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"Now, obviously, the best Robin is the strongest, the quickest, the most capable, right?"
"So, for instance, the Robin who could get pizza the fastest ...
Cyborg and Raven manipulating Team Robin.

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"The Best Robin"




Original air date

4 December 2014

Running Time

11:01 (minutes)


2.165 (million)

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Produced by
Written by

Ben Joseph

Directed by

Jeff Mednikow

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Teen Titans Go! - Episode 74 - "The Best Robin" Clip01:37

Teen Titans Go! - Episode 74 - "The Best Robin" Clip

"The Best Robin" is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go!, and the seventy-sixth episode overall. It first aired on 4 December 2014 on Cartoon Network.


When the other Teen Titans are too lazy to fight Brother Blood, Robin calls on his secondary team: Team Robin, a crime-fighting group made up of four different Robins.[1]


Robin yells at the Titans for being lazy

After they start an electrical fire, Robin berates the Teen Titans for their laziness.

Beast Boy peers into a kitchen cupboard, singing about him having to eat some food. He picks up a box of Super Pasta, but is appalled by discovering that he'd have to boil water and stir the pasta to make it. Dubbing it as too much work, he throws the pasta down and retreats to the living room where Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire are sitting with bored expressions. Cyborg asks Raven to change the channel, but she glances at the remote on the floor and tells him to do it, lying that the remote is closer to him. Cyborg, too lazy to pick up the remote, decides to change it the old fashioned way and presses a button on his gauntlet. His hand springs out, but crashes into the TV, causing it to crack and fall on the floor. As his arm retracts, Cyborg notes that it didn't work and Raven points out the fire he caused. Flames erupt and Starfire asks if they should put out the fire, but Raven tells her to simply call the fire department and have them do it. Starfire notices that the phone is closer to Raven, but she, after spotting the phone, denies the observation.

Team Robin

Robin calls 60's Robin, Girl Robin, and Dark Robin for help in defeating Brother Blood.

Robin walks by, whistling, and spots the fire. He quickly extinguishes the flames with his equipment and informs the other that the incident marked the fourth time he had to put out a fire that week. Cyborg asks him if he could also change the channel and fix the TV after it collapses onto the floor. Robin asks what's wrong with the team lately and Beast Boy and Starfire tell him that being a superhero is hard work and that they deserve a period of rest and relaxation. The crime alert blares and Robin notifies the Teen Titans that Brother Blood has kidnapped the city council and orders them into action. However, they groan in annoyance with Cyborg asking if they had to go and Raven informing him that she's too lazy to teleport. Robin, with the notion that they're unprepared for the threat, decides to call in his other team instead, shocking the Titans. Starfire asks about the other team and Robin whistles to summon them. When nothing happens, Beast Boy begins questioning Robin only for three other Robins to crash through the tower's walls and strike a battle pose.

The Titans plotting

Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire decide to use Team Robin to their advantage.

Robin introduces his teammates - Girl Robin, 60's Robin, and Dark Robin - who alongside him, make up Team Robin. Raven is astonished by the fact that there are three other Robins, but Girl Robin and 60's Robin informs her that there have been more than that due to Batman often requiring sidekicks. Dark Robin adds that the four are the best of the best. Robin agrees with Dark Robin and leads the team into battle. However, they return a second later by crashing into the other side of the tower, shocking the Titans. The Robins compliment one another about their performance in defeating Brother Blood. Cyborg and Starfire note that Team Robin performed their job for them with proficiency. Raven explains that they did so, due to all of them being Robins, they have to strive to be the best at everything, sparking an idea within Beast Boy. The Titans huddle as Beast Boy shares his plan with them.

Dark Robin breaks his arm

After Team Robin is turned against each other by the Titans, Dark Robin goes as far as breaking his arm to prove he's the best.

Robin interrupts them and says that he hopes Team Robin has showed them how capable it is to be active instead of lazy. Beast Boy agrees and thanks Robin for his inspiring words. Robin begins to say he's always happy to share his wisdom, but Beast Boy cuts him off, by saying he was talking to the Robin who did all the work. Dark Robin assumes Beast Boy means him and thanks him for noticing, but Beast Boy says he was talking to the best Robin, the one with hairless and smooth legs only for Girl Robin and 60's Robin to thank him. Robin tells the others, that as the classic Robin, he is the best. Dark Robin grabs Robin and asks if he would like to share that theory. 60's Robin argues that they all know he's the best only for Girl Robin to respond that there's no way she isn't the best. Dark Robin argues that he's the best, if not the toughest, and breaks his arm to prove it. Girl Robin and 60's Robin scream as Robin throws up before Dark Robin puts his arm back into place. The Robins begin to argue among each other until Cyborg plays a horn, silencing them.

Cyborg explains that the best Robin is the one who is the smartest, quickest, and most capable and Raven suggests that the Robin who could get pizza the fastest would prove all of those qualifications. Girl Robin questions how pizza would prove who the best Robin is, but Robin jumps off the roof of the tower, announcing that he's going to be the best and is followed by the rest of the Robins. Starfire shares her guilt with the others and asks if they should not be doing their own work, but Cyborg convinces her to follow an old saying: always trick your friends into doing stuff for you. Convinced, the rest of the Titans recall hearing that saying and relax on the couch.

Frustrated Robin

Robin grows frustrated with the Teen Titans and Team Robin.

