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"Because you banished me to a wasteland, I'm going to return the favor by banishing you to the center of the earth!"
— Terra declaring vengeance on the Teen Titans.[1]

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Terra is a villainess who possesses the ability to telepathically manipulate the earth. Under the employment of an unknown figure, Terra pretended to have romantic feelings for Beast Boy to trick him into giving up the Teen Titans' secret files. However, she was discovered by Raven and subsequently trapped in the Trash Hole.

Six months later, she escaped and swore revenge on the Titans, but was once again thwarted by Raven. During her temporary freedom, Terra was touched by Beast Boy's genuine feelings toward her and her hatred for him boiled down to only a mild annoyance.

The two started a romantic relationship, but broke up once Terra grew annoyed by Beast Boy's song. She escaped her imprisonment and began dating Aqualad until Raven and Beast Boy broke them apart. After they discovered their involvement, Terra and Aqualad attacked, but were trapped in the Trash Hole.


Meeting the Titans

Meeting Terra

Beast Boy introduced the Teen Titans to Terra.

Beast Boy wandered the streets of Jump City and eventually laid eyes on Terra, who quickly began to ask for access codes and schematics of the Titans Tower's defense system in order to sell them to a high-paying villain. He brought her to Titans Tower where she was spotted searching the Titan computer by a singing Robin who quickly set the tower on lockdown. Beast Boy released her and informed the others that she was his new girlfriend, much to her objection. Beast Boy informed the others of Terra's geokinetic powers and offered her a place on the team, but Robin revealed she'd have to pass several Titan Tests. Raven wondered why a girl like Terra would be with Beast Boy and she revealed that she liked his trust. Beast Boy offered to give her a tour of the Tower and she angrily reminded him about her no touching rule. Before they exited the living room, Robin performed a Titan Test but Terra successfully managed to evade him.

After the tour, Beast Boy led Terra to a secret room which housed a computer containing the Titans Tower schematics. Terra immediately regarded the room and asked Beast Boy to fetch her camera, but he informed her that they weren't allowed to take pictures. When Terra prompted him of taking a picture of their first kiss, Beast Boy quickly left to retrieve the camera. During his absence, Terra informed an unknown individual through a phone that she managed to enter the secret room and are closer to destroying the Teen Titans.

Terra became subject to another Titan Test when she opened the fridge, but she successfully slammed a piece of earth onto Robin's face, acting in self-defense. Upon reentering the secret room, Terra asked Beast Boy if she could transfer the Titans' sensitive files onto her flashdrive, but he asked for a kiss first. Annoyed, Terra summoned a rock and threw him out the Tower. He promptly returned and performed the transaction for her. He tried again for another kiss, but Terra knocked him out with a rock and declared victory, unknowingly confirming Raven's suspicions. While attempting to exit the Tower, Raven caught Terra and informed the other Titans, but they suspected that she was jealous of her relationship with Beast Boy. At that moment, Robin performed another Titan Test, incapacitating his teammates and freeing Terra.

Terra and the black hole

After betraying the Titans and attempting to kill Beast Boy, Terra is banished into another dimension by Raven.

Terra trapped Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven on top of the Tower roof and gloated about her escape when Beast Boy appeared in front of her. He interpreted the situation as her breaking up with him and Terra played on his misconception by saying that they moved too fast. As she prepared to leave, Terra grew irritated by Beast Boy's pleads for her to stay and prepared to crush Beast Boy with a boulder. However, she was stopped by Raven, who managed to break free of the trap. The two battled one another, which ended with Raven summoning a portal and transporting Terra into another dimension.[2]

Thoughts of revenge

Beast Boy in Terra's arms

Beast Boy asked Terra to be his Valentine after freeing her from the Trash Hole.

During her six months of imprisonment, Terra's anger grew as she fantasied about her revenge toward the Titans for trapping her in the Trash Hole. She lived off scraps with food constantly falling on her due to the portal being used as a trash can by the Titans. She swore to escape and promised revenge on the Titans by crushing trash molded lookalikes with a boulder and destroying Beast Boy's trash doppelganger with a pebble only for chili to fall on her. After being informed of her whereabouts by Cyborg, Beast Boy tricked Raven into opening a portal and he used it to lower a rope in order to help Terra escape. Once free, she immediately began planning her vengeance, but Beast Boy interrupted her and asked her to be his Valentine for a Valentine's Day dance. She prepared to refuse his offer, but cuts herself off by remarking that she had a surprise in store for them. When Beast Boy tried kissing her, she once again used a boulder to knock him out of the Tower.

