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Tamaran is a Class M planet and the home world of Starfire, Blackfire, and all Tamaranians. It is generally considered a violent and dangerous planet.


The "hand-shake" war and its repercussions

Cyborg meets Thraxis

The war begins when Cyborg shakes Thraxis' hand.

After visiting Tamaran to determine what caused Starfire to be so happy and upbeat, the Titans were introduced to General Thraxis of the Blood Domain, who had arrived to negotiate an important treaty with Tamaran. Cyborg introduced himself and shook one of the general's mouths causing the general to shriek and disembark with the Schlurchs. Starfire explained that a handshake on Tamaran was a violent declaration of war and rallied a planetary defense to combat Thraxis's eventual attack. Both groups met in space and began attacking each other with casualties on both sides. Eventually, the war ended which resulted in three-quarters of Tamaran's destruction. In order to make a peace treaty, Starfire offered her hand in marriage which Thraxis accepted. At the ceremony, Robin, who was saddened and angered by Starfire's marriage to Thraxis, killed him so that she didn't have to go with him.

As a result, the peace treaty was null and the Tamaranaians dishonored Starfire, forcing her and the Titans to face Gridnock the Skull Crusher in order to prove their bravery. Robin led the Titans into battle, but they were easily consumed by the alien monster. While on a boulder in Gridnock's stomach, the Titans reflected on their experience and eventually decided to see things positively instead of focusing on the negative like Starfire. Robin came up with the idea to tickle Cyborg in order to have him bounce around the monster which eventually ended in Gridnock's destruction. The Tamaranians cheered for their victory and the Schulruchs left in deference, ending their conflict.[1]

Alternate timeline

In a timeline created by Beast Boy and Cyborg, Starfire returned to Tamaran and assumed her duties as queen. When they arrived to go take her to the movies, they were faced by Tamaranians and attacked them. She stopped them and explained they work for her now. When they attempted to take her to a theater, she explained that she could not because she had responsibilities to fulfill, disgusting the duo and causing them to question about Raven's whereabouts. The timeline was later reversed by the two despite Starfire's efforts to stop them.[2]


Titans Tower on Tamaran

Titans Tower landed in a rocky desert region of Tamaran.

On the outside, Tamaran bears a resemblance to the sun with a ring around it. It is mostly a barren, rocky, and desert planet with treacherous terrain and rust-colored earth. It has twin suns which resulted in an orange sky and a fiery atmosphere in order, as Starfire explained, "to ensure the weak do not survive." Its only known city is populated by sky high buildings in the shape of columns.[1] Despite its barren and natural state, the planet possess impressive technology such as hovercrafts[1] and drones.[3]


Government system: Monarchy

Head of State: Unknown, eventually Starfire

Religious authority: Guardians of Honor

Tamaran's government is a monarchy with Starfire being next in line for the throne[2] after Blackfire lost the position due to her crimes against Tamaran. It is unknown who the current ruler is after Starfire took refuge in Earth, but she is still able to perform certain actions such as rally a planetary defense. However, as demonstrated by Blackfire's wanted status and Starfire's dishonorable actions, Tamaranians have the power to imprison the royal family[3] and sentence them to a trial of bravery. The Guardians of Honor are in charge of making sure that anyone who dishonors Tamaran be punished for their actions.[1]



The dress code of Tamaran is the same for both genders. Both genders wear light purple tunics and shorts with metal armor over them. The armor consists of spiked helmets, a breastplate, gauntlets, belt, and boots. The royal family and Guardians of Honor, however, wear long purple robes yet the latter wear helmets and carry axes.

Naming in Tamaran typically holds a "k" and "'r" ending such as Starfire's real name, Koriand'r and Blackfire's real name, Komand'r.

