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"Tamaranian Vacation"

General Thraxis of the Blood Domain was the ruler of the Schlurchs. He led them in a war against the Tamaranians, but accepted Starfire's hand in marriage in order to unify their two species. However, he was killed shortly afterwords by Robin, because of his jealously towards him for marrying Starfire, who he had a massive crush on.


Cyborg meets Thraxis

Cyborg shakes Thraxis' mouth, starting a war between the Tamaranians and Schlurchs.

In order to discuss an important peace treaty with the Tamaranians, Thraxis arrived at Tamaran along with several of his subjects. Starfire introduced him to the Teen Titans and explained his reason for being in Tamaran when Cyborg went up to him and shook one of his mouths, which, on Tamaran, is a declaration of war. Outraged by the insult, Thraxis and his subjects quickly disembarked and rallied the Schlurchs to attack Tamaran. In response, Starfire called a planetary defense and the two species fought one another. Eventually, Starfire offered her hand in marriage to Thraxis for peace among their people and he agreed, ending the war.

Starfire marries Thraxis

Thraxis and Starfire marry to bring peace to their subjects.

During the marriage, Silkie served as the priest and Starfire sealed their marriage by kissing each of his mouths. After the ceremony, Starfire informed her friends that she would accompany him on his conquest of planets and that they'll never see her again. Fueled by jealously and anger, Robin threw three birdarangs at Thraxis and the general, surprised, unintentionally swallowed them, blowing up from the inside. His death, however, caused the treaty to be rendered null and the Guardians of Honor apprehended the Titans and forced them to face Gridnock the Skull Crusher in order to restore honor to the Tamaranians and make peace with the Schlurchs.[1]


Teen Titans Go!


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