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"Maybe we can help you get over your stupid, shameful, and completely unjustified fear."
"What if we held the party of slumber tonight?
Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire plan a slumber party.

Robin wants to build a blanket fort
"Slumber Party"




Original air date

28 August 2014

Running Time

10:44 (minutes)


1.717 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Ben Joseph

Directed by

Peter Rida Michail

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"Love Monsters"

"Slumber Party" is the tenth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the sixty-second episode overall. It first aired on 28 August 2014 on Cartoon Network.


When the other Titans find out Cyborg's afraid of the dark, they have a slumber party to help him face his fears.


Cyborg is lip syncing to a song in his room when he decides to turn in for the night. He calls for the lights to turn off and then asks for the night-light which simply turns the lights back on. As he prepares to sleep, the lights go out and Cyborg screams in terror. He frantically moves around the pitch-black room until spotting ten eyes, which he believes to belong to an ten-eyed monster and shoots them with his blasters. A lamp turns on, revealing Cyborg's injured teammates - Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Ann and Raven. Robin informs Cyborg that the power had gone out and that he'll check the electrical grid in the morning. Cyborg yells at him to check it right now, causing Beast Boy to wonder if he's afraid of the dark. Cyborg denies, and Starfire reassures him that as his friends, they would understand his phobia. Raven says she wouldn't and Robin agrees, claiming that only babies are afraid of the dark.

Little Cyborg screaming

An alleged experience with Scary Teri traumatized Cyborg at a young age.

Cyborg explains that he's not afraid of the dark, but of what could be hiding in it and recounts a traumatic experience where he was at a slumber party and dared to play Scary Teri, which Robin notes is a kiddie game that supposedly summons an evil ghost in a bathroom mirror. Cyborg berates him for believing Scary Teri to be game and continues, claiming that Scary Teri had attacked him that night. Robin and Beast Boy question this due to believing that Scary Teri is a myth instead of a real being, but Cyborg says it shouldn't be hard to believe due to Raven's father, Trigon, being a demon. Raven, however, explains that he doesn't haunt little kid's sleepovers unless he was super bored. Robin decides to figure out a way to help Cyborg get over his fear and Starfire suggests a slumber party in order to replace Cyborg's traumatic experience with a better one, and the Titans readily agree.

The Titans gather their sleeping bags and pillows and gather at the couch where Raven questions Robin's use of an orthodontic headgear for bed. He explains that he wears braces in his never-ending goal to cure crooked teeth. Cyborg wonders if they should just go to sleep, but Beast Boy, Ann and Raven explain that sleepovers are about the fun things friends do instead of going to sleep. Robin announces that the first order of business should be constructing the largest blanket fort and takes out detailed blueprints in order to build it, much to the groans of the others. Unable to convince them otherwise, Robin decides to build the fort on his own. Beast Boy asks Cyborg if he knows what the best part about a sleepover is and hits him with a pillow, starting a pillow fight. Starfire and Cyborg enthusiastically join and team up on Beast Boy, prompting him to beg Raven and Ann for help, but they decline. The three begin enticing them to participate and they decide to play by transforming their pillows into one demonic pillow an fire pillow that attacks them.

Batman and Gordon laugh at fountain

Batman and James Gordon laugh at the decorated fountain.

As Robin continues constructing the pillow fort, Starfire suggests playing Candor or Audacious Undertaking to help Cyborg get over his fear of the dark, confusing Cyborg and Beast Boy. Raven reveals that she means Truth or Dare, exciting Robin as Starfire wonders what crazy things she would do if given a dare. Instantly, Robin dares Starfire to kiss him, but changes his mind by daring her to go on a date with him and begins recounting his hopes and dreams for their future. When he finishes, Starfire remarks that she was going to pick the truth. Robin asks if she would do his dare, and she responds with no. Heartbroken, Robin retreats to his blanket fort and chides himself for pouring his feelings to Starfire and wonders why doesn't he love her when he's cool, has awesome hair, and gave loving father stills to Silkie. Ann starts to scold Starfire for being terrible, while The Titans watch the spectacle uncomfortably until Cyborg announces that he's got a good dare. The Titans travel to Gotham City where they decorate a fountain in Batgirl's likeness by using toilet paper and ring the doorbell before fleeing. Batman and James Gordon walk outside and stare at the statue until they begin to laugh at it.

