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"Harbingers of doom. Purveyors of exquisite misery and endless pain."
— Raven describing the destroyers.[1]

Twin Destroyers of Azarath
Twin Destroyers of Azarath
Biographical information


Physical description
Hair color
  • Green
  • Purple
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Eye color
  • Green
  • Purple
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Teen Titans

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Love Monsters" (only appearance)

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The Twin Destroyers of Azarath are two monsters from Azarath who are capable of bringing destruction to the universe.


Physical appearance

One is pink with green eyes and the other is green with pink eyes. They both have two horns. They each have a heart in their eyes, have big ears, big eyelashes, heart-shaped noses and sharp teeth. Once they unleash their true form they become a large, two-headed dragon-like creature. The majority of its body is purple with one green head and arm.


Their power is based on their ability to draw affection from others. Once Starfire had shown them enough affection they are able to become their true form, a large two-headed being. In this form they are powerful enough to destroy entire planets.


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