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This page is comprised of Starfire's relationships with other characters in the Teen Titans Go! series.



Starfire hugs Blackfire

Starfire hugs Blackfire for her return on earth.

Blackfire is Starfire's older sister. The two don't have a friendly relationship after Blackfire stole Starfire's doll.


TTG Missing 123b 6

Starfire reads Silkie a bedtime story.

Silkie is Starfire's pet. The two share their relationship in the series.

Love interests


In "Matched", Starfire is now dating Aquaman by using Cyborg's Love Matcher 5000 until the end of the episode, after dating a scratching post, who Beast Boy is also dating, and the two argue about it.


Robin watches Speedy woo Starfire

Speedy is all the love for Starfire.

Speedy is Starfire's date in "The Date", but Robin disrupts it by disguising himself as Speedy.

Voice in Robin's Head

The Voice in Robin's Head is dating Starfire at the end of "The Date".


Beast Boy


Beast Boy wants Starfire to clean his clothes since he's a "ghost".

In "Ghostboy", Starfire thinks she killed Beast Boy, and later he lets her do everything while goofing off, like washing his clothes.

In "Starliar", Beast Boy helps Starfire how to lie to Raven, Cyborg, and Robin so they could go to a party.

Starfire and Beast Boy compete in a race in "Boys vs. Girls" to see who's better: boys or girls.


TTG Hose Water 216a 24

Starfire and Cyborg paint their faces.

The two discover their inner children in "Hose Water".


Raven and Starfire as fathers

Starfire and Raven are playing fathers.

Since Raven and Starfire are both girls, they share relationships throughout the series.


Robin and Starfire lean in to kiss

This is it. This is Robin's chance - to kiss Starfire!

Robin has a crush on Starfire, which he failed to do to become in love with her, throughout the series.

At the end of "Mouth Hole", Starfire asks him to kiss her.


Doctor Light

In "Caged Tiger", Doctor Light tells Starfire, along with Raven, his story about he got his name. This turned him good, until Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin attack him at the end of the episode.


Chased by police

Raven, Starfire and Jinx get chased by the police.

In "Girl's Night Out", Starfire, along with Raven, take Jinx on their girl's night out.

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