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"I warned you! What you call a stick is the most refined fighting instrument on the planet! Perfectly balanced, multi-purpose, and the best friend a guy could ask for!"
Robin praising the staff.

Robin wielding a broken staff
"Staff Meeting"




Original air date

13 August 2013

Running Time

11:13 (minutes)


1.521 (million)

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Produced by
Written by

Michael Ryan

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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DC Nation - Teen Titans Go! - "Staff Meeting" (Clip)01:29

DC Nation - Teen Titans Go! - "Staff Meeting" (Clip)

"Staff Meeting" is the twentieth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the twentieth episode overall. It first aired on 13 August 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Robin's beloved staff is broken by the other Titans, so he goes on a perilous quest to the ancient Universe Tree to find a new magic staff to replace it.[1]


Robin assembles the Teen Titans for a staff meeting, but starts hitting them on the head with his bo-staff. He explains that he's been reviewing the performance charts and has found vigilance and justice decreasing while horseplay has risen significantly. Robin begins to compare the Titans to his staff, but Raven groans and Cyborg claims that Robin treats the staff as if it was a person. Robin, distracted by making lunch plans with his staff, asks Cyborg if he said something, and Raven calls his relationship with the staff "weird". Starfire says that on Tamaran people who communicate with lumps of wood are banished from the city and fed to a monster, upsetting Robin. Raven asks if Robin knows that the staff is just a stick, but Robin claims that the staff hates being called that and attempts to control it as it squirms in his hands. The other Titans continue calling the staff a stick, and Robin begins hitting the Titans and praising his staff going as far as calling it his best friend. Once they Titans are a pile on the floor (and with Cyborg dead), he leaves to get a burger with the staff.

Later, while Cyborg is cooking eggs for Raven and Starfire, Beast Boy, as an elephant, enters the kitchen asking if they've seen the plunger. Cyborg suggests using Robin's staff as Robin believes it can do anything and Beast Boy picks it up. He attaches a rubber cup to the staff and uses it to unclog the toilet. Afterwards, he twirls the staff in admiration, telling the Titans that the stick is awesome. Raven grabs it from him and uses it to hit the Foul Demon when it attempts to reenter the human world. As she is passing in the hallway, Starfire grabs it from her to use as a limbo stick for Silkie. Beast Boy takes it from her to hit a piñata outside Titans Tower, and Cyborg steals it from him to turn on the TV from the couch. Eventually, the Titans begin fighting for the staff and Cyborg gains the upper hand, yanking it from the girls. Beast Boy clings on, saying he loves the stick until Cyborg aims his sonic cannon at him. Beast Boy claims to have a solution and breaks the staff into four, but Cyborg reminds him that he just broke it. Starfire worries that Robin will be disappointed, and Raven says they not tell him and attempts to fit it with her magic. She arranges the staff's pieces to mend it, but it explodes and one piece ricochets and impales itself in Cyborg's head, killing him again.

The next day, Robin greets the Titans in the kitchen and asks if they've seen his staff (which the Titans are currently taping and gluing on the table). Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven successfully lie, but Starfire, after much difficultly, announces that they broke it. Robin's eye twitches and he shouts out angrily. Beast Boy and Cyborg claim that they taped it together and that it's still usable. Robin gives the staff a few twirls and decides he can make it work as a piece falls to the side. Cyborg reassures him the staff will continue to be a useful weapon and fixes the broken piece as Robin nervously laughs in agreement.

When Robin confronts Doctor Light in Jump City, he points his staff at him, but the piece falls again. The villain begins laughing hysterically while Robin attempts to harm him with his staff, but to no avail. Doctor Light uses his photokinesis to blast Robin away. Back at the tower, Robin begins crying and the Titans follow Raven into her portal to leave Robin alone. He continues crying about his staff, and eats ice cream in his closet, dreams about attending his staff's funeral, and during a battle with Cinderblock, who punches him away. The Titans watch from a distance and Starfire claims that she hates saying Robin in so much sadness. Beast Boy claims that Robin needs a new stick, but Cyborg reminds him that Robin told them the staff was irreplaceable. Raven, however, has an idea on where he can get a new one.

