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"Teen Titans Go ... Fish!/Transcript"
Issue 7
Digital Release: January 14, 2014
Printed Release: February 19, 2014
Writer: Sholly Fisch
Art by: Christopher Guggliotti
"Silicon Valley Cyborg"
"Robin the First"
Robin (featured)
Starfire (featured)
Beast Boy
Billy Numerous
Titans Tower
Plot Point
Go Fish!
This transcript is incomplete.


[Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Robin are looking at their cards while Beast Boy narrates.]

Beast Boy: [Off-panel.] The tension is UNBEARABLE! A nervous hush falls over the room as Cyborg waits for Starfire to respond to his play. The cagey alien princess takes her time, giving nothing away. Or maybe she's just trying to put her cards in size order again. At a pivotal moment like this, each player must be thinking about Tennessee Tom's fateful blunder against Nanda Parbat Norman in the 1983 National Semi-Finals. Of course, there's no cole slaw or penguins here today, but you never know ... in this kind of high-stakes game, the slightest slip can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Between Hammacher and Schlemmer. Between being the hero and the ---- [As a goat.] goat.

Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Robin WILL YOU SHUT UP?!

Beast Boy: [As a goat.] Nobody appreciates color commentary anymore ...

Cyborg: So, Starfire, what do you say?

Starfire: I say -- [Slams a goldfish onto the table.] --GO FISH!

Raven: That's not how you play Go Fish.

Starfire: Is it the wrong species of fish?

Robin: Enough! We need to focus! Have you forgotten what's at stake here?

Beast Boy: No way! This is MAJOR! Whoever wins all the chips gets out of chores for the month!

Robin: Exactly! So we -- [Notices that the chips are missing.] What--?! Where are the chips?

Cyborg: Hey, don't [CHOMP.] blame me! Whose [CRUNCH.] idea was it to play for [MUNCH.] potato chips anyway? You can't eat just one ...

Robin: ... Okay, forget the chips! We all know how this game is going to end anyway --

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