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Robin: [Holding a computer.] Brother Blood has kidnapped the City Council. [The computer retracts into the ceiling.] Titans, Go!

[Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire groan.]

Cyborg: Do we have to?

Raven: Yeah, I really don't feel like teleporting instantly across the entire city.

Robin: Fine. Since you're all lazy and unprepared anyway, I'll just take my other team.

[The Titans all look at each other, shocked and confused.]

Starfire: What is this other team?

Robin: Oh, you don't know about my other team? Well, maybe a little birdie can tell you all about it. [Performs a series of bird noises.]

Beast Boy: Dude, what was -?

[Three figures break through the window and land next to Robin, shocking the Titans.]

Robin: Teen Titans meet Team Robin. This is Robin.

Girl Robin Hi there.

Robin: Robin.

60's Robin Well, hello.

Robin: And finally, Robin.

Dark Robin 'Sup?

Raven: Whoa. There are three other Robins?

Girl Robin Oh, there have been more than that.

60's Robin Golly, our chum Batman does goes through a sidekick or two.

Dark Robin But, we're the best of the best.

Robin: That's right, Robin. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a city council to save. Robins, Go! [The Robins fire their grappling hooks and disappear, but return a second later by crashing into the other side of the Tower, scaring the Titans.] Mission complete. Nice work, Robin.

Girl Robin Couldn't have done it without you, Robin.

60's Robin Golly, Robin, you were amazing!

Dark Robin Did you see Robin out there?

Robin: Robin really robined the robins.

Girl Robin When I saw Robin robin the robins, I robined.

Team Robin Robin, robin, robin, robin, robin, robin. Team Robin cacaw!

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