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— Sticky Joe.

Sticky joe cropped profile
"Sticky" Joe
Biographical information



Jump City, California, United States

Physical description


Relationship information

Beast Boy, Raven, Robin


Ravager, Robin (formerly)

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Hot Garbage"

Voiced by

Khary Payton

"Sticky" Joe is an adult hobo who loves eating beans by the fire. He resided in Beast Boy's room, surronded by garbage.


Sticky Joe is a hobo who used to live in Beast Boy's room. Robin finally kicked him out after a duel. He growled and rolled his eyes and walked away. Later on, while all the trash was falling Robin got stuck. Sticky Joe appeared on a motorcycle and saved Robin. While doing this he got smushed by garbage leaving the audience believing he is dead.[1]

Later in "Oil Drums", Robin pulls him out of the couch asking if he knows where the remote is. He replys saying, "Howdy!" Robin gets mad and throws him away.[2]

Since Robin officially kicked Stick Joe out of the Titans Tower, he lived on the streets. He was shown eating a burrito, and Rose Wilson threw a knife at him, hitting his hat, Raven exclaims that he could've it him, so Ravager does it again, going to hit his face, which Raven uses her dark magic to stop it.[3]

When the Titans go to the Tooth Fairy's lair, Sticky Joe is seen sitting outside of the lair.[4]

He appears as part of the jury.[5]

He was seen sitting on a bench until Cyborg took it to calm down Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire for his "secret" garden. Sticky Joe notices them sitting on the bench.



Physical appearance





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