Sleep Over digital cover
"Sleep Over"
Written by

Merrill Hagan

Art by

Jorge Corona

Letters by

Wes Abbott

Cover by

Dan Hipp

Edited by

Alex Antone




DC Comics

Date of publication
  • 5 October 2014 (digital)
  • 15 October 2014 (print)
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"Sleep Over" is the twelfth issue of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series. It was released digitally on October 5, 2014 and released in print on October 15, 2014 by DC Comics.


What happens when the girls have a slumber party and don't invite any of the boys? Mayhem! Madness! Truth or Dare![1]


Raven and Starfire, enraged, are demanding that Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg leave Titans Tower. Beast Boy questions their actions and the girls explain that there are no boys allowed at their slumber party. Behind the males, the elevator doors open and Bumblebee and Jinx, her hands bind, enter the tower. As Raven removes Jinx's handcuffs, Jinx asks if Cyborg has to leave as well and Raven tells her that those are the slumber party rules and advises her against breaking them. In the elevator, Beast Boy asks Robin about his plans for the night and he reveals that he's going out on patrol and invites Beast Boy and Cyborg to join, but they decline in favor of going to the bowling alley.

Back at the slumber party, Bumblebee asks Raven about the decision to invite Jinx and Raven says that they had to invite her as she's dating Cyborg. The girls gather around the couch where Starfire asks how they should begin their slumber. Bumblebee informs her that the point of a slumber party is to stay up all night and suggests playing a game. She asks if they should break out the Ouija board, but Jinx and Raven both deny. Bumblebee decides to perform makeovers instead and begins tying up Starfire's hair. Raven says that the slumber party is beginning to sound like a bad idea when Bumblebee and Jinx notice that Starfire's ears are not pierced. Starfire explains that her skin is too strong for piercing. The two decide to pierce Starfire’s ears and Bumblebee gets out a hacksaw, leaving Starfie's right ear critically injured. Jinx says that they do something else and Bumblebee suggests Truth or Dare. Starfire picks truth and Jinx asks her, "What’s the weirdest thing about being on Earth?"

At the bowling alley, Beast Boy, as a gorilla, manages to shoot down seven pins. He tells Cyborg to beat that and the half-robot uses his targeting system to get a strike. Beast Boy confronts him, but Cyborg suggests that they head to the snack bar for some nachos. Beast Boy asks if Cyborg distracted him for answering the question with nachos when Cyborg points out the alley's giant slices of pizza, distracting Beast Boy again.

Meanwhile, after a few hours, Starfire is still answering Jinx's question when Raven suggests that they stop her. Bumblebee covers Starfire's mouth and asks Raven to pick Truth or Dare. Raven picks truth and Bumblebee asks her if she has a thing for Beast Boy. Raven promptly switches her pick to dare and is forced to dance the hokey pokey while wearing a bow and dress and without her cloak, causing Starfire, Jinx, and Bumblebee to laugh at her expense.

Jinx suggests that they play MASH, but Raven doesn't know what that game is. Jinx explains that they fill out categories that predict their future by filling in categories such as who they will marry, what job they will get, where they will live, and what pets they will have. She further explains that they pick random numbers and go down the list, crossing off names until there's one in each category. After Starfire finishes picking random numbers, Bumblebee reports that Starfire will become an alien queen, have a litter of Silkies for pets, live in a shoe, and marry Trigon. Suddenly, Starfire hears a "No!" being shouted form the vent and destroys the grate, causing Robin to fall out. Starfire asks if Robin had been there the whole time, and he sheepishly makes up an excuse – he was making sure that they were safe. He explains that as leader of the Titans, he must protect Titans Tower and Starfire marrying Trigon is a big danger. Raven flicks Robin away with a hand from her soul-self, claiming that Robin only wanted to spy on them. Instantly, Trigon appears, asking if anyone had summoned him.

Raven demands to know why Trigon arrived and he reveals that he was in his dimension when he was summoned to Earth to marry Starfire. Raven grabs the MASH paper and asks Jinx if she stole it from her room. Jinx says, "Maybe," and guesses that the paper was magic. Trigon transforms Starfire's clothes into a wedding dress and bids farewell to Raven before telling her that they'll be sending someone to pick up Silkie. Raven tells Trigon that she isn't going to let her dad marry one of her friends and is joined by Bumblebee and Robin, the latter of which asks if Trigon doesn't want to marry Jinx as she's evil already and being married means she won't end up with Cyborg. Trigon, enraged, challenges them to battle him, but Raven reminds the girls that they don't have to battle Trigon as he and Robin forgot the one magic rule of the evening – no boys allowed, which shoots Trigon and Robin out of the tower.

Starfire thanks her friends for stopping her marriage with Trigon, and Raven apologizes that it happened in the first place. Bumblebee claims that their slumber party is the wildest she's been too and asks what's next. However, Raven suggests that they simply eat ice cream and watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus. Jinx, after stuffing her face with ice cream, admits that she's glad Cyborg left when he did and asks what the girls think the boys are doing. Back at the bowling alley, Trigon and Robin are shocked when Cyborg shoots another strike. Trigon asks Cyborg if he's sure he's not using his computer targeting system when Cyborg asks if he's ever tried bowling alley nachos.


Beast Boy
Character debut
Speaking debut



  • Second plot to revolve around a slumber party. ("Slumber Party")
  • This comic was released in a special 2015 Free Comic Book Day dual edition with Scooby-Doo Team-Up.[2].


  • Jinx is mentioned as Cyborg's girlfriend. The two began their relationship in "Opposites".




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