At a warehouse, Terra repeatedly slammed the doors with a boulder and was approached by Beast Boy, shocking Terra. Beast Boy explained that he tracked her and formally invited her to the dance. Realizing that the Titans would be gathered in one place, Terra agreed to attend. When questioned by Beast Boy, Terra explained that her surprise for him needed components stored inside the warehouse and he helped her break in. She constructed gloves capable of amplifying her powers and gloated over her inevitable victory as well as exclaiming her hatred for Beast Boy. Unbeknownst to her, Raven had conjured up a demon to show Beast Boy this moment, breaking his heart.

Fade Away

Initially fueled by thoughts of revenge, Terra abandoned her quest after Beast Boy expressed his feelings for her through a song.

At the Valentine's Day dance, Raven was about to confess her feelings to Beast Boy when Terra returned to enact her revenge on the Titans. She trapped the Titans in the center of the Earth but they managed to escape. However, one by one, they are each defeated by Terra. Raven prepared to stop her but was distracted when Cupid began shooting arrows at her, allowing Terra to trap her underneath a rock. With the Titans out of commission, Terra prepared to destroy Beast Boy, and he agreed to let her so long as she first heard how he really feels about her, which he expressed through a song, touching her. However, once Raven witnessed this, she ruined the moment by destroying Terra's power amplifiers. The villainess charged at Raven out of rage, but the half-demon simply punched Terra into the Trash Hole with Beast Boy following after her. Angered at being trapped in the Trash Hole once more, Terra sighed in defeat once Beast Boy joined her and happily licked food off of her face.[1] However, Terra grew annoyed by Beast Boy's repeated performances of the song and broke up with him.[3]

Dating Aqualad

Aqualad kisses Terra's forehead

Terra and Aqualad reveal they are dating.

After escaping the trash hole, Terra somehow met Aqualad and the two bonded over their mutual dislike of the Teen Titans. Some time later, Terra, annoyed by Beast Boy's voicemail messages and calling, attacked the Titans to tell him that she wanted to be left alone and revealed that she was dating Aqualad, breaking Beast Boy's heart. Aqualad claimed that Terra comforted him, but was glad that he was no longer with Raven as she was single. Raven and Beast Boy, however, claimed that they were dating and Aqualad and Terra agreed to a triple date (along with Robin and Starfire with Cyborg as the third wheel).

Awkward Double Date

Terra and Aqualad on a double date with Raven and Beast Boy.

Terra arrived with Aqualad by a killer whale at Le Chez Romantique where they sat with Raven and Beast Boy at a table. When the two awkwardly began to flit, Terra was embarrassed and cringed at their display of affection. After the waiter brought them a plate of calamari, Terra happily ate one, shocking Aqualad as it happened to be one who raised him. She apologized and the two reconciled before leaving to continue their romantic night. Terra accompanied Aqualad to watch the underwater symphony band perform, but was accused of not liking the song when a boulder (thrown by Beast Boy and Robin) crushed them. On the beach, Terra modeled for a painting, but became upset when he saw the painting depicted her like a fish and ran off, not knowing that Raven had tampered with it. The next day, Terra and Aqualad angrily agreed to break up and began to argue but the two noticed Beast Boy and Raven hiding in the bushes and realized they were responsible for breaking them up. Terra vowed to crush them with rocks and argued with Aqualad with who wanted to crush them with sharks. The two agreed to attack together and go their different ways, but Beast Boy, as a gorilla, punched them in mid-air and they fell into a portal to the Trash Hole much to Terra's dismay.[3]

Rainy day activities

Terra, along numerous other villains, was recruited to help cheer up the clouds and make it stop raining. She initially refused, but agreed to participate in a game of Heads Up-Seven Up when Robin offered chocolate milk cartons. She was among the seven who were chosen but incorrectly guessed that Raven was the one who tapped her (as it was really Cyborg) and was crushed underneath a rock. After the game ended and the clouds cheered up, Terra drank chocolate milk and cheered with the other villains.[4]

At the mall

Terra and Jinx hung out at the mall when Cyborg passed them on the escalator.[5]

Operation Dude Rescue

Recruiting Terra

Raven and Starfire, along with Jinx and Ravager, recruit Terra to rescue Beast Boy, Cyborg and Robin.

