"I would rather die in your arms then live one day with that bad man."
— Sonia to Silkie.[1]

Sonia Conchita Hernández
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Carlos, Carlos' bodyguards

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"La Larva de Amor" (only appearance)

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Nika Futterman

Sonia Conchita Hernández is a beautiful woman residing in Mexico and the ex-fiancée of Carlos. After leaving him for being a bad man, she met Silkie, who had floated to Mexico after leaving Titans Tower, and instantly became attracted to him. However, she was heartbroken when he disembarked on a voyage back to the tower.


Infatuation with Silkie

After Silkie exited Titans Tower and made his way to Mexico, he relaxed on a beach when Sonia asked if she could sit next to him, breaking the ice by purchasing a soda for him. She introduced herself and asked for his name, but immediately told him not to talk as she believed his eyes spoke for him. She shared her belief that Silkie must know how to treat a beautiful woman and compared him to her ex-fiancée Carlos, saying that Silkie was different because he knew how to listen. She said that Carlos would not like her talking to him, and, at a nearby table, Carlos broke his glass cup in anger.

Sonia took Silkie out to Mexico where they ate tacos, broke a piñata, rode a bicycle and danced to mariachi music. At a night club, they danced together and she praised his skills despite the fact that she was carrying him. Carlos made his way to the night club and, in a fit of rage, threw water at Silkie. He scolded Sonia for dancing with another as he believed she still belonged to him. Sonia countered that she left him for being a bad guy and attempted to leave the establishment with Silkie, but Carlos' henchmen blocked her path. As she was carried off by one of the henchmen, she exclaimed that her new boyfriend would stop Carlos.

While in the dungeon with Silkie, Sonia was chained to a wall and she told the maggot that she would rather die in his arms then live one day with Carlos. Silkie easily escaped his shackles and Sonia cheered for him to save them. After defeating Carlos, Sonia stood on a nearby beach where she thanked him for freeing her from Carlos. She was devastated when Silkie, on a chicken bucket, began sailing back to Titans Tower and said that they must be strong. However, Sonia began crying and admitted that she could not let go as no one would ever be as special as Silkie. She collapsed on the sand and pleaded for her love to return to her.[1]


Teen Titans Go!


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