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This article is about the little buddy. For the episode, see Super Robin (episode).
Super Robin
Super Robin
Biographical information

American robin


Titans Tower, Jump City, California, United States

Physical description


Skin color


Skin type


Relationship information

Birdarang, Beat Box, Painbot, Dave, Robin


Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Brother Blood, Hurtbot


Little Buddies

Professional information

Little buddy sidekick

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Super Robin"

Super Robin is an American robin who was genetically modified with Robin's DNA. After a lab disaster, the bird was given the skills and technology of Robin. He later became an addition to the Little Buddies.



Super Robin was Robin's pet American robin until the Titan decided to merge their DNA in an attempt to gain the bird's powers and abilities. After the lab disaster, the bird gained the skills of the superhero. He performed aerobatics as he jumped out of the chamber, attacked his former owner with a birdarang, and fled with a grappling hook, all of which stunned Robin. Once Robin revealed he had made meatloaf for dinner, the robin jumped onto the table and fled once again with a grappling hook, taking the meatloaf with him. Forty-seven years after the Teen Titans disbanded, an elderly Robin fed seagulls at the park when Super Robin appeared once again and performed his last heist by taking the food and escaping with the aid of a grappling hook for the third time.[1]

Subsequent appearances

Super Robin stole a little girl's ice cream in front of the Community Center of Jump City before using his grappling hook to make a getaway.[2]

The robin attended the mockingbirds' party and attempted to flirt with Raven. However, she angrily explained that her name didn't classify her as a bird and punched him away with a demonic fist when he began smooching at her.[3]

During the Little Buddy Showdown, Super Robin leapt into the rink as Painbot's penultimate opponent. However, he was vaporized on the spot by the robot's laser.[4]

Rescue mission

Super Robin has saved the teen titans a number of times along with Dave, Pain Box, Beat Box, and Birdarang. - In one episode the partied of 3 straight months before realizing the Titans were captured by the brain. - In the episode "The Best Robin" Super Robin made his debut and won the title The Best Robin when he had rescued the teen titans and Team Robin from brother blood. Although in this episode it was a solo mission



Teen Titans Go!

Season 1

Season 2


  • Before the revelation of his name, fans dubbed him "Robin the Bird Wonder", a parody Robin's Boy Wonder title.


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