The T-Car.

The T-Car is the primary form of transportation used by the Teen Titans when needing to head to Jump City.


Robin managed to trick the other Titans into using the T-Car to drive him to various places due to his license being suspended. The other Titans spotted Robin's driving instructor, Ed, committing a felony and chased after him in the T-Car to warn him. However, Robin misinterpreted their actions and led them on a goose chase throughout Jump City and space which ended with the T-Car's explosion. However, one of the tires bounced off Cyborg's head and restored his missing data.[1]



Teen Titans Go!

Season 1

Season 2


  • Robin is the only Titan to never drive the T-Car on-screen.

    The T-Car's Season 1 design.

  • The T-Car recieved a design change during the second season. 

Background in Teen Titans

  • In the original show, Cyborg did not let anyone but himself drive the T-Car. However, each of the Titans are stated to be allowed use of the car.


  1. Murphy, Tab (writer) & Cormican, Luke (director). (April 30, 2013). "Driver's Ed". Teen Titans Go!. Season 1. Episode 3. Cartoon Network.

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