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  • "TTG v PPG" was the latest episode to air.
  • "Scaredy Pants" was the latest issue to be released digitally.
  • Teen Titans Go! Volume 1: Party, Party - From fighting pizza monsters to getting a job at a Silicon Valley startup, the first trader paperback of the Teen Titans Go! comic series was released on 10 March 2015.
  • Teen Titans Go! - Season Three, Part One: Eat. Dance. Punch! will be released on 31 May 2016! Pick up your copy to own the first twenty-six episodes of season three!
  • Want to see Season 1 in high definition? Teen Titans Go!: The Complete First Season two dic Blu-ray was released on April 21st, 2015 for $29.99.
  • Check out the latest Teen Titans Go! game, Last Villain Standing!
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The Teen Titans Go! Wikia is a wikia dedicated to the Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans Go!, which first aired on 23 April 2013 as a result of the popular New Teen Titans shorts. The show follows a group of teenage superheroes known as the Teen Titans - which is composed of leader Robin, Tamaranian princess Starfire, shapeshifting Beast Boy, half-demon Raven, and half-robot Cyborg - who cause hilarious misadventures as a result of their relationships and powers (or lack of). The show is currently airing its third season.


"No Cloak Is an Island"

No logline released.

Issue 17 cover art
Issue 33

When Starfire comes down with a case of the dreaded Tamaranean flu, the Titans go(!) to another dimension to find the rare medicine she needs. But is the cure worse than the disease?


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