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"A person is greater than the sum of their parts. We can't just split each other into the parts we like."

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"Some of Their Parts"




Original air date

30 July 2015

Running Time

10:44 (minutes)


2.079 (million)

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Produced by
Written by

Adam Tierney

Directed by

James Krenzke

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"More of the Same"


"Cat's Fancy"

"Some of Their Parts" is the fifty-second and final episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and fourth episode overall. It first aired on 30 July 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Robin uses a prism to split each Titan into the five facets of their personalities so he can choose only the best parts for his ideal crime fighting team.[1]


Beast Boy approaches the Teen Titans while carrying a box of mementos. Robin assumes that he is moving out and volunteers to help him pack, but Beast Boy explains that the box contains stuff he collected from previous missions and pulls out a purple Native American headdress which he wore during a Hat Party. Robin pulls out the Universe Tree and the stick begins to thank him for freeing him from the box, but is thrown back in. Starfire takes out one of the crystals from the mysterious prism and Beast Boy fondly recalls memories of the purple Raven, Passion, kissing him. He decides to relive that experience and throws the crystal at Raven, but Robin blocks it with his staff and it ricochets onto Silkie, splitting him into the five parts of his personality.

Beast Boy exclaims that he wanted to kiss, but Robin, as he collects Silkie's Emoticlones, explains that a person is greater than the sum of their parts and that friendship is about taking the good with the bad, not picking the parts they like best. Starfire wonders if it's wrong that she prepares Passion Silkie and Robin says that it is before returning Silkie to his proper form. The maggot rolls away as Robin says that he would love to isolate Raven's rage, Cyborg's determination, Starfire's strength, and asks the others if Beast Boy has a best trait. The Titans begin to discuss and Beast Boy says he's hungry which Robin says is the trait they'll go with. Robin says that he would love to isolate those personalities and create his ideal crime-fighting team which he thinks will be less annoying and more efficient than the actual Titans. He says that they wouldn't be the Teen Titans, only better and presses a button on his communicator reading "purge," causing the couch to fall through the living room floor.

In a dark room with two chairs on either side of him, Cyborg is strapped to a chair. He asks what's going on, but Robin enters and attempts to explain his plan to Cyborg through food analogies. Cyborg doesn't understand and simply states the food talk is making him hungry. Robin explains that he's going to use the crystal to separate him into the five core parts of his personality, isolate the best, and get rid of the rest. He zaps Cyborg and questions his Emoticlones. After removing the jokester, lazy, and enthusiasic parts of Cyborg, he comes across the soldier aspect which quickly answers Robin's militarisc questions. The final personality, Timidity, attempts to protest that he hasn't been asked, but is sucked back into the crystal.

Up next is Beast Boy and Cyborg's soldier aspect reports that his five core personalities are relatively the same and would be useless in battle .Robin explains that Beast Boy is a simple creature, but the Emoticlones protest that one is a little more sleepier while another is a little more hungrier than the others. Cyborg's solidier personality deems all of them unworthy for combat, but that one can be used as a human shield and shoots the yellow Beast Boy. Robin agrees with his suggestion and recalls the others back into the crystal. Raven's Emoticlones are next and Happiness Raven is dancing with a unicorn, Raging Raven is attacking a chair, Timidity Raven is hiding behind another chair, and Laziness Raven is lounging around. Yellow Beast Boy suggests picking Passion Raven as he likes the way she's looking at him, but Robin refuses and he and Soldier Cyborg agree to pick Raging Raven and call back the other ones. Starfire is last and her Tamaranian aspect announces that she's ready to charge into battle. Soldier Cyborg suggests her, but Robin says he wants to test their commitment and asks each of them if they'll marry him. They all say no to him and when her oblivious aspect says she wears tuna salad as a hat, he agrees to take the Tamaranian aspect.

Robin's ideal crime fighting team is assembled in the living room. It composes of himself, Soldier Cyborg, Raging Raven, Savage Starfire, and Beast Boy as the Human Shield. Yellow Beast Boy is confused by his title, but is grabbed by Robin to take Raging Raven's punch. The crime alert blares and the team eagerly awaits Robin's orders, causing him to tear up. They follow him to Jump City where Soldier Cyborg attacks Cinderblock, Raging Raven traps the H.I.V.E. Five, Savage Starfire destroys Gizmo's robot in the forest, and Yellow Beast Boy is used as a human shield to block missiles much to his disappointment. Afterwards, the team stand on their defeated enemies with Robin praising himself.

Back at Titans Tower, Robin praises his team, but admits to missing fun-loving Cyborg, sweet Starfire, and enigmatic Raven while Beast Boy stayed the same. He questions himself for his actions, but then says that he only formed the best superhero team ever. He begins dancing and Soldier Cyborg, after asking permission to speak freely, says that he can watch him dance all night. Robin claims that the only way to make things better is with a team composed of himself. He smiles slyly and calls back the aspects, reforming the Titans. Robin reveals his plan to create a team of his traits which he guesses could be heroic, confidence, fearlessness, and handsomeness. He says there is only one way to find out and zaps himself. The Titans anaylze the Robins and realize that his five personalities are Craziness, Perfectionist, Obsessiveness (who claims to be detail-oriented), Paranoia, and Controlling. Starfire decides that they have to reunite the Robins, but Controlling Robin shoots a wire that ties up the Titans and causes Silkie to fall off the couch.

