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Titans Tower
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Jump City, California, United States

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  • Headquarters
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"Legendary Sandwich"

Titans Tower is both the headquarters and the residence of the Teen Titans. It is located on an island off the coast of Jump City in northern California.


Household residents

Other residents


A large "T" shaped structure.


Robin's Room

Starfire's Room

Starfire's Room is a pink room with posters, stuffed animals, a dressing mirror, and a bowl of food for Silkie.

Beast Boy's Room

Raven and Ann's Room

Raven's room is a dark purple room with a bookcase full of spellbooks,a dark purple-black four poster bed,and a stack of cages filled with unknown creatures. Next to Raven's bed, Ann has her own area. She has a orange canopy bed, a makeup dresser, some hot sauce bottles, the most spicy pepper, a laptop, three posters of Frozen, an IPhone 6, pictures of Elsie and a picture of the Girlygroup.

Cyborg's Room

He has a computer-themed room with a robotic charger bed, a closet with his suit and a bunch of other robot suits on a conveyor belt and various electronic inventions.

Main Ops/Living Room

Located on the eighty-third floor, the living room holds a pink couch which contains the Couch Spirit and seats all five Titans at once. Facing in front of the couch is a giant TV which rests on the wall and above a shelf which houses movies. The floor in between the screen and couch can open and raise a control panel which the Titans use to monitor Jump City. The area behind the couch holds access to a hallway which leads to the Titans' rooms and elevator. The floor can open up to lead the Titans to the Underground Basement holding the Titan Robot, the Obstacle Course at the bottom of the Tower, and a Secret Bunker. The living room is located next to the kitchen, which can be accessed through a sliding door. The living room itself is cluttered with books and paper scraps and holds a Catwoman clock above the hallway.

Back Room


The titans spend much time doing non-bathroom related stuff.




Laundry Room


Obstacle Course

Secret Room

Secret Bunker

Underground Basement

Virtual Reality Room

This room was only featured once in Video Game References. It mostly has a basic titan tower interior to activate the game.



  • In the elevator, various superhero and supervillain logos can be seen including Batman, Superman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, and more.
  • The Tower has dolls of DC characters scattered around the floor. However, a collection of stuffed animals dressed in characters can be seen in Starfire's rooms. Some of the stuffed animals include Darkseid, Martian Manhunter, and Slade.
  • The Tower's thermometer is set at a cool 72-73 degree Fahrenheit in almost every episode.
  • The password to gain access to the Titans's secrets is TITANZRUL.
  • Ann has Frozen posters, referencing the movie she came from: Frozen.

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