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This policy reflects the guidelines surrounding articles on the wiki, which help users when editing pages on the wiki.

Adding categories

Upon adding categories, users should follow these guidelines.

  • The category exists.
  • The category is relevant on the article.
  • The category is not already on the article.

Creating articles

When creating articles, users should follow these guidelines.

  • The article does not already exist.
  • The article is relevant to Teen Titans Go!
    • In addition, any information regarding to the original 2003 Teen Titans show can be added at the Background in Teen Titans section underneath the trivia section of articles.
  • The article is about a confirmed occurrence or topic in the show. For example, as The Flash has not appeared yet, an article about him will be automatically deleted.
  • Articles must have about a paragraph of relevant information and the relevant infobox template with several sections completed.

Editing articles

When editing articles, users should follow these guidelines.

  • The edit does not feature any inappropriate language.
  • The edit somehow improves the quality of the article.
  • The user should preview the article before publishing the page as minimal errors could still be present.

Moving pages

When moving pages, users should follow these guidelines.

  • An administrator has given the user consent to move the page.
  • The move is for a valid reason.
  • Ideally, if the page is misnamed or if there is a more appropriate name for it.
  • Moving a high-viewed page like an episode article without administrator consent will lead to a warning and possibly a ban.

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