Terra lands in the Trash Portal
Trash Hole
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  • Garbage holder
  • Prison
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First appearance

"Be Mine"

The Trash Hole is a dimension used by the Teen Titans to store their garbage. It also served as the location of Terra's banishment.


During a battle with Terra, Raven summoned a portal to transport the villainess into the Trash Portal and sealed it off after she and a portion of Titans Tower was transported into the dimension. She landed on the ground and demanded to be let out only to have food fall on her head.

For six months, Terra lived off the scraps thrown away by the Teen Titans and was in the process of cooking fish when chili landed on her fire, fish, and head. She molded trash into the likeness of the Teen Titans and swore revenge on them once she escaped. Terra crushed the trash with a rock and fired a pebble at the trash in the figurine of Beast Boy, announcing that she was saving him for last. She smiled at herself only for chili to fall on her head. She demanded for food to stop dropping on her, unaware that Cyborg was the one dumping the food and pot into the hole. He questioned Raven about the source of the noise and she revealed that she had trapped Terra in the same dimension they used to get rid of their trash. The two laughed about Terra's misfortune only for Raven to tell him to not say anything to Beast Boy.

Cyborg, however, slipped up and told Beast Boy that Raven trapped the only girl who liked him in the Trash Hole which he immediately deduced to be Terra. He asked Raven to open a portal to the Trash Hole to throw away rope and she agreed without a second thought. Beast Boy lowered the rope and Terra climbed out, ecstatic that she was free. However, less than a day later, she was trapped by Terra in the Trash Hole only for Beast Boy to jump in after her, happy that they were together. Chili fell on Terra's head again and Beast Boy happily licked the food off of her as Terra sighed in defeat and Raven watched with the realization that she never got to tell Beast Boy how she really felt.[1]

Terra grew annoyed by Beast Boy's constant performances of his song and broke up with him, somehow escaping the Trash Hole along with him. However, after Terra and Aqualad (who were dating) attacked Beast Boy and Raven for breaking them up, but the two were punched by Beast Boy, as a gorilla, and Raven transported to the Trash Hole again, much to her dismay.[2]

Raven, Starfire, Jinx and Ravager traveled to the Trash Hole to recruit Terra for a rescue mission, but she attacked Raven and refused. When they decided to leave, Terra changed her mind and agreed to go with them, but plotted to enact her revenge.[3]



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