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This page is comprised of Silkie's relationships with other characters.


Killer Moth


Starfire is shown to like him very much. She is usually gets really upset when Silkie is lost or gone. It is shown that Silkie likes Starfire back. She calls him "Little Bongorf". She is though disgusted when B"wanna Beast combines him with a rabbit. She also thinks that Silkie is cute. He also sleeps with her.


Beast Boy

Beast Boy and Silkie are shown to be good friends. When the Titans were searching for books to read, Beast Boy put his hand inside Silkie to find one, but instead pulled out Birdarang.[1]


After Cyborg gained a love of reading, he read The Adventures of Pinocchio to Silkie as he rested on his body.[1]


Raven and Silkiesoft

Raven and Princess Silkiesoft.

Occasionally, when Raven played with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls, she'd dress Silkie up with a henin, blonde wig, blue dress, and make-up. During these sessions, he is known as Princess Silkiesoft. However, Silkie usually ends up eating one of the dolls or vomiting constantly, which frustrates Raven.[2][3] Despite his interactions with Starfire, Raven believed that Silkie only cared for the food Starfire provided instead of her. When she and Starfire visited Killer Moth to check on Silkie, Silkie became mutated, growing him in size and granting him the ability to talk. He told Starfire he loved her, causing Raven to admit she was wrong and apologize. However, Silkie assured Raven that he loved her as well and took the two for a ride through Jump City.[4]


Robin and Silkie's relationship is rather unknown. It is shown when while the other Titans (except Beast boy) searched for Silkie, he used it as an opportunity to read Starfire's diary. He had briefly took Silkie away back to Killer Moth alongside Cyborg and Beast Boy. When small, he uses Silkie as a horse.

Sonia Conchita Hernández

She is Silkie's lover (one-sided). When he left she was upset to see him go.



He despises Silkie because he claims that he has stolen the heart of the woman he loves


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