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"Because you banished me to a wasteland, I'm going to return the favor by banishing you to the center of the earth!"
— Terra declaring vengeance on the Titans.

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Beast Boy (one-sided on his side, two-sided briefly after his song)


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Ashley Johnson

Terra is a villainess who possesses the ability to geokinetically manipulate the earth.

She was originally a chief rival of the Teen Titans after Raven revealed to the others that she was merely using Beast Boy's feelings for her in order to access their secrets. While successful at first, Terra was ultimately defeated and imprisoned in a dimension.

She later escaped her imprisonment through the aid of Beast Boy for Valentine's Day. Despite being fueled with thoughts of vengeance, Terra was touched after Beast Boy revealed his true feelings for her, but was imprisoned once more by a jealous-fueled Raven. However, her hatred for Beast Boy had boiled down to ony a mild annoyance.

Unbeknownst to the Titans, Terra was acting under the orders of an unknown employer.

History Edit

Beast Boy wandered the streets of Jump City and eventually laid eyes on Terra, who quickly began to ask for access codes and schematics of the Titan Tower's defense system in order to sell them to a high-paying villain. He brought her to Titan Tower where she was spotted searching the Titan computer by a singing Robin who quickly set the tower on lockdown. Beast Boy released her and informed the others that she was his new girlfriend, much to her objection. Beast Boy informed the others of Terra's geokinetic powers and offered her a place on the team, but Robin revealed she'd have to pass several Titan Tests. Raven wondered why a girl like Terra would be with Beast Boy and she revealed that she liked his trust as Beast Boy began a tour of the Tower.

Terra later trapped Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven and was about to leave when Beast Boy came, rather confused. he came to the confusion she was breaking up with her and begged her not to leave. Terra gets irritated by this and comes very close to crushing Beast Boy with a boulder but is stopped by Raven, who manages to break free of the trap, ending with Raven sending her to another dimension.[1]

Six months later, Terra managed to escape the dimension with Beast Boy's help who asked her to be his Valentine, but all she wanted was revenge. Raven attempted to tell Beast Boy that Terra didn't really love him but he wouldn't believe her prompting her to show him a clip of her exclaiming her hatred for Beast Boy. Later at the Valentine's Day dance, Raven was about to confess her feelings to Beast Boy when Terra returned to enact her revenge on the Titans. She trapped the Titans in the center of the Earth but they escaped. Raven was about to stop her but she was distracted when Cupid began shooting arrows at her. Beast Boy then decided to sing a song detailing his true feelings for Terra before she destroys him, touching her. However, once Raven sees this, she sends Terra back to the dimension with Beast Boy following after her. Her feelings for Beast Boy after this remain unknown, but her hatred seemed to have dwindle down into a mild annoyance.[2]


Terra shows signs of manipulation as she pretended to be Beast Boy's girlfriend in order to get information about the Titans and was fully prepared to crush him and the Titans once she obtained the data she needed. She is very aggressive and is annoyed easily by Beast Boy's pursuit of her. When imprisoned in the trash dimension, Terra swore vengeance exposing a belief of revenge and fully engaged each of the Titans in battle for the first time. However, her vengeful thoughts were seemingly calmed by Beast Boy's heartfelt song. Utilizing her powers, Terra relies on attack rather than thought as she charged straight into battle with Raven without proper defense which highlights her aggressive nature.


Terra is a blue-eyed teenage girl who has long flowing blonde hair which extends down to her legs. She wears a plain black short-sleeved shirt over a brown long-sleeved shirt which leaves her stomach exposed. A darker shade of brown gloves completely cover her hands and she wears short yellow shorts which completely exposes her legs. She wears knee-high strapped brown boots and a brown belt around her stomach to complete her outfit. Her mouth design is similar to Robin's.


Beast BoyEdit

In Terra-ized , Terra used Beast Boy to steal secret Teen Titan info at the tower. Terra managed to trick him into believing she liked him. 

In Be Mine , she came back for revenge and Beast Boy once again fell smitten with her. Towards the ending of the episode, it appears she does not hate hate Beast Boy that much anymore.


Terra and Raven seem to have a strained relationship, being that Raven is usually the only one who understands her evil plans. They have fought a couple times, once in Terra-ized and the other time in Be Mine. Terra seemed to hate Raven even more after she was banished to a demension by her. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Geokinesis: Terra can control any earth around her, weather that being throwing chunks of rocks or lifting pieces of the earth upwards to create sharp spikes. 


Teen Titans Go!Edit

Season 1Edit

Teen Titans Go! comic seriesEdit


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  • Terra is the third villain to be banished to another dimension. The first two being Ed and Trigon.
  • Terra was the tenth villain and fourth speaking villain from 2003's Teen Titans to appear on Teen Titans Go!. She was also the second of sixth prominent characters to appear, following Trigon.
  • Terra is confirmed to make at least one additional appearance in Season 2 of Teen Titans Go!.


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