Controlling Robin gloats that they'll never combine them and throws the crystal in an attempt to break it. However, Silkie catches it with his tongue and consumes it, splitting into his Emoticlones once more. Starfire tells the Silkies that they are their only hope and they charge into battle. Barfy Silkie goes up against Obsessive Robin and simply smothers him in puke. Lazy Silkie is pitted against Crazy Robin and the Silkie uses the henchmen legs to kick him. Passion Silkie launches onto Perfectionist Robin's face and smothers him with kisses. Paranoid Robin runs straight into the mouth of Hungry Silkie, leaving Controlling Robin against Intelligent Silkie. Controlling Robin jumps out the window, but uses his grappling hook to launch himself onto the roof. Intelligent Silkie opens a slot in the couch that allows him to slide down a tunnel to the Silkie Bot which he then flies onto the roof. The two face off and Controlling Robin orders him to obey him only to be crushed through the roof and onto a pile of defeated Robins.

Intelligent Silkie uses a tube to return to the living room and spits out the crystal, reuniting the Silkies and Robins. The crystal lands on the couch and Silkie hops onto Starfire's lap. Robin apologizes as he thought his core personality traits would be cooler, but Cyborg reminds him of his words, saying he's greater than the sum of his parts. Starfire adds that they all are, but Beast Boy disagrees, claiming that not all of them are greater. He taps Raven with the crystal and her Emoticlones are released. Passion Raven greets Beast Boy and the two lean in to kiss, but Raging Raven grabs Beast Boy's head.


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Greg Cipes Beast Boy's Emoticlones  
Scott Menville Robin's Emoticlones  
Khary Payton Cyborg's Emoticlones  
Universe Tree
Tara Strong Raven's Emoticlones
Hynden Walch Starfire's Emoticlones  
Non speaking roles
Billy Numerous
Giant Robotic Alien
Silkie's Emoticlones  
Tentacled monster
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • The weapons that were displayed when Robin said he had a confident trait was Painbot's weapons arsenal.
  • This episode aired as part of a week of brand new episodes leading up to the Season 3 premiere.
  • This is the eighth episode in which Beast Boy does not use any of his animal transformations. The other seven are "The Left Leg", "Waffles", "Knowledge", "Thanksgiving", "Robin Backwards", "Head Fruit" and "The Return of Slade".
  • This episode aired exactly two years after "Meatball Party".
  • Running Gags: Yellow Beast Boy being used as a human shield.
  • Food Content: Beast Boy says he's hungry. One of Starfire's emoticlones says she uses tuna salad as a hat.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "More of the Same".


  • Raven is seen reading Pretty Pretty Pegasus: The Novel again ("Road Trip") which also shows her love for the franchise which was established in "Legendary Sandwich".
  • The purple Indian headdress and Robin and Cyborg's hats are from the hat party during their boys' night out in "Girl's Night Out". The end of that sequence is also briefly replayed.
  • The Universe Tree, which was temporarily Robin's new staff, is in the box after he was discarded by Robin in "Staff Meeting" and lost the Little Buddy Showdown in "Little Buddies". This could also explain why he didn't accompany the Little Buddies to save the Titans from the Brain in "Brain".
  • The episode refers to the events of "Colors of Raven":
    • The prism is the same one used to spilt Raven into the five different parts of her personality.
    • Beast Boy recollects the times when Passion Raven kissed him.
    • Raven's Emoticlones appear again. Raging Raven continues to angirly lash out at Robin, Passion Raven continues to show attraction to Beast Boy, and Happiness Raven can be seen playing with a unicorn.
  • The photo of Cyborg on Robin's file is from the time when Cyborg swallowed a sandwich without chewing in "Smile Bones".
  • Soldier Cyborg uses the weapons arsenal that Cyborg presented in "Opposites" when he said he'd find Jinx and as a Plan B in case talking to the unicorns didn't work in "Friendship".
  • Past enemies in the pile of monsters defeated by Robin's ideal crime-fighting team: Cinderblock, Plasmus, the tentacled monster from "Dude Relax", the giant robot alien from "Colors of Raven", a Cironelian Chrysalis Eater from "Parasite", a gigantic version of the plant that poked Starfire in "Parasite", and Gilnark the Terrible from "Second Christmas".
  • Lil' Alfred's Toy Cave is advertised on a billboard ("Hey Pizza!", "The Return of Slade").
  • Savage Starfire wields the same sword that Starfire wielded when leading a planetary defense in "Tamaranian Vacation".
  • Robin slaps the mutated orange mockingbird from "Birds".
  • The legs Lazy Silkie used to fight Crazy Robin were the same ones he used when he acted as Starfire the Terrible's henchman in "Starfire the Terrible".
  • The way Hunger Silkie ate Paranoid Robin was in a similar manner to the way he ate Painbot in "Little Buddies".
  • Intelligent Silkie is wearing the same glasses and operates the Silkie Robot from "Brain Food".


  • The episode's title is a reference to "The Sum of His Parts", an episode from the 2003 Teen Titans TV series.
  • A billboard advertising Lil' Alfred's Toy Cave can be seen.
  • Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl can be seen after Robin mentions the Justice League.
  • The comic book Obsessive Robin holds is Bat Hugs with a drawing of Batman.


  • In "Colors of Raven," the crystal gets split into five along with Raven, and the crystal before this happens is bulkier. In this episode, the crystal is smaller, like the five shards from "Colors of Raven," does not split along with whoever is split into five, and can be used to round up the five emoticlones of someone, unlike in "Colors of Raven," where you have to catch each one with only one of the five crystal shards.


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  1. Allstetter, Rob (2015-07-01). TEEN TITANS GO! FOR JULY. Comics Continuum. Retrieved on July 3, 2015.


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