General information

To commit crimes in Jump City



Chronological information
First appearance

"Vegetables" (only appearance)

The thugs are a trio of criminals who attempted to rob money from the Jump City Bank.


The thugs successfully managed to infiltrate and steal money from the Jump City Bank, but were confronted by the Teen Titans as they exited the building. Due their new found love of vegetables, the Titans were more energetic than before. Cyborg ate a can of spinach, giving him enough strength to knock one thug into the air. As another thug attempted to make a run for it, Robin bit a carrot which gave him super sight. As such, he was able to throw a birdarang in front of the fleeing thug's feet, causing him to trip and fall. As the lead thug attempted to run away, Starfire energetically informed him of her immense amount of energy and twirled him into the air. He landed next to Raven, who effortlessly used her soul-self to create a hand that smacked him into the road and threw him into the back of one of the Jump City Police Department's trucks.[1]



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