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"There will be no digging in until I say so! No one can eat until a very special guest arrives: Batman. He trained me to be a master fighter, detective, and host of medium-sized holiday gatherings. That's why everything needs to be perfect when he arrives. The decor, the plate settings, the seating arrangement, and, most importantly, the food."
Robin explaining his perfectionism to the Teen Titans.

Trigon at the Titans' Thanksgiving feast




Original air date

26 November 2014

Running Time

11:18 (minutes)


2.807 (million)

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Produced by
Written by

Ben Joseph

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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Teen Titans Go Thanksgiving Episode Official Clip00:43

Teen Titans Go Thanksgiving Episode Official Clip

"Thanksgiving" is the twenty-third episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go!, and the seventy-fifth episode overall. It is the fourth holiday episode in the season and the sixth in the series. The episode first aired on 26 November 2014 on Cartoon Network.


It should come as no surprise that the Teen Titans love a holiday involving food, and Robin takes Thanksgiving VERY seriously. He has planned the menu and table setting down to the tiniest detail, all in anticipation for a special guest he's anxious to impress. But when Raven's father, Trigon, crashes the festive dinner, Robin's seating chart isn't the only thing that gets ruined.[1]


Robin's feast

Robin prepares a perfect Thanksgiving for Batman.

Robin is preparing the living room in Thanksgiving mode, switching the couch for a table piled with food for the Thanksgiving feast and decorating the area with turkeys drawn with his hands. He declares it to be perfect when Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire notice the feast and celebrate the food placed on the table. They attempt to begin eating, but Robin slaps them away. He informs them that no one would be eating until Batman arrives. He reminds them how he trained him to be a martial artist, detective, and host for formal occasions and that everything must be perfect. Robin spots a pot filled with a purple substance and asks about it. Starfire reveals that it was her first attempt at a Thanksgiving side dish and it soon comes to life. Robin blows it up with a birdarang when the elevator dings and Robin excitedly announces that Batman's arrived.

Trigon promises Raven a perfect turkey day

Trigon arrives uninvited and promises Raven a perfect Turkey Day.

However, Trigon exits the elevator instead and greets the Titans. Robin tells Trigon that he can't stay because he's not on the seating chart, but the demon remarks that he's only there as a dad, not a demon. Raven attempts to leave, but Trigon stops her before she can and swears that he's determined to make sure that she has a perfect Thanksgiving. Raven remarks that she can't wait to see he he ruins the holiday, but Trigon promises to refrain from devouring souls. He compliments Robin's turkey as cooked perfection, and Robin decides to make room, placing a figurine of Trigon between Cyborg and Beast Boy on the seating chart. Beast Boy takes the opportunity to nervously confess that he invited some people over for the feast. Robin begins yelling at him, but Beast Boy tells them that the guests are a homeless family and had nowhere to go, causing Robin to repent and grant his permission. He notices that the family in question are actually rats and becomes angered once they consume the turkey.

Beast Boy and the rats

Beast Boy invites rats to spend Thanksgiving with the Titans.

Unable to stand the thought of a Thanksgiving without turkey, Trigon decides to find a turkey, but asks for the meatiest of Raven's friends to help him. Cyborg volunteers and Trigon pokes his stomach to determine how meatiest he is. He takes Cyborg to the kitchen and the half-robot offers to cook the turkey if Trigon can provide it. However, Trigon informs Trigon that the recipe is a family secret and Cyborg promises not to say anything. Trigon transforms Cyborg into a turkey and readies a an axe to kill him.

Starfire kicks Robin away

Starfire decides to celebrate the tradition of football and injures Robin.

Meanwhile, Robin is tracking Batman through the communicator but notices that more rats had gathered at the table and demands Beast Boy to explain. Beast Boy tells Robin that the initial family of rats had other family and friends that were homeless. He promises that they'll only stay enough to full their rat bellies and the rats perform a belly dance. Robin reluctantly agrees and draws them into into his seating arrangement. Starfire, dressed as a football player tackles Robin to the ground. She informs Robin that she's honoring the tradition of football and performs a touchdown on him, kicking him and the ball away.

Trigon and Raven fight for Cyborg Turkey

After Trigon transforms Cyborg into a turkey, he and Raven fight for him.

Raven floats into the kitchen where Trigon asks her to help him kill the turkey for the feast. Raven repeats her assertion that Trigon would ruin the holiday, but he explains that he only wanted her daughter to have a turkey on Thanksgiving. She refuses to eat one of her friends and transports Cyborg to her side. Trigon, however, returns Cyborg to his side and protests that he turned Raven's least favorite Titan into a turkey. Raven grabs Cyborg and tells Trigon that she liked Robin the least, but Trigon simply remarks that they can eat him too. They both try to grab the turkey, but Cyborg manages to fly away and exit the bathroom. Trigon follows after the turkey while Raven pursues her father.

Yes Bats

Robin becomes paranoid of Batman's reaction to the rats.

