Top Secret Government Laboratory
Top Secret Government Laboratory
Physical information

Jump City, California, United States


Government laboratory

First appearance

"Boys vs. Girls"

The Top Secret Government Laboratory is a private research facility funded by the government in order to conduct confidential experiments.


After losing the boys vs. girls contest and his fellow males to the girls, Robin sneaked into the Top Secret Government Laboratory through its air vents in order to steal a sample of cooties. However, he almost fell on top of a Police Officer and quickly ducked underneath the officer's desk to avoid being spotted. He made his way into the Hazard Lab and strolled through the experiments until reaching the container containing cooties. He marveled at the experiment and proceeded to take a sample in a test tube back to Titans Tower in order to contaminate the girls.[1]

Known experiments

  • Creepy Crawls
  • Heebie Jeebies
  • Wickedy Whomps
  • Cooties


  • The laboratory bears a resemblance to the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility.
  • The lobby was decorated with an American flag and the Official Seal of the United States, reinstating that the lab is government-owned.


  1. Loy, John (writer) & Mednikow, Jeff (director). (November 6, 2014). "Boys vs. Girls". Teen Titans Go!. Season 2. Episode 20. Cartoon Network.

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