Terra, in the Trash Hole, was recruited by Raven, Starfire, Jinx and Ravager to form a team to rescue Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg from the Brain. She attacked Raven and refused to join them as she was responsible for her imprisonment. However, when they threatened to leave, Terra admitted that they called her bluff and agreed to the mission yet planned on getting her revenge. When she was overheard by Raven and questioned for rubbing her hands by Starfire, Terra claimed she was just cold and urged them to hurry and exit. In front of the Brain's fortress, Terra charged along with Jinx and Ravager but stopped when Starfire suggested they pause for dramatic effect.[6]

Terra plans double cross

Terra secretly plans to double-cross the team.

Terra accompanied the team as they entered the Brain's fortress and remarked after Jinx disabled the security system, that she'll be performing her dance on the Titans' graves. Raven asked her to repeat herself, but Terra claimed she meant she couldn't wait for the milkshakes. She was annoyed by Ravager and Raven's banter while they planned to defeat the robotic soldiers. After they come across a door, Raven instructed Terra to knock it down yet she whispered to herself that they couldn't see the double-cross coming. When Raven grabbed her attention, Terra was insulted because they couldn't trust her for one minute though Raven only asked to knock down the door. Terra attempted to knock the door down with boulders, but her attempt failed as the door was reinforced. After Ravager remarked if they could throw her back to the Trash Hole, Terra covered herself in rock armor and punched through the door, telling Ravager afterwards that she imagined her face.

Providing step stones

Terra aids in the battle by providing step stones for Ravager.

Once they entered, however, they noticed the cell was missing and were imprisoned in a cage that the Brain revealed counterattacked their abilities. Raven realized that Terra had double-crossed them yet she gloated over her revenge and preferred her new prison over the Trash Hole. As the girls began to argue, Terra interrupted by saying she hoped they saw why she double-crossed them. Raven asked why they were fighting and Terra answered that they hated each other, but Raven claimed she wouldn't have brought them together if that were true. Terra was shocked when Raven said that she was cool and reassured that revenge was out of her system for now. She provided a rock that Raven merged with the others' abilities, allowing Terra to break through the cage. When the Brain attacked in a robotic suit, Terra provided step stones for Ravager to reach the Brain's height. After his defeat, Terra told the male Titans to let them open the cell as they went through a lot of trouble to rescue them. As they refused because of chivalry, Terra accompanied the others to Yum Yum Kitty Diner where they drank milkshakes.[7]

Teen Titans Go! comic book series

Terra at the Party Party

Terra arrived at the Party Party.

Terra was the fourth person to arrive at the Titans' Party Party where she immediately asked for the location of their most sensitive files, but was intervened by Beast Boy. When questioned by her and other villains' presence at the party, Starfire explained that she invited those on the Most Wanted list. During the party, she photographed much of Titans Tower and humored Beast Boy by dancing with him. When Robin ordered the Titans to leave, Terra successfully tied up Beast Boy (who implored her to call him) and escaped with an object hidden behind her back.[8]


Terra shows signs of manipulation as she pretended to be Beast Boy's girlfriend in order to get information about the Titans and was fully prepared to crush him and the Titans once she obtained the data she needed. She is very aggressive and is annoyed easily by Beast Boy's pursuit of her. When imprisoned in the trash dimension, Terra swore vengeance exposing a belief of revenge and fully engaged each of the Titans in battle for the first time. However, her vengeful thoughts were seemingly calmed by Beast Boy's heartfelt song. Utilizing her powers, Terra relies on attack rather than thought as she charged straight into battle with Raven without proper defense which highlights her aggressive nature.

Physical appearance

Terra is a blue-eyed teenage girl who has long flowing blonde hair which extends down to her legs. She wears a plain black short-sleeved shirt over a brown long-sleeved shirt which leaves her stomach exposed. A darker shade of brown gloves completely cover her hands and she wears short yellow shorts which completely exposes her legs. She wears knee-high strapped brown boots and a brown belt around her stomach to complete her outfit.


  • Geokinesis: Terra can control any earth around her, whether that being throwing chunks of rocks or lifting pieces of the earth upwards to create sharp spikes. 


