"It's a strict rule book on how to follow rules!"
Robin to the Teen Titans.[1]

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The Rules of Robin.

The Rules of Robin is a rule book written by Robin. It collects all of Robin's rules and was created to train the Teen Titans to be the best that they could be.


In order to collect an official rule book detailing his rules for the Titans, Robin decided to write The Rules of Robin. He presented it to the Titans, but they booed him for tricking them to come to a boring meeting by promising ice cream. He began to read rules from the book, but was interrupted by a crime alert. On the way to Jump City, Robin continued reading rules from the book, but stopped upon noticing his Bizarro World counterpart, Nibor, throwing people out a building. When Starfire called Nibor handsomer than Robin, Robin took out his rule book to correct her, calling him the handsome one. After taking Nibor back to Titans Tower, Robin continued reading some of his rules which included keeping a clean room, eating healthily, exercising three time a day, and being in bed by 9:00 p.m. However, Niborperformed the opposite and the Titans followed his example. Eventually, the Titans decided to elect Nibor as their new leader and Robin attempted to use the rule book to support why he should remain team leader. He told the Titans that his rules were there to bring out the best of them, but was ignored by the Titans. Because of this, Robin left the Teen Titans and joined the Bizarro Titans. During his time with them, he used the rule book to give them structure and trained them.[1]



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An example of a page in The Rules of Robin.

  • Rule 1: Follow the rules! - Failure to follow the rules is punishable by 2 years of laundry duty, 1 year of toilet cleaning, 6 months of refrigerator cleaning, 3 months of cleaning Silkie's litter box, 3 months of cleaning Beast Boy's litter box, 2 months of giving Robin...
  • Rule 52: A superhero must train a minimum of three times a day.
  • Rule 75: Robin is the handsome one! - Robin is the most handsome of the Teen Titans. Not Cyborg. Not Beast Boy. Starfire and Raven are automatically unable to be handsome because they are girls.
  • Rule 213: Apples are to be eaten bottom to top. There is also a proper way to dispose the stem.
  • Rule 345: Always eat healthy. - As you all know, the key to a healthy diet revolves around not the four basic food groups, but the two basic healthy groups: meat and potatoes. A serving of medium-rare steak and a whole deep fried potato...
  • Rule 451: Always keep a tidy living area. - Pillows should maintain a fluffiness factor ranging from 46% to 72%. Scented candles must not be used in combination with incense, plug-ins, spritzers...
  • Rule 569: In bed by 9:00 PM. - Be sure to check that sheets have been properly aerated and free of bugs. There is no need to check for monsters under the bed based on reliable operation. Alarm clocks should be set at 6:00 AM....
  • Rule 637

Proper Training Procedure

  • A section of the book describes the Proper Training Procedure on hurdles, wall crawl, and rope climb. Robin mentioned working on new training regiments.


  • The front of the book is decorated in caricatures of American robins and the back is decorated with scales.


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