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  • "Robin Backwards" was the latest episode to air.
  • Issue 14 was the latest issue to be released digitally.
  • Teen Titans Go! Volume 1: Party, Party- From fighting pizza monsters to getting a job at a Silicon Valley startup, the first trader paperback of the Teen Titans Go! comic series will be released on March 10th, 2015.
  • Teen Titans Go! - Season Two, Part One: Appetite For Disruption has been announced to be released on April 2014! Pick up your copy to own the first twenty-six episodes of the season, following the Titans from teaching Blackfire to be a better sister to learning about the wonders of trash!
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Did You Know?

  • Flash animation (with fast turn-around) is used for the series due to the success of MAD which co-producer Aaron Horvath also works on?
  • "Thanksgiving" is the highest rated episode with 2.807 million viewers?
  • Terra and Aqualad will both appear in another episode of Season 2?
  • Hynden Walch tweeted about a speedster visiting Titans Tower?
  • An upcoming episode marks a crossover special with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
  • An upcoming episode marks a crossover special with Young Justice?

About the Wiki


The Teen Titans Go! Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans Go!, which first aired on April 23, 2013 as a result of the popular New Teen Titans shorts. The show follows a group of teenage superheroes known as the Teen Titans - which is composed of leader Robin, Tamaranean princess Starfire, shapeshifting Beast Boy, half-demon Raven, and half-robot Cyborg - who cause hilarious misadventures as a result of their relationships and powers (or lack of). The show is currently airing its second season.


Teen Titans Go! - 01:17

Teen Titans Go! - "Crazy Day" (clip)

"Crazy Day"

It's Crazy Day again, and Raven must try her best to avoid being driven crazy by the other Titans.

Issue 8 cover art
Issue 8

The day the Titans have been dreading all year has finally arrived. A day of unimaginable pain. Insurmountable loneliness. Inconceivable amounts of ice cream. That's right – it's Valentine's Day!


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