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"Behold, Trigon! Master of the dark, destroyer of dimensions, enslaver of civilization."
— Trigon announcing his arrival.

Biographical Information


Birth place




Physical Description


Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Professional Information

Dimension Conqueror


Demon magic, Power granting, Superhuman strength


Raven (daughter) Arella Roth (wife;deceased) Death (brother) Myron (brother)


Teen Titans

Behind the Scenes
First appearance

Dog Hand

Last appearance


Voiced by

Kevin Michael Richardson

Trigon is the four eyed, white haired demon father of Raven. Conqueror of various dimensions, he is regarded as one of the fiercest beings in the universe.

When Trigon reached his teenage years, he enslaved his first dimension and quickly gained a reputation as the conqueror of worlds and enslaver of many species. He and his decased wife Arella gave birth to Raven in Azarath and Trigon granted her permission to become a superhero, hoping that the goodness in her would be flushed out after saving a few lives. As time progressed, he resented Raven's refusal to embrace her inner demon and conspired to make her accept her birthright.


Trigon arrived at Titans Tower by travelling through an interdimensional portal. He knocked the Tower's walls and began to recite his professions and titles until being interrupted by Raven. Shrinking into a size suitable for the Tower's rooms, he quickly introduced himself by flattering the other Titans. Raven demanded to know the reason for his visit, but quickly bid him farewell before entering her room. Hurt, Trigon followed her through a portal of his own as the other Titans sympathized with the demonic conqueror. Upon entering Raven's room, Trigon attempted to tidy her books and shed light but Raven quickly undid Trigon's work.

Trigon revealed his plans to take the Titans to eat pizza, but Raven refused as she knew that Trigon's reason for visiting the Tower was to get her to become fully demonic. He attempted to persuade her, but Raven rebuffed her birthright by claiming she didn't ask to be his daughter. Saddened by the outburst, Trigon exited the room and sat on the couch with the other Titans. He asked them who wouldn't like a father who can grant power entrancing them. In order to convince Raven to embrace her destiny, Trigon granted Beast Boy the ability to shift into any object and Starfire the power to speak like an Earth teenager. He gave Cyborg a dog head for a hand and made Robin extremely muscular while giving Silkie a pair of wings.

While flying a kite on top of the Tower, Raven, having grown frustrated by her friends' acceptance of Trigon, informed him of her decision to oblige to his wishes. Trigon instructed her on the path to become truly demonic until he revealed that this would mean the death of her friends, shocking the Titans who realized that Raven was right about Trigon. Angered by her trick, Trigon transformed into his demonic form and was attacked by Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg. However, Raven shrunk Trigon in size and cast him into an interdimensional portal, but she suspects that he'll return for Thanksgiving.[1]

Raven mentions Trigon when telling Robin that she's friendless due to being the daugher of the intergalactic demon.[2]

In a plausible future created by Beast Boy and Cyborg, Trigon was defeated by Raven and she gained the powers of a celestial goddess.[3]

Raven sings in the shower that her dad is bad referring to Trigon. Later, a cloak bound Cyborg informs Beast Boy that he's finishing Trigon's dark work.[4]


Although at first on the show he was nice and granting the titans wishes, he is really an evil, wicked beast. He loves his daughter but hates the fact that she is a super hero and wants her to be truly demonic.


Trigon has horns and white hair and 4 eyes.


Powers and Abilities

Power granting abilities, Fire Breathing

Intergalactic demon

(Others unknown)


Season 1



Trigon attacks
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  • As noted by Beast Boy, his breath smells like a fireplace.[1]
  • Trigon is one of two characters to be made into toys by Jazwares with the other being Silkie.
  • When Raven becomes completely demonic, she resembles Trigon as seen in I See You
  • Trigon was the first of six major supporting characters from the 2003's Teen Titans to appear on Teen Titans Go!.


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