Raven approaches Robin, who is crying on the couch and uses her cloak to wipe snot off his face. She expresses her disgust, but tells him that she knows where to get a new staff. Robin says he doesn't want a new one, but is tempted when Raven says that it's magic. She tells him to travel to the Universe Tree and he asks for directions to get there. Raven summons Ancient Legends and instructs him to scale the Mountain of Doubt, pass the Infinite Chasm, spot the Falcon of Truth, and arrive at the Universe Tree. Robin asks if he can just drive there, but she denies and teleports him to the start of his journey. He struggles to climb the Mountain of Doubt until he grabs a dead branch that breaks out. Twirling it like a staff, he easily scales the rest of the mountains. He uses it to pole vault over the Infinite Chasm and as a support to stop himself from falling. He spots the Falcon of Truth and uses the stick to skewer the bird over a fire. He continues on his journey until he reaches the Universe Tree.

Robin gazes in wonder at the Universe Tree when angelic wind blows, causing the tree to come to life and talk. He explains that as the magic tree of Elderioth, he has the ability to speak many languages. Robin asks him for a new staff, but the Universe Tree chuckles and says that it looks like Robin has already found one. He begins to tell Robin about the significance of his journey, but Robin interrupts and says that the stick is a root he grabbed from a filthy mountain with guano on it. He throws the stick away despite the Universe Tree's protests and demands a magic staff. The Universe Tree tries to make him understand, but Robin begins chopping him down in order to get a magic staff. The tree pleads that he stop, but Robin shouts "Timber!" and the tree collapses. He yanks off one of the tree's branches and walks away while whistling. The branch comes to life, angered that he has been cut down after providing wisdom to travelers since the beginning of time. Robin says that his job sounds boring and that now he can see the world and whack people in the face which the staff agrees could be fun. Robin says that their relationship could work since his last staff talked, but only as a voice in his head. He attempts to leave, but is blocked by the Tree Custodians, the guardians of the forest. They explain that for chopping down the ancient Universe Tree, he will be punished. However, Robin and the staff wink at each other and easily defeat them.

Back at the tower, Robin calls another staff meeting. The staff floats out of Robin's hands and whacks all the Titans on the head, but hits Beast Boy more than the others. Robin explains that he has acquired a new staff and praises him. Starfire notices that Robin is in much better spirits and he states it's thanks to Raven. Cyborg brings out his repaired old staff and says he guesses Robin doesn't want it back, but Robin throws his new staff into a garbage can and hugs his old one. Raven explains that she finally found a spell that repaired it. Robin listens to his staff talk and says that they have a lot of catching up to do and the two head out to see a movie. The new staff demands to know what the Titans plan on doing with him and Beast Boy approaches him, claiming to know exactly what to do with him. He places a suction cup on him and takes him to the bathroom, but the staff says that he gave out wisdom and knowledge and was not made for his new task. Beast Boy complains that he talks too much and begins using him as a plunger.


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Tree Custodians  
Non-speaking roles
Doctor Light  
Foul Demon
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This episode could take place before "Starliar" as Starfire cannot bring herself to lie. However, she could have learned her lesson and is attempting to not repeat the events of that episode.
  • This episode marks the first time that Robin cries.
  • Background music from "Starliar" appears when Robin meets the Universe Tree and music from the "The Date" is used when Robin is reunited with his repaired staff.
  • Mr. Freeze is seen on the ice cream container again ("Double Trouble").
  • The Riddler question mark is seen again ("Parasite").
  • After hearing that his staff is broken, Robin's eyes turn red and his teeth become sharper, which resembles Raven's demon side.
  • Running Gags: Cyborg is killed. Robin hitting the other Titans with his staff. Beast Boy calling the staff a stick.
  • Deaths: Cyborg is killed after brutally attacked by Robin's staff. He is later impaled in the head by a piece of Robin's staff after it ricochets from Raven's spell.
  • Food Content: Robin eating ice cream to cope with his broken staff. He then cooks the Falcon of Truth.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Gorilla."



  • Mr. Freeze's likeness appears on four identical ice cream containers.
  • Riddler question mark appears over Beast Boy's head.
  • Superman is on a sign when Robin fights Doctor Light.
  • Beast Boy uses the staff to hit a Batman piñata.
  • A poster of Batman can be found above Robin's bedroom.
  • A hat like Noddy's is on Robin while he is sleeping.


  • When Raven whacks the Foul Demon with Robin's staff, her legs are plumper than normal.
  • Glue is shown on the staff when Robin asks about it, but when it is shown again, the glue has disappeared.
  • The suit the senior citizens made is seen in Robin's closet, but he had thrown it away in the episode it debuted in.


Staff Meeting title card
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