Robin enters the tower with a pizza in his hand and announces his victory. Raven thanks Robin, but then clarifies that she was talking to 60's Robin, who had already arrived with the pizza and fixed the TV. Robin hears a noise in the kitchen coming from Beast Boy and enters the room, asking if he needed any help. However, he denies as Girl Robin has it covered. She uses her slingshot to fling food into Beast Boy's mouth and moves his mouth for him to chew. Robin is called by Cyborg, who simply wants to show off the Robin costume 60's Robin made for him. Nearby, Dark Robin is massaging Raven and Starfire, who praise him for his magical fingers. Robin glances back and forth between Girl Robin feeding Beast Boy, Cyborg complimenting 60's Robin's costume, and Dark Robin massaging Starfire. Angered, he shoves all the Robins into the elevator and uses his birdarang to press the button, kicking them out of the tower. Cyborg cries over their exit, claiming that they were helpful while Beast Boy wonders how's he going to eat food since he can't remember how to. The crime alert blares and Robin announces the return of Brother Blood. Beast Boy wonders who's going to fight him due to the absence of the other Robins, but Robin claims that he'll lead them to victory despite their sluggish state.

The Teen Titans scream for their lives

After being captured by Brother Blood and placed underneath the Death Circle, the Teen Titans scream for their lives.

At Brother Blood's lair in the Jump City Weapons Depot, the Titans are wrapped in rope and Robin wonders how they've been captured. Brother Blood agrees with them, saying he had an elaborate plan to trap them. He announces that it's time to die and pulls a lever to DIE, releasing a drill and flamethrowers from an opening at the ceiling. The Titans scream for their lives, but silence themselves upon spotting that the weapon is lowering slowly. Brother Blood expresses his wish that the weapon was faster, and leaves to check on a few things around the lair, but implores them to keep screaming. Beast Boy screams, but Raven uses a demonic fist to punch him into silence. Robin, noting that they have time before their deaths, asks if the Titans would like to say anything to him. The Titans apologize for being lazy and Starfire promises that they'll physically train harder the next time.

Beast Boy tells Robin to call Team Robin to get them out of their mess, but Robin denies, saying that the best Robin doesn't need help to escape. He theorizes that if he struggled enough, he'll lose weight and the ropes would come off. Robin begins struggling, but Raven tells him to call the other Robins. Robin denies and continues struggling as Beast Boy tells him to call them. Robin continues to say no and the other Titans decide to call themselves but each of them can't perform the whistle correctly. Frustrated by their attempts, Robin performs the whistle, but realizes what's he done, and attempts to take it back. At that moment, the doors collapse and 60's Robin, Girl Robin, and Dark Robin show up in a battle pose. 60's Robin notes that Robin needs help as the other Titans cheer for their arrival.

Teen Titans and Team Robin roped up

The Teen Titans and Team Robin are captured by Brother Blood and his new henchman, Hurtbot.

Brother Blood reenters the room, asking if their deaths are near when he spots the other Robins. He breaks a glass case on his control panel and takes out a key, using it to activate a button which he presses. A hatch opens on the floor and releases Hurtbot. The other Titans are scared to see him while Dark Robin leads the other Robins into battle. However, Hurtbot simply uses an anvil to beat the Robins. The three are tied up and placed next to the Titans, but Brother Blood tells them to scoot in closer as the Death Circle wasn't built for so many people.

Super Robin defeats Brother Blood and Hurtbot

Super Robin defeats Brother Blood and Hurtbot, saving the Teen Titans and Team Robin.

Robin tells the other Titans that he has something to say and brags that since the other Robins were captured as well, he was still in the running for best Robin, but Dark Robin reminds him that he was captured first. Cyborg, however, says that each Robin has their own unique characteristics saying that Robin is the best at combat while another Robin has toned, muscular thighs. Girl Robin and 60's Robin thank Cyborg, but glance at one another. Starfire also adds that Dark Robin is the best at foot massages. Robin realizes that there's no way to tell who's the best Robin, but should rather focus on being themselves.

Best Robin

Super Robin is titled The Best Robin.

The other Titans and Robins glance at each other happily, but Dark Robin reminds them that they'll be dead soon anyway. The Titans and Robins scream for their lives when the machine suddenly stops working and a scuffle is heard. They smile in happiness as Super Robin stands victoriously while Hurtbot lays in pieces next to Brother Blood, who is roped with the plug to the Death Circle. Brother Blood curses him and Robin titles Super Robin as the best Robin.


For a full transcript of "The Best Robin", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
60's Robin  
Girl Robin  
Dark Robin  
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
John DiMaggio Brother Blood
Non-speaking roles
Super Robin
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut





  • The Robins who make up Team Robin are:
    • Girl Robin who is Carrie Kelley from the non-canonical Batman: The Dark Knight Returns series.
    • Dark Robin who is Tim Drake dressed in his pre-New 52 costume, yet is moodier than his comic book counterpart.
    • 60's Robin who is Dick Grayson during the Silver Age of Comic Books.
  • Beast Boy calls Girl Robin a Rockin' Robin, alluding to the song "Rockin' Robin" performed originally by Bobby Day, covered by Michael Jackson, and written by Leon René under the pseudonym of Jimmie Thomas.


  • When Beast Boy entered the living room, the table with the phone wasn't there. However, it is when Starfire points it out to Raven. It disappears again after Robin puts out the electrical fire.
  • Brother Blood should have known about the existence of multiple Robins as they all contributed to his first defeat prior to their capture. He was, however, prepared for that contingency.


The Best Robin title card
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