Robin looks over the decorations when the communicator shows Batman closer to the tower. He is distracted by Trigon, Raven, and Cyborg as they race past him, but notices that there are more rats. He demands for Beast Boy to explain once more and the green shape-shifter informs Robin that it was the circle of life as the extra rats are newly born babies. Robin becomes worried about Batman's reaction as he knows that the hero likes bats, not rats. Trigon and Raven chase Cyborg around the hall when Trigon summons another axe, but Raven redirects the axe, almost hitting Robin.

Trigon and Raven smiling

Trigon and Raven reach a consensus to not eat Cyborg and bond.

The chase extends to the hallway where Trigon manages to pin down Cyborg with a giant axe. Raven attempts to stop him, but is punched away by Trigon. She gives up and tells Trigon to go ahead as he never listens to her anyway. Trigon prepares to stab Cyborg with a knife, but repents upon spotting Raven with puppy dog eyes on her face. Trigon explains that he only wanted Raven to have a turkey so she can have a perfect Thanksgiving and realizes that eating one of her friends isn't necessary for a decent dinner. Raven thanks him and asks Trigon to transform Cyborg back to normal, but the demon informs Raven that he isn't able to as his magic won't wear off until Christmas.

Mice invade the Thanksgiving feast

Everyone gathers for Thanksgiving.

At the table, everyone is seated and ready to begin eating as Robin checks off the finishing touches. Starfire asks Robin where he would sit and he realizes that he forgot to include a seat for himself. Beast Boy tells Robin that he can sit the kid's table, but the chair constantly breaks. Starfire announces the beginning of the Thanksgiving feast, but Robin reminds them that no one will eat until Batman arrives. Raven asks him where Batman would sit, but Robin tells her that since he's Batman, he'll sit anywhere he likes and suggests that the Titans instead say what they're thankful for as they wait. Robin begins by claiming that he's thankful for putting together a perfect Thanksgiving feast, even though people tried to ruin it. Beast Boy goes next and announces his thanks for making friends with the rats. Raven sarcastically says that she's thankful for her father turning Cyborg into a turkey while Trigon is thankful that he's able to spend the day with her daughter even if she doesn't appreciate what he does for her. Cyborg attempts to go next, but only gobbles. Trigon agrees, but becomes entranced by the turkey and resumes his chase.

Batman hit by pie

After a food fight breaks out, Batman arrives and is hit by Robin's pie.

Cyborg jumps onto the table and runs across the food, splattering Beast Boy and Raven with food. Beast Boy announces a food fight which Starfire joins. Trigon chases Cyborg with axes while the rats dance on the table. Robin yells angrily at the Titans, but a pie slams into his face. Beast Boy laughs at him and Robin throws the pie at him. At that moment, the elevator begins to open. Beast Boy dodges the pie and the food slams into Batman's face. Horrified and scared at Batman's reaction, Robin runs into his room.

Starfire shares what's she thankful for

Starfire and Robin share a moment where they exchange thanks, cheering him up.

In his room, Robin eats his own Thanksgiving feast when Starfire arrives, worried about him. Robin confides in Starfire that he believes he ruined Thanksgiving and Starfire agrees, but also adds that everyone's actions has helped her understand the meaning of the holiday. She asks Robin if he wants to know what she's thankful her and says that she's thankful he's the Titans' leader and her friend. Robin feels better and tells her that he's thankful she always makes him feel better about himself. He asks if she wants to help him clean up the mess and she agrees.

Batman as a turkey

After the rats prepare a thank you feast, Raven and Trigon reveal their turkey: Batman.

Back in the living room, Robin and Starfire notice that the mess has already been cleared and the decorations back up. Robin wonders who prepared the feast and Beast Boy emerges from the floor, telling them that it was the rats. He explains that since the rats didn't have anywhere to go or a chance to see their entire family, they were touched by the Titans' generosity to invite them under their roof for Thanksgiving and set up the Thanksgiving feast to thank them as they have had the best Thanksgiving ever. Trigon, Raven, and Cyborg arrive as Robin wonders about the turkey. Raven reassures that she and Trigon have that covered and removes the dome off of a cloche cover, revealing a turkey-transformed Batman.


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Kevin Michael Richardson Trigon
Non-speaking roles
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut




  • Trigon's visit to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Titans was predicted by Raven in "Dog Hand" and commented by Trigon in "Caramel Apples".
  • Cyborg mentions celebrating Christmas, Halloween, and Cyborg's birthday on June 29.
  • Robin is shown to be terrified of Batman and impersonates him again ("Sidekick").
  • This episode marks the second time Batman interacted with any of the Titans ("Books").


  • Batman: The Animated Series is referenced when Robin thinks back to his training with Batman.
  • Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, The Joker, Scarecrow, The Penguin, and Ra's al Ghul appear on the foot.


  • At the end of the episode, Robin claims to not have marked a seat for himself yet he can be clearly viewed in the seating chart before and after Trigon is placed.


Thanksgiving title card
The Image Gallery for Thanksgiving may be viewed here.


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