Tamaran also hosts a variety of violent customs and traditions which are overseen by the Guardians of Honor. Tamaranians who speak to lumps of wood are banished from the city and fed to a dorpnug.[4] Those who severely dishonor Tamaran are forced to face an honorable trial of bravery by facing Gridnock the Stone Crusher in the arena. According to Starfire, no one but the Titans, ever succeeded in defeating the alien monster.[1] In addition, the planet's only known source of entertainment are gladiator fights against three-headed Karnian dragons with laser eyes.[2]


Feast Day

Feast Day

Feast Day.

Feast Day is a one week Tamaranian holiday similar to Thanksgiving in which Tamaranians prepare and eat delicacies in the span of one week with their friends. Starfire attempted to recreate the tradition on Earth with the Teen Titans, but the Tamaranian food digusted them to the point where they refused to join. However, they changed their mind upon being informed that Parry would be joining.[5]

The Great Kergoff

Gilnark the Terrible

Gilnark the Terrible.

The Great Kergoff is a holiday similar to Earth's Christmas. Instead of Santa, however, an alien monster, Gilnark the Terrible, delivers presents and destruction to Tamaran. According to Starfire, it is the most important celebration among Tamaranians. Because of this, she would visit Tamaran yearly to celebrate the holiday and was deeply angered to discover she had missed the holiday to celebrate a fake holiday created by her friends.[6]


Starfire marries Thraxis

Starfire and Thraxis marry for peace on Tamaran.

Marriage in Tamaran is considered to be very scared. The joining of a member of a royal family and outsider would lead to an arrangement of peace between the two civilizations. This was demonstrated by Starfire when she offered her hand in marriage to General Thraxis in exchange for peace between the Tamaranians and Schlurchs. If the married couple is female then she must accompany her new husband. When Thraxis was killed by Robin, Starfire was considered to have dishonored her people for breaking the marriage and was subject to a trial by bravery by the Guardians of Honor, showing that a marriage in Tamaran was looked highly.[1]


Tamaranian food is unusual and unique in nature, heavily relying on a variety of alien insects and space cuisine. The food is typically eaten raw. Some known dishes include glork snails, which are purple lumps that ooze green goo, fried fish legs, and mouth worms, which are living orange-and-yellow worms who have mouths on their eyes and the ability to scream.[5]


Tamaranian planetary defense

Starfire leads a planetary defense.

It is unknown if Tamaran has a formal military. However, all Tamaranians are bred to be warriors, including the princesses and Guardians of Honor. Whenever a threat is made to Tamaran, a member of the royal family has the ability to issue a planetary defense. This requires Tamaranians to unite and combat the threat with their lives. Tamaranians typically uses axes in combat, but Starfire was shown wielding a sword.[1] When a criminal is wanted, Tamaran employs the use of drones to travel to other planets in search for the criminal yet this is highly ineffective as Blackfire was able to trick a drone by disguising Starfire as herself.[3]

Notable locations


The Tamaranian arena is an amphitheatre where trials of bravery are held. Tamaranians battle Gridnock the Skull Crusher in the arena[1] and it is presumed that gladiator fights are held here as well. The arena bears a resemblance to Colosseum in Rome in the fact that it is circular in plan with crumbling walls and tiered seating above the performance area.

City and palace

Tamaranian Palace

Tamaranian Palace.

The Tamaranian city and palace is the main feature of Tamaran. Buildings are erected in column-like skyscrapers but are towered by the enormous palace. Hovercraft is available for transportation between the city, but is not needed because of the Tamaranians' ability to fly. The palace is used as a place for queen, kings, and warlords to discuss treaties and is also the place where Starfire and Blackfire grew up.[1][3] The inside of the palace is decorated with purple walls and orange floors with circular mosaics of varying orange tones placed on the walls. The throne room is similar in design but holds a single throne at the end of the hall.


Alien Prison


The prison is located off the planet and on a secluded small rock. It houses dangerous, wanted intergalactic criminals.[3] Outside, it is built akin to a typical prison with fortified walls on all four sides and watchtowers on the edge of walls. Inside, the prison is dark and gloomy with the cell bars fashioned as spikes. A typical prisoner's room is tiled and appears blue because of the lighting and comes with a bed chained to the wall.

Notable figures


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