Beast Boy

Beast Boy attempts to kiss Terra

Terra was generally annoyed by Beast Boy's acts of affection.

When Beast Boy first met Terra, he was instantly smitten with her, unknowingly providing Terra a way to use his feelings to benefit her. She amused Beast Boy by pretending to be his girlfriend and often used his attraction to get what she wanted such as ordering him to fetch her camera so she could take a picture of the Titans Tower's secret room. She was constantly annoyed by his advances and often used her geokinetic abilities to harm him. When he begged her to stay, she attempted to kill him, showing that she cared nothing for Beast Boy.[2]

Terra and Beast Boy by her side

Despite her hatred for Beast Boy, Terra was touched by his song.

During her time in the Trash Hole, Terra swore vengeance on all the Titans but was mostly focused on destroying Beast Boy. After Beast Boy freed her from her imprisonment, Terra was annoyed to see him and didn't bother to thank him. Instead, she discovered that the Titans were holding a Valentine's Day dance and decided that to be the perfect location to destroy them. She retained her charm over Best Boy by getting him to open an off-limit warehouse for her. As she constructed a power amplifier, Terra gloated about her inevitable victory and expressed her hatred for Beast Boy multiple times, crushing him. During the dance, she basked about the prospect of finally killing Beast Boy, but was touched by his genuine feelings through his song, even smiling at him.

When Raven trapped her back in the Trash Hole, Terra was only slightly annoyed when Beast Boy followed her and licked chili off of her face, showing that her hatred had subsided.[1] She was annoyed, however, by Beast Boy's constant performance of the song and broke up with him. Beast Boy, missing her, called her repeatedly and she angrily demanded that he leave her alone and revealed she was dating Aqualad, much to Raven and Beast Boy's disbelief. The two agreed to a double date with Beast Boy teaming up with Raven to break them up, sabotaging their night. During this time, however, Beast Boy's feelings for Raven gained prominence and he kissed her, forgetting about Terra when she interrupted with renewed hatred for him. She attacked him and Raven alongside Aqualad, but was defeated by him and transported to the Trash Hole by Raven again.[3]

Despite their history, she nonetheless accompanied Raven and Starfire on a mission to free him along with Cyborg and Robin (though mainly to escape the Trash Hole and seek revenge).[6] However, she was annoyed when Beast Boy and the others refused to be saved due to their chivalrous attitudes and left him and the others in favor of getting milkshakes with Raven, Starfire, Jinx and Ravager.[7]


Raven vs. Terra

Raven and Terra's rivalry intensifies.

When Terra first arrived at the Tower, Raven was instantly suspicious of Terra's motives, questioning why a girl of her stature would be around Beast Boy. When Terra demonstrated her powers, she manipulated a boulder to land on Raven, causing the half-demon to crash through the Tower floors. She decided to spy on Terra through a demon and trapped her in a solid construct of a fist after overhearing her plans to sell the Titans' secrets to the highest-paying villain. Terra, in an attempt to stop the Titans, tied Raven up with the others after one of Robin's Titan Test left them incapacitated. She mocked their defeat and prepared to leave before Beast Boy stalled her. Raven managed to free herself from her bonds and battled Terra, eventually managing to trap her in the Trash Hole.[2]

After Beast Boy freed Terra from the Trash Hole, Terra mostly concentrated on focusing her revenge on Beast Boy, overlooking the fact that Raven had defeated her. Raven continued to spy on Terra and reported her findings to Beast Boy, calling her a horrible person. At the Valentine's Day dance, Raven remarked that she and Terra were left to battle once more but was distracted by Cupid, allowing Terra to smother her with a pile of rocks. After Beast Boy serenaded Terra, Raven, fueled with jealously, destroyed Terra's power amplifiers and goaded her into battle. Terra charged, but was quickly defeated and returned to the Trash Hole. When Beast Boy followed, Raven watched sadly as he licked chili off of Terra's face.[1]


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic book series


Peace out Titans
The Image Gallery for Terra may be viewed here.


  • Terra is the third villain to be banished to a another dimension. The first two being Ed and Trigon.
  • Terra was the eleventh villain from 2003's Teen Titans to appear on Teen Titans Go!. She was also the second of six prominent characters to appear, following Trigon.


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