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"Team Robin cacaw!"
— Team Robin celebrating.[1]

Team Robin
Team Robin
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"The Best Robin" (only appearance)

Team Robin is a group comprised of four different Robins who have all been trained by Batman. They are considered the best out of all of Batman's sidekicks. Their job is to protect the world from danger. 


When Brother Blood kidnapped the Jump City Council, Robin ordered the Teen Titans into action. However, they each expressed laziness to combat the threat, causing Robin to summon the team. They briefly introduced each other and left to rescue the council. They returned seconds later announcing that they had completed their mission and recounted their success to one another. The titans seeing a way to take advantage of their efficiency manipulated the group by asking which one of the four robins was the best which caused the robins to turn against one another to prove whose the best. Team Robin's pride and effectiveness made them the blind to see that they were just being used by the titans to be their personal slaves until the original robin threw out them when seeing they were being taken advantage of.

When Brother Blood attacked again the Titans were forced to fight him but due to their laziness they were easily captured by the villain and were the mercy of his powerful yet slow weapon. Blood momentarily left the room as the original Robin made the titans admit and apologize for their laziness after which they asked robin to summon his friends to get out the trap however, he stubbornly refused stating he was the "best" robin and he did not need help to free them. This had annoyed the others who attempted to perform the robin bird call but they were unable to achieve it's accuracy which made the original Robin do the call correctly. Realizing his deed, he attempted to retract it but was too late as the other robins busted through the wall just as Blood reentered. Seeing the robins he summoned the hurt bot who quickly defeated and captured Team Robin and made them scoot near the titans as his machine was reaching them. Robin mocked the team for being defeated saying this proved that he was truly the "best" though, Dark Robin pointed out he was captured first while the titans made them see they were each best in their respective fields which caused both teams see they should accept each other for who they are and not worry about the best. Dark Robin then pointed out they'll all be dead pretty soon anyway which caused the teams to look up and see the machine was closing in and about to kill them until it shut down suddenly. It then showed blood defeated and tied up while the hurt bot was completely destroyed by the Super powered Robin which made the original robin see that it was actually the best robin. [1]


  • 60's Robin
  • Dark Robin
  • Girl Robin
  • Robin


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