkie, who crawled underneath it.[6]

When Robin woke up excited for the morning, he launched into a song and came across Silkie, who was being carried by Starfire. As he sang, he repeatedly poked Silkie in the eye, but the larva did not react.[7]

Beast Boy allowed Silkie's friend, Chuck, to stay at the tower for a week. Once he returned from getting his hair tips frosted, he placed Silkie next to Chuck in the hive the bug had made out of his feces on Cyborg's back.[8]


Silkie is always very calm and is normally shown not speaking. This hints that he normally "goes with the flow" instead of worrying. Although, he does seem to care and speak in the episode Missing but this just may be due to being dropped in the mysterious liquid by Killer Moth.


Main article: Silkie's relationships

Alternate forms

Princess Silkiesoft

Princess Silkiesoft

Silkie as Princess Silkiesoft.

When Raven plays with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls, she dresses up Silkie as the fictional character, Princess Silkiesoft which includes a purple-striped hennin with a flower attached to the top over a blonde wig. Silkie also has blue eye shadow, pink blush, and red lipstick added to his face.[2][9]


As Starfire's alter-ego, Starfire the Terrible, Silkie acts like a henchman to her.[10]

Butterfly Silkie

Silkie can also be seen as a butterfly; Trigon gives him pink butterfly wings, giving him the ability to fly.[4]

This form was also used in another episode, when Killer Moth drops Silkie into the liquid, causing him to grow, have butterfly wings, and giving him the ability to speak.[1]

Human Silkie

Silkie can also be seen as a human in his dream in the last part of the episode "Dreams".[11]


Silkie also has emoticlones, in which they have battled Robin's emoticlones[12]:

  • Green / Barfy (Sickness)
  • Gray / Lazy (Laziness)
  • Pink / Passion (Affectionate)
  • Orange / Hungry (Hunger)
  • Yellow / Intelligent (Brainiac)


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic book series


Silkie standing
The Image Gallery for Silkie may be viewed here.


  • Despite being male, Silkie has been seen wearing feminine attire.
  • There are various pictures displayed inside Titans Tower which depict Silkie wearing costumes.
  • Silkie loves to be licked behind the ear.
  • He is a very lucky character, having unknowingly survived terrible ordeals on a trip to Mexico.
  • Silkie is the only member of the Teen Titans that hasn't died.


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