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"Oh, do not die so quickly friends. We have just arrived."
Starfire to the Teen Titans.

Titans Tower on Tamaran
"Tamaranian Vacation"




Original air date

5 March 2015

Running Time

11:15 (minutes)


2.216 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Amy Wolfram

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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"Let's Get Serious"


"Rocks and Water"

Teen Titans Go! - "Tamaranian Vacation" (clip)01:15

Teen Titans Go! - "Tamaranian Vacation" (clip)

"Tamaranian Vacation" is the thirty-third episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the eighty-fifth episode overall. It first aired on 5 March 2015 on Cartoon Network.


The Titans visit Starfire's homeworld, Tamaran.[1]


Green lightning storms Titans Tower as a green orb flashes at the top of the tower. Inside, Starfire tells the Teen Titans that she must do what she has to. Robin urges her to reconsider, but she claims to have no choice and embarks on a tickle war. She easily manages to subdue Robin with tickling and chases after the others, tickling Beast Boy as he tries to escape as a deer. Raven retreats into her hood, but Starfire reaches in and tickles her. She goes after Cyborg next and he reminds her that his robot parts make him immune to tickling, but she tickles him with a screwdriver before opening one of his robot parts to reach his stomach, making him bounce around the tower uncontrollably. Starfire goes up to Silkie and tickles him as well, winning the tickle war.

Cyborg tells Starfire that she's always so upbeat and Robin adds that her happiness made him happy. Beast Boy stops a stopwatch and reports that Raven has been in a good mood for exactly thirteen seconds, a new record. Raven uses a demonic fist to punch him and agrees that it was a record. Cyborg asks Starfire how she got cheeriness and she responds that it came from growing up on her home world of Tamaran. Robin claims that if it was responsible for making Starfire happy then it must be the best place in the world and imagines himself being kissed by multiple Starfires. Beast Boy asks when she would take them to see Tamaran, but she believes that they would not like it. Raven assures her that they would because they like her, but Starfire says that some of the Tamaranian customs would appear strange to them yet longs to share her culture with them. Cyborg tells her to share with them and Beast Boy celebrates their voyage into space. Titans Tower disembarks like a rocket and shoots to Tamaran.

Upon arrival, Starfire remarks missing the Tamaranian air and the Titans follow, but are overcome by the atmosphere and Cyborg demands to know what it is. Starfire explains that Tamaran has fire air and the Titans groan and cough in pain. She tells them not to die so quickly as they only just arrived and that there are much more stuff to see. Later, the Titans are on a hovercraft, flying through the planet. Robin compliments the planet and Raven and Beast Boy ask her to give her a tour to see how she became so cheerful. Starfire takes the team to the palace where she grew up and explains that the palace entertains queens, kings, and warlords to keep peace in the galaxy and introduces them to General Thraxis of the Blood Dominion, who is in the process of negotiating an important treaty with Tamaran. Cyborg shakes one of his tentacles and Thraxis, insulted, screeches at them before disembarking with his subjects. Starfire explains that a handshake is the most violent declaration of war and leaves her friends to rally a planetary defense.

She leads Tamaranians in a war against Thraxis as Robin berates Cyborg for shaking his hand. Raven admits that Tamaran isn't what she was expecting and that she doesn't like it while Cyborg agrees that it wasn't as sweet as her. Beast Boy, however, says he likes watching the green blobs explode as Starfire kills one, drenching the Titans in its blood and burning them. Raven calls the planet terrible and suggests that they leave, but Robin says that they can't because it means a lot to Starfire that they're experiencing her culture. Beast Boy notes that the war has ended and Starfire approaches them, reporting that the war has ended and only three-fourths of the planet was destroyed. Robin congratulates Starfire, but she explains that, as part of the treaty, she offered her hand in marriage to Thraxis causing Robin to cry. He yells at Cyborg for causing the war in the first place, but he says that he can't help being a friendly guy.

At the wedding, Robin is sobbing and protesting that it should be him marrying Starfire and claims that he hates Tamaran. He wonders how someone as nice as Starfire could come from the planet and Beast Boy, in disgust, notes that she has to kiss all of Thraxis's mouths. Cyborg laughs at Robin, teasing him that Starfire never kissed him on his one mouth. Starfire begins kissing all of Thraxis's mouths and Raven remarks that they'll be there awhile. Once she finishes, Robin is held back by his cape by Cyborg as he desperately tries to reach her. The citizens start clapping and leave the temple as Starfire asks the Titans for what they thought of the ceremony. She tells them to enjoy the rest of their visit and explains that as Thraxis's wife, she must travel with him and his fleet across the universe and that they'll never see her again.

