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"Uh huh! That's right! Super powers are a curse curse curse cursity cursity curse curse curse curse!"
— Elderly Cyborg after Robin learns his lesson.

Super Robin and Titans
"Super Robin"




Original air date
  • 30 March 2013 (WC13 attendees)[1]
  • 2 July 2013 (television)
Running Time

11:12 (minutes)


1.739 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Adam Stein

Directed by

Peter Rida Michail

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"You're Fired!"


"Tower Power"

DC Nation - Teen Titans Go! - Super Robin01:34

DC Nation - Teen Titans Go! - Super Robin

"Super Robin" is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the fifteenth episode overall. It was aired on 30 March 2013 with "Legendary Sandwich" at WonderCon 2013 and premiered on Cartoon Network on 2 July 2013.


Envious of the other Titans' powers, Robin wants some of his own. After a disastrous scientific experiment goes awry, he convinces Raven to use her magic to give him powers.[2]


The H.I.V.E. Five are in the middle of a heist at Jump City Bank when See-More notices the arrival of the Teen Titans by T-Car. He notifies Jinx who hex blasts the car, causing the Titans to leap into battle stances as their car skids and explodes. Robin informs the others to take down the H.I.V.E., and declares Mammoth his opponent. He whacks the villain with his staff while Starfire defeats Billy Numerous with a continuous eye blast. She offers Robin assistance, but he refuses. Beast Boy transforms into a Tyrannosaurus and traps Jinx in between his jaws before offering Robin aid who once again refuses. See-More shoots a beam from his eye helmet at Raven, but she counters with her soul-self and slams the villain against the wall. In the skies, Cyborg defeats Gizmo with a single missile and lands next to the other Titans, wondering if they're waiting for Robin to finish the battle. The four eat hot dogs as an exhausted Robin wraps his grappling hook around Mammoth's legs, knocking him down before fainting as Cyborg ponders who'll carry him home.

The Titans return to Titans Tower as Robin crawls into the living room, congratulating the Titans and wondering if they're as tired as him. The Titans deny as Starfire claims she only stared in the enemy's direction and demonstrates, obliterating a plant. Robin attempts to make them admit by mentioning muscles but Cyborg reminds him that he doesn't have muscles and Beast Boy claims his muscles are resonating peace and love. Robin deduces that their superpowers allowed them to easily take down the H.I.V.E. and complains that they make them lazy. Cyborg counters, but reaches for a glass across the room with his extending robotic arm. Raven claims that superpowers do make things easier, but are, in reality a curse, as noted through the fact that she's the daughter of Trigon. Cyborg supports her claim by stating he hasn't felt human skin and Beast Boy reasons that people look at him like a freak. Starfire reveals she's making meatloaf for dinner. Robin counters this by exclaiming he'll be better than them, but Beast Boy reminds him that they'll never know since normal people get superpowers through freak lab disasters sparking an idea in Robin's head.

At the laboratory, Robin prepares to merge his DNA with an American Robin, but the bird chirps causing Robin to ponder what superpowers he'll obtain. He places the bird in a capsule and destroys random machinery before entering the other capsule which electrocutes him but successfully merges their DNA. Robin steps out completely ordinary, but the bird transforms into Super Robin, inheriting Robin's martial abilities. Robin feels a pain in his gut as feathers begins to grow, his feet are replaced with talons, and his nose elongates into a beak.

The next day, Cyborg complains to Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy over breakfast as the T-Car has finished repairs, but is now covered in bird dookie. Robin, now resembling an actual American Robin, apologizes as Raven wonders what happened to him. Robin explains that his idea didn't work as Beast Boy asks if he finally realizes that superpowers are a curse. Robin denies, and after cooking breakfast from an egg he laid, explains he didn't inherit any powers. Raven reveals her ability to grant Robin superpowers, but only if he does the Chicken Dance. Robin refuses, but after encouragement from Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire, reluctantly performs the dance. Raven, true to her word, grants Robin super powers.

Robin tests his new powers of Heat Vision, Freeze Breath, Super Speed, and Telekinesis on Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven who are annoyed. Robin celebrates as Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy attempt to reason that he'll have a hurry burden in a world that can't understand him which they deem the curse while Starfire reminds them they'll be eating meatloaf for dinner. Robin refuses to heed their warnings and sets out to combat crime, but returns quickly, revealing he's defeated every supervillain, solved world hunger, and ended all wars. Raven sarcastically asks if that's all, but he reveals he made meatloaf as well to Starfire's joy. However, Super Robin flips onto the table and flees with the meatloaf. Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire realize that Robin ensuring world peace has them out of a job as the city no longer needs the Teen Titans to protect them. Robin realizes this as the other Titans gather their belongings and leave the tower to seek new lives.

At Corp-O, Robin applies for an office job which leaves him bored and grieving for his old life. Twenty-five years later, an older Robin rides the bus home as a baby drools on him and an elderly woman sleeps on his shoulder. He flies to his apartment which he has filled with the likeness of Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Silkie. Forty-seven years later, an elderly Robin feeds crumbs to the seagulls, but Super Robin snatches the pouch and flees. While attempting to reach for his cane through telekinesis, Robin falls off his bed and is sent to the hospital. There, Robin reflects on his life and deems his powers the source for his suffering and finally admits they're a curse. A older Cyborg draws the curtain aside to reveal elderly Titans who celebrate that they were right all along. Their presence sends Robin into a heart attack, and after Raven says curse one last time, he flatlines.


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Lauren Tom Jinx
Unknown Robin's employer  
Non-speaking roles
Billy Numerous  
Super Robin  
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • The powers Robin gained in the episode are: telekinesis, freeze breath, laser eyes, flight, super speed, and super strength.
  • Running Gags: Starfire is obsessed with making meatloaf. Super Robin appearing long enough to take something and escape through the aid of a grapple gun.
  • Food Content: Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire eat sandwiches. Robin makes an omelet. Starfire makes meatloaf for dinner.
  • Deaths: It is strongly implied that Robin dies at the end of the episode as the heart rate monitor flatlines.
  • This episode aired alongside a rerun of "Dude Relax".


  • This episode establishes the H.I.V.E. Five as recurring villains.
  • Raven watches Pretty Pretty Pegasus again ("Legendary Sandwich").
  • Raven's ability to grant super powers was previously mentioned by Cyborg after he learned about it from Trigon ("Dog Hand").
  • Middle-aged Robin having a cat painted green alludes to Beast Boy's confession of swapping animals painted green in his stead during battles ("Dude Relax").
  • Second time Robin dies ("Ghostboy").


  • A tattered poster of Dracula can be seen near the Jump City Bank.
  • Robin gained the powers of Superboy, and Superman's trademark curled widow's peak.
  • Adult Robin made a Batman symbol out of staples and sticky note art which depicts a serpent with the Joker's face.
  • Underneath the Joker's face are drawings of Harley Quinn and Two-Face's faces.
  • Robin owns a framed picture of him and the Titans tying up Black Manta.
  • Robin's "lab accident" is a reference to the horror film classic: The Fly.
  • The signature Spider-Man mantra, "With great power, comes great responsibility" is said by Raven as "With great power, comes greater responsibility."
  • Elderly Beast Boy's appearance resembles Star Wars character Yoda.


  • As Robin lays across the table, Starfire and Beast Boy have disappeared. However, when they encourage him to do the dance, Beast Boy reappears on the other side of the table while Starfire once again appears in her original spot.


Super Robin title card
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