Back at the tower, Starfire asks Cyborg if he's gotten over his fear of the dark and he believes he has. However, as soon as Robin turns off the lamp, Cyborg begins shooting sonic blasts and asks if they're safe from Scary Teri. Seeing no other option, the Titans push Cyborg into the bathroom in order to face his fear of Scary Teri. Cyborg says the name three times and the Titans believe that he's conquered his fear until the robotic Titan is blasted out of the door and onto them where they are approached by Scary Teri herself. The Titans begin judging her appearance yet Scary Teri explains the reasoning behind them. They start to understand, but she decides to take better care of herself and transforms into a purple demon, scaring the Titans. They retreat to the living room where Robin wonders how to defeat her which Cyborg sarcastically notes is a weird way to apologize. He explains that they'll need a mirror and Robin reveals that he has some in his room. Cyborg uses his robotic eye to scan the hallways, but finds Scary Teri blocking Robin's room. He reports to the other Titans and Robin reveals he placed mirrors in his blanket fort and urges the Titans to enter. When questioned by Raven, Robin reveals he also put in other things beside a mirror.

Inside the blanket fort, the Titans are in awe of its grandeur. They take a tour of the fort and notice a Superman fountain and bowling ally until Cyborg reminds them that a demon is after them. On cue, Scary Teri knocks down the doors and materializes next to the Titans, chasing them around the blanket fort and blocking the locations Robin lists to have a mirror. They begin a pillow fight and leave Scary Teri dazed as they head to the dance studio to reach a mirror. However, when Beast Boy touches the purple door, Scary Teri unveils herself and consumes him. The others invoke a game of Candor or Audacious Undertaking to distract Scary Teri, but she dares all of them to get in her mouth and consumes Ann, Raven and Starfire. Robin and Cyborg head to the second guest bedroom, but Robin is consumed by the demon. As he is consumed, Robin tells Cyborg to grab the mirror and that he's strong even when scared. Inside the pitch black room, Cyborg is confronted by Scary Teri and leaves in a haste when he falls.

Cyborg faces his fear

Cyborg faces his fear and confronts Scary Teri.

Scary Teri prepares to eat Cyborg, but the robotic Titans unveils the mirror and chants "Scary Teri isn't scary" three times in order to defeat her. The blanket fort collapses and Ann, Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy are regurgitated into the living room. Cyborg cheers for his victory when Robin notices that the power has turn back on. He announces that its been the best slumber party ever and the Titans cheer until the power goes out. Cyborg confuses his teammates as the ten-eyed monster and begins shooting lasers through the tower walls.

Meanwhile, Batman and James Gordon continue to laugh at the fountain.


For a full transcript of "Slumber Party", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Michaela Dietz Ann
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Scary Teri  
Hynden Walch Starfire
Non-speaking roles
James Gordon
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This is the second episode to not have a preview clip. The first was "I See You".
  • The seagull outside Titans Tower is replaced by a crab.
  • Cyborg is revealed to suffer from achluophobia (fear of the dark).
  • Robin is revealed to have a favorite aunt named Cecilia.
  • Trigon is mentioned without appearing for the fourth time ("Super Robin", "Staring at the Future", "Legs").
  • Fourth time Batman and James Gordon make a cameo appearance together ("La Larva de Amor", "Girl's Night Out", "Sidekick").
  • Ninth episode to begin at night ("Girl's Night Out", "Tower Power", "Colors of Raven", "Nose Mouth", "Missing", "Dreams", "I See You", "Brian").
  • Third episode to to take place entirely at night ("Girl's Night Out", "Dreams").
  • Running Gag: Cyborg shooting sonic blasts whenever the lights turn out.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Knowledge".
  • Second episode with party in the title ("Meatball Party").


  • Raven, Ann, Beast Boy, and Starfire are wearing the same fire slippers and pajamas they wore in "Dreams". Robin is wearing the same pajamas he wore in "Terra-ized".


  • Toys of Batman and the Batmobile can be seen at the slumber party in Cyborg's flashback.
  • The fountain is dressed in the likeness of Batgirl.
  • A pillow resembling Two-Face and a fountain in Superman's likeness appears in Robin's pillow fort.
  • "I dare you to be my Batgirl" is written on the Candor or Audacious Undertaking title card.
  • Scary Teri is an obvious parody of Bloody Mary.


  • Continuity error: Cyborg's flashback reveals that he was a robot as a child, supporting his claim in "Dog Hand". However, "Tower Power" and "Man Person" claim that a freak accident as a teen forced his father to give him robotic advancements to survive. Also, Cyborg slept in the dark during "Dreams" while Beast Boy asked for the lights to be turned on.


Slumber Party title card
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