"No one is allowed to touch the Ultimate Batarang. This is Batman's most prized possession."
Robin to Beast Boy and Cyborg.[1]

Ultimate Batarang

The Ultimate Batarang.

The Ultimate Batarang is a weapon invented by Batman, rumored to be an enhanced version of typical batarangs. However, its only use is to release Batman insignias in the sky through fireworks.


The Ultimate Batarang was created by Batman and kept in a display in the Batcave underneath Wayne Manor. It was rumored to be a weapon of mass destruction and its abilities were hidden to people close to Batman, including Robin. When the Boy Wonder cave-sitted for Batman, he unintentionally left the door open, allowing the Teen Titans to enter the Batcave. Beast Boy and Cyborg were entranced by the Ultimate Batarang and the latter attempted to retrieve it until he was stopped by Robin. Robin stressed the fact that no one was allowed to touch the Ultimate Batarang, but Cyborg ignored him and grabbed the weapon anyway. He threw it to Beast Boy and the Titan transformed into a dog and caught it.

When the H.I.V.E. Five began committing a crime in Gotham City, Beast Boy opted to take the Ultimate Batarang with the Titans to use against them. Robin attempted to stop him, but the Titan insisted that they may need it. During the fight, Gizmo retrieved the Ultimate Batarang and fired it at the kidnapped Titans. However, the Ultimate Batarang instead veered off course and released strobe lights in the shape of a bat, causing confusion among the Titans and the H.I.V.E. Five. Seeing the Ultimate Batarang's abilities reduced Robin's fear of Batman and he succeeded in defeating the villains. Afterwards, the Ultimate Batarang was returned to its proper display.[1]


The Ultimate Batarang acted as a stroboscopic light. When activated, it situated itself above Gotham City and released strobe lights.


  • The Ultimate Batarang's true abilities were apparently only known to Batman and James Gordon as the two would often lay on a picnic blanket and watch the batarang's lights.


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