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Titans Most Wanted
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Titans Most Wanted is the fifth online video game based on Teen Titans Go! hosted on Cartoon


The Teen Titans - Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven - are playable characters with levels having two or more playable members at a time with the exception of the first level. Each playable character contains a health bar and four actions. Initially, each Titan starts off with one action and varied health (depending on the Titan). Through attacking, counter-attacking, and defeating opponents, experience is gained which increases the character's level. Once a character reaches a new level, the player has the option of unlocking a more powerful action or raising the health bar by one. Once all four actions have been unlocked, only the raise the health bar option may be selected.

On the top left corner is a bar which holds two green icons which are end character's turn (i.e. switch from Robin to Starfire) and to undo your move. Underneath the character's icon are green dots that represent the character's health. They turn yellow then orange then red for a set of ten. Beside these are the squares arranged to a bigger square which allow the players to pick which action they prefer.

There are four type of actions: Melee. These are close combat attacks and generally weaker than the others, and work best against ranged attackers such as Gizmo and Doctor Light. They are commonly found in Robin. Range. These attacks are sent from a distance so the character avoids any chance of a counterattack and work best against melee opponents such as Mammoth and Trigon. They are commonly found in Starfire. Special. These attacks do much high damage and offer unique abilities that can't be performed outside of battle. They are commonly found in Cyborg, but each Titan except for Robin has a special attack. Miscellaneous. These actions are unique in that no other exist for them such as the poison and dash actions. Beast Boy and Raven have at least one action from each type, but are generally under level due to Beast Boy's low health and Raven's low mobility among tiles.

During the level, the Titans will attack first. All characters in the party at the time must have their ended before the villains can take their turn. Essentially, the Titans are the player's chess pieces. They can be moved among any available tile (which is designated by a circle) and then attack. When pressing an action icon, red stars will appear on the tiles where the player will designate the attack. If no enemy is in the star, a player may undo the move and change position. However, if no position is available for attack, then the player must either perform a special action or skip the character's play altogether. On several levels, newspapers, tires, desks, and other objects can be stand on to give your player more powerful damage points and decrease damage cause on yourself. Also, if the player or opponent attacks at a close enough distance, the receiving end immediately counterattacks, inflicting half of the received damage onto the opponent.

There are twelve levels, with each one having at least two Titans (with the exception of level one) to battle villains on the Bad Guy Bingo. However, these villains show up alongside one another and there is usually one more opponent than your party (i.e. three enemies as opposed to a party of two). Six badges can be earned throughout the course of gameplay.


Robin is on the streets of Jump City where he defeats a few thugs. One runs away, revealing that he's late for Criminal Convention. The Boy Wonder heads to Titans Tower to tell the Teen Titans, but their living room is breached by more thugs. Robin, Starfire, and Raven team up to defeat them. Robin decides that with the convention in town, they have a chance of beating Batman's record of defeating fourteen villains in one day and head out to capture fourteen villains listed on a Bad Guy Bingo Card. Enlisting Beast Boy and Cyborg, the Titans head outside only to discover Mother Mae-Eye and a group of thugs. Cyborg complains that they have to fight Mother Mae-Eye first, but Beast Boy claims it's because she makes the best pies. After defeating her, the Titans arrive in the streets of Jump City where Mammoth and more thugs await them. The Titans defeat the villains but Raven notices that they won't have time to defeat all fourteen villains at this rate and Robin resolves to split up. He and Starfire are to check the buildings while Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven explore the streets.

Robin and Starfire enter a building to find Doctor Light trying to remember where he parked his car. The two confront him, but Doctor Light summons holograms to attack. Despite the disadvantage, Robin and Starfire defeat Doctor Light. Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven find Jinx and a robot soldier among thugs in an ally with Jinx and Cyborg flirting much to Beast Boy's annoyance. The Titans defeat them and Cyborg tells Jinx to call him before they continue their quest. They regroup with Robin and Starfire to see Billy Numerous and his duplicates waiting in line for the bathroom. The five battle Billy Numerous and his never ending duplicates until they emerge victorious where Cyborg gets a distress call from Justice Java. Robin sends Starfire and Raven to tag alongside Cyborg to handle the distress while he and Beast Boy patrol the building.

Robin and Beast Boy check the back of the building and find See-More alongside thugs and robot soldiers yet manage to defeat them. Meanwhile, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire find Plasmus at Justice Java and defeat him as well. Raven calls the ordeal gross while Starfire suggests checking in on Robin and Beast Boy. Reunited, they spot Trigon and a horde of demons who are looking for Hall H, but find themselves in a battle which they ultimately lose. With thirteen villains rounded up, the Titans head outside to find Gizmo, three robot soldiers, and two thugs on the brink of night. After a lengthy battle, the Titans emerge victorious and celebrate beating Batman's record until Beast Boy reveals that the H.I.V.E. Five have escaped prison, bringing their total to nine.

The Titans gather against the H.I.V.E. Five, the only thing standing between them and breaking Batman's record. After a long and brutal battle against them, the Titans emerge as the victors and return the H.I.V.E. to prison. Beast Boy wonders how the H.I.V.E. broke out when Robin notices a familiar shadow fleeing past them.

Available badges

Note: You can only earn badges if you are logged in at Cartoon Network. You cannot save your badges if you are not logged in.



  • Robin: Punch (Melee), Jump Kick (Melee), Staff Smash (Melee), Birdarang (Range)
  • Starfire: Starbolts (Range), Eyebeams (Range), Evade (Special Action), Starblast (Range)
  • Raven: Dark Energy (Range), Heal a Titan (Special Action), Teleport (Special Action), Demon Vortex (Special Attack)
  • Beast Boy: Gorilla Punch (Melee), Kitty Camo (Special Action), Mosquito Bites (Poison Attack), Cheetah Slash (Dash)
  • Cyborg: Punch (Melee), Ground Pound (Special Attack), Sonic Cannon (Range), Jetpack Bash (Dash)


  • Thug
  • Thug #2: Slingshot (1 Damage Point)
  • Mother Mae-Eye: Pie Toss (3 Damage Points), Drops Kamikaze Pies
  • Mammoth: Power Punch (6 Damage Points)
  • Doctor Light: Bright Blast (3 Damage Points)
  • Doctor Light Holograms: Bright Blast (1 Damage Point)
  • Jinx: Plasma Burst (4 Damage Points), Hex (Miss A Turn)
  • Robot Soldier: Kick Smash (4 Damage Points)
  • Billy Numerous: Karate Kick (3 Damage Points), Clones
  • See-More: Laser Eye (4 Damage Points)
  • Plasmus: Line of Fire (8 Damage Points)
  • Foul Demon: Scare (3 Damage Points)
  • Trigon: Flick (8 Damage Points), Mega Blast (one shot kill)
  • Gizmo: Rockets (5 Damage Points)
  • Batman


  • Robin says, "That's lights out for Doctor Light" after Doctor Light's defeat is similar to the one-liner from "Colors of Raven".
  • Beast Boy references "Opposites" when telling Cyborg and Jinx to stop flirting. Cyborg later tells Jinx to call him.
  • In level 5 Doctor Light wore the dodgeball suit from "Artful Dodgers".

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