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"Uncle Jokes"




Original air date

9 April 2014

Running Time

11:09 (minutes)


1.26 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

John Loy

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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Teen Titans Go! "Uncle Jokes" Preview Clip01:12

Teen Titans Go! "Uncle Jokes" Preview Clip

"Uncle Jokes" is the forty-seventh episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the forty-seventh episode overall. It first aired on 9 April 2014 on Cartoon Network. The episode marked the show's transition to its' new premiere time, Wednesday at 6:30 pm.


Hoping to learn how to be actually funny — unlike Robin who can only tell "uncle jokes" — Starfire asks to join Cyborg and Beast Boy's twosome. Robin is upset as he feels this throws off the balance of the Tower and goes to the extreme to deal with it.[1]


Beast Boy and Cyborg sit at the table where the shape-shifting Titan bets he can make Cyborg smile. Cyborg disagrees as Beast Boy transforms into a pig for a "Pig Jig" slowly causing the robotic Titan to lose his bearing and smile. Afterwards, Cyborg bets he can make Beast Boy laugh and performs a "Robo Rag." Beast Boy laughs and the two find themselves bored. They decide to dance a "Bro Boogie" together, when Starfire joins in, attempting to make them laugh. Beast Boy and Cyborg stare at her awkwardly before ordering her to stop.

TTG Uncle Jokes 124a 46

Beast Boy and Cyborg's comedy routine is disrupted by Starfire.

Starfire expresses distraught at being the only Titan who can't tell a joke, but the two reassure her that Robin isn't funny either. Hearing this, Robin bursts in from the roof on a rope and claims he is funny. Beast Boy denies and reasons that Robin tells uncle jokes, which Starfire believes to be jokes toward an uncle. Cyborg explains that uncle jokes are bad jokes that people like an uncle would tell. Robin protests but is reminded by Beast Boy of his terrible attempts at humor. Starfire assures that she understands the concept as Raven and Ann laugh at one of Robin's jokes. Robin is happy that Raven and Ann find him funny, but Cyborg and Beast Boy begun to call him Uncle because of these jokes. Humiliated, Robin activates a smoke machine, and when it clears, walks away.

TTG Uncle Jokes 124a 43

The three find Robin "not funny" because of his "uncle jokes".

Starfire is impressed, and asks Beast Boy and Cyborg if she can join their comedy group in order to learn. They deny her offer, and she begins to sadly float away until Beast Boy stops her and tells her that she must perform what Cyborg defines as a "Comedy Turn" which has her bribing them by making cookies. Beast Boy rewinds back to when they denied her offer where Starfire tempts them by offering to bake cookies. They accept her proposal and begin to test her comedic skills. She scores a C+ on Silly Walks, B- on Fun With Food, and an A+ on Body Functions Humor due to her burping performance.

TTG Uncle Jokes 124a 33

Beast Boy and Cyborg joins Starfire on their comedy routine.

Later in the living room, Starfire has transitioned into behaving like Beast Boy and Cyborg and ponders about her comedic catchphrase. She suggests Shamma Lamma Mu-mu, which Raven and Ann claim that it needs work. Robin enters the room, and cracks a joke about a cow causing Raven and Ann to laugh, but Beast Boy calls him Uncle again. Robin insists they stop calling him that, but Cyborg counters that he should be funnier. Robin claims that Starfire should start acting like herself because her hanging out with Beast Boy and Cyborg upsets the balance of the team. He explains that he is the lone wolf leader, Beast Boy and Cyborg are the good natured slackers, Raven is the sarcastic older sister, Ann is their princess-like "pet" and Starfire serves as his unrequited love interest. Starfire claims he is right, but fools him by Uncle-ing him. In celebration, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy engage in a rap, "Them Uncle Jokes," to mock Robin. Cyborg then asks Starfire what just happened, and Beast Boy responds that they just became a comedy trio.

TTG Uncle Jokes 124a 10

After Robin loses his temper and balance, he starts to act like Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven and attack the garden gnomes.

As a result, Robin begins to act very strangely and mutate. His face morphs to resemble Cyborg's and shouts boo-yah before morphing into Beast Boy and eats a tofu sandwich. He morphs into Starfire and swoons about himself before telling everyone to quiet down as Raven. He later turns into Ann and criticizes Raven's behavior. The real Raven explains to the Titans that Robin has a habit of genetically mutating whenever the team is thrown out of balance and tells them to quiet down. Robin begins to act out a scenario in which the team is ordered to take down the garden gnomes who he thinks are attacking the tower. In the backyard, he acts out the roles of all the Titans, constantly morphing to attack the garden gnomes. Beast Boy and Cyborg realize that Robin won't stop acting insane until the team is back in balance and tearfully begin a plan to expel Starfire from the comedy trio to restore order.

TTG Uncle Jokes 124a 03

Robin returns to normal after Starfire is kicked out of Cyborg and Beast Boy's comedy routine.

Starfire joins them and comments on Robin's craziness, followed by a Shamma Lamma Mu-mu. However, Beast Boy and Cyborg dub her Uncle with each time hurting them and saddening Starfire as they explain to Starfire that she is not one of them. Starfire tells them that she understands, and yearns for the comfort of the lone wolf leader causing Robin to crash through the window and catch Starfire as she faints into his arms thereby regaining his sanity. He walks over to Beast Boy, and hits him with one of his uncle jokes, followed by a "Boom!" causing Raven and Ann to laugh and compliment him.


For a full transcript of "Uncle Jokes", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Michaela Dietz Ann
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Non-speaking roles
Silkie (cameo)
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • The fourth wall is broken three times in this episode:
    • Beast Boy pulling the screen to show a flashback.
    • Cyborg pointing to the pop-up words "Comedy Turn."
    • Beast Boy rewinding the show with a remote.
  • Silkie made a cameo appearance as a drawing, but did not appear within the episode itself.
  • ​Running Gags: Robin telling his jokes and saying "Boom!", Starfire saying "Shamma Lamma Mu-mu!"
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Waffles".



  • A portrait of Alfred Pennyworth can be seen in the bathroom.


  • Continuity error: Starfire used a contraction for the second time ("Meatball Party").


Uncle Jokes title card
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