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"You said it yourself, Robin. 'Money represents credit so money can be anything.' I choose bees."
Beast Boy to Robin.

Beast Boy shows Robin bees
"Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp"




Original air date

2 April 2015

Running Time

10:52 (minutes)


1.954 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Ben Gruber

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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"Truth, Justice and What?"


"Oil Drums"

Teen Titans Go! - "Two Bees and a Wasp" (clip)01:28

Teen Titans Go! - "Two Bees and a Wasp" (clip)

"Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp" is the thirty-seventh episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the eighty-ninth episode overall. It first aired on 2 April 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Robin tries to teach the Titans to respect money, but he ends up as the one who learns the lesson.


The Teen Titans are relaxing on the couch when Robin appears, asking the Titans if they know what day it is. They shout that it's Wednesday and begin celebrating the middle of the week until Robin reminds them that it's Friday. They begin shouting again until Robin says that Friday is also pay day and takes out a wad of cash. He asks them what they're going to spend the money on and Cyborg says he needs to purchase a new robot butt which Starfire also wants to purchase. Raven says books, Ann wants two tickets to Coco and Robin claims that they're all wrong, saying that money is meant to be hoarded. Beast Boy calls Robin's obsession gross and reminds him that it is called the root of all evil.

Robin shrugs off Beast Boy and takes out a dollar bill which he speaks for. The bill "says" which one thinks he's evil and Starfire immediately singles out Beast Boy. The bill explains that it's just a piece of paper and cannot be evil until Cyborg reminds the money that it's not paper, but money. The money says that since it is only an agreed representative of currency, it can be multiple things including a pineapple and rocks. Beast Boy is still unconvinced, asking if money can be Robin's stupid face, and money slaps him and "orders" that he show him some respect by calling him sir or doctor and demands that they kneel before him or be destroyed. Starfire readily does so while Cyborg says that money is starting to creep him out. Beast Boy repeats that money is evil and rips up the dollar bill, causing Robin to freak. He attempts to repair the bill, but it "dies". Angered, he tells the Titans that they won't get paid until they learn to respect money and walks off. Beast Boy shouts that they don't need money until Cyborg, Starfire, Ann and Raven say that they need money to buy stuff. Beast Boy says that animals don't use money and asks if they ever seen an unhappy dog which they claim to have. Starfire says they have no choice to respect money, but Beast Boy says he'll never respect money as long as it’s evil and claims to have an idea.

Later, Robin walks in on Beast Boy with a box of pizza and notes that he had to spend money to buy it and offers a dollar for a slice. However, Beast Boy says that it will be five bees. Robin is confused and offers his dollar until Beast Boy says they only take real money: bees. Beast Boy reminds Robin that he said money can be represented by anything and that he chose bees. Robin shows him a chart depicting that bees aren't an agreed form of currency and claims that no one will pay him in bees until Starfire, Cyborg, Ann and Raven do so. Raven gives Beast Boy a queen bee and is given two bumblebees and a wasp for change. Robin says he isn't using bees as currency and the others reiterate Robin's order to respect money. Robin tells them he'll only respect paper money and heads to Jump City where he tries to buy a hot dog only to be informed that they only accept bees. As Robin struggles to survive with only paper money, Beast Boy becomes a bee-llionaire.

While in his office at Titans Tower, Beast Boy is visited by Robin, who asks for bees in order to get back on his feet. Beast Boy tells him that he can't be given money as he won't learn to respect it and must earn it. He is stung by bees and Robin notes that he's getting stung a lot. Beast Boy shrugs off the stings, claiming that he doesn't feel it anymore and orders Robin to dance for his bees. Robin wonders what happened to Beast Boy and asks if he would really humiliate him so he could earn money. Beast Boy says that it isn't right and calls the other Titans to see Robin dance for his bees. Robin begins dancing for his bees and, once he finishes, is given two bees. Robin asks if that's all and Beast Boy tells him to be grateful until he is stung by a bee. Robin admits that Beast Boy was right when he said money is the root of all evil and that it hurts to see how it transformed Beast Boy. The shape-shifter says he can't hear him over all his bees and destroys a beehive that unleashes bees. They stung him until he grows into a monster which Robin blames on the money. Raven says that it's just an allergic reaction to all the bee stings, but Robin tells the Titans they must destroy the evil that's consumed Beast Boy and hits him with his staff. Raven and Ann leave to call an ambulance while Cyborg and Starfire watch in horror as Robin slams Beast Boy with his staff.

At Jump City Hospital, the Titans surround Beast Boy on his hospital bed. Cyborg says that it's good to have Beast Boy back and he apologizes for his actions and doesn't know how he became obsessed with money. Robin says that they all learned that whoever said money is the root of all evil was wrong with Ann and Raven agree, saying that it's bee allergies. Robin apologizes for beating Beast Boy and explains that they thought he was a monster, but he forgives them. Starfire informs the others that she just received the hospital bill and Robin glances at the bill before saying that it's going to sting. The Titans begin laughing, except Starfire, who looks around with a confused look on her face.


For a full transcript of "Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Michaela Dietz Ann
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Non-speaking characters
Hot dog vendor  
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This episode's clip wasn't released until the day it premiered.
  • George Washington's design on the show replaces the traditional design, but the traditional design was used in the beginning.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Truth, Justice and What?".


  • Raven is reading the Big Book of Rage and Cyborg is reading the Little Book of Calm again ("The Left Leg").
  • The forest Robin was in and the bear he encountered was first seen in "Nature" and again in "Knowledge".


  • Beast Boy's idea of using bees for currency is a reference to the fact that in Ancient Greece, bees were printed on coins.
  • Ann wanting two movie tickets to a new movie is a reference to the upcoming 2017 pixar film Coco.



Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp title card
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