Raven protests, but Starfire says that it's important to honor her world's customs and says good-bye to the Titans. Robin, shocked, says that Starfire should only be able to force marry him and orders the Titans for help in destroying their marriage. He throws three birdarangs and Thraxis accidentally swallows them, exploding and covering Robin in slime. Starfire asks Robin for the reason he destroyed her husband and he responds that he was gross. She explains, however, that the peace treaty had been broken, she dishonored her people, and the only way to save Tamaran would be to face Gridnock the Skull Crusher. The Titans attempt to flee Tamaran, not caring about its destruction, but are stopped by the Guardians of Honor, who Starfire explains would take them to their inevitable deaths ta the hands of Gridnock.

At the arena, the Tamaranians and Schlurchs are roaring for death as the Titans are forced to enter. Gridnock is released and Starfire asks the Titans if they think he is magnificent. Raven asks why Starfire is allowing herself to face Gridnock and she says that it's because fighting Gridnock is a symbol of bravery. Beast Boy asks how many people survived Gridnock and she says none, which is why it's a symbol and Beast Boy spots skeletons scattered around the arena. Robin leads the Titans into action saying that Gridnock had never met them, but they are easily consumed by him. Inside Gridnock, the Titans have taken refuge on a boulder in the middle of his stomach acid. Cyborg is shocked to have gotten eaten so fast as Robin dips a birdarang in the acid and tells Starfire that they hate her planet and everything on it. Starfire says that her feelings are being hurt while Raven and Beast Boy agree. Beast Boy adds on that he doesn't understand how she came from a place as terrible as Tamaran. Starfire explains that Tamaran may be a difficult planet, but that she focused on all the positives to get through the hardships. She adds on that that is how she managed to tolerate the Titans as her roommates as well.

Beast Boy calls Starfire's speech beautiful and Cyborg suggests that they all be positive before they die. Raven positively asks what's not to love about being in an alien monster's stomach as an acid bubble pops and drenches her. Cyborg spots half-eaten food and eats it, and while he is disgusted by it, claims to have never tasted anything like it before. Beast Boy soaks his feet in the acid and compares it to a free sauna despite it burning off his pant legs. Gridnock's stomach growls and the boulder is submerged with stomach acid, forcing the Titans to huddle in a small space. Robin states that if Starfire survived this long by focusing on the positive then they must do the same and think like her. He declares a tickle war and opens Cyborg's belly. Starfire takes out the screwdriver with a feather attached and tickles his stomach. Cyborg bounces around uncontrollably, slamming into Gridnock's sides before the alien monster crumbles. The Tamaranians cheer as the Shclurchs leave the planet. Starfire is excited that they defeated Gridnock and Robin says that they couldn't have without seeing the Tamaranian way. Starfire asks if they understand why she loves the planet now, and Raven claims that they do. She offers to show them more of Tamaran, but Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy quickly protest and run away, confusing Starfire.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Non-speaking roles
Gridnock the Skull Crusher  
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • Second time Tamaran is visited ("Staring at the Future").
  • Cyborg says, "all I know is pain," referencing the song of the same name he sang in "Little Buddies."
  • The Tamaranians that appear in the episode have the same design as the palace guards in "Staring at the Future".
  • This episode aired exactly one year after "Brain Food".
  • Running Gags: The Titans being burned and getting covered in green slime.
  • Food Content: Cyborg eats food he mistakes for a hot dog in Gridnock's stomach.
  • Deaths: Several Tamaranians and Schlurchs die during the "hand shake" war. Thraxis is blown up by three of Robin's birdarangs. Gridnock is destroyed after Cyborg bounces around in his stomach, resulting in him crumbling.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Let's Get Serious".


  • The way Titans Tower disembarked into space is similar to the way it did near the end of "Double Trouble".
  • Silkie acts as a minister at Starfire and Thraxis's wedding. He previously acted as a minister in "Matched".
  • This episode reveals that Starfire and Robin did not kiss at the end of "Mouth Hole" as Cyborg tells Robin that Starfire never kissed him on the lips.


  • Starfire saying that "the weak would not survive" echos Earth's phrase "survival of the fittest" that was coined by Herbert Spencer.


  • After Gridnock crumbles, none of his stomach acid appears.


Tamaranian Vacation title card
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