"Uncle Jokes/Transcript"
Season 1, Episode 47
Uncle Jokes title card
Production code: 124a
Airdate: April 9, 2014
Director: Luke Cormican
Writer: John Loy
"Más y Menos (episode)"
This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Uncle Jokes" from season 1, which aired on April 9, 2014.
Cyborg (Featured), Beast Boy (Featured), Starfire (Featured), Robin (Featured), Raven
Titans Tower
Them Uncle Jokes by Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy
Plot Point
This transcript is in progress.


The episode opens at Titans Tower. Beast Boy and Cyborg are sitting at the table, looking bored.

Beast Boy: Bet I can make you smile.

Cyborg: (chuckles, then composes himself) No, you cannot.

Beast Boy: Sure can.

Cyborg: Nuh-uh.

Beast Boy: Sure can.

Cyborg: No way.

Beast Boy: Sure can.

Cyborg: Not a chance.

Beast Boy: Pig jig!

Beast Boy turns into a pig and starts dancing. Cyborg watches this, trying harder and harder not to laugh, until he finally loses it and bursts out laughing

Cyborg: Bwa ha ha ha! Whoo! Aw, man, you got me!

Beast Boy: Told ya.

Cyborg: My turn! Bet I can make you smile.

Beast Boy: (chuckles, then turns back to normal) Seriously doubt it, bro.

Cyborg: Bet I can.

Beast Boy: Nope.

Cyborg: Bet I can.

Beast Boy: Nuh-uh.

Cyborg: Bet I can.

Beast Boy: No way.

Cyborg: Robo Rag!

Cyborg's head pops off, and starts doing a ragtime dance, complete with ragtime music. Beast Boy watches this, trying harder and harder not to laugh.

Cyborg: Robo ra~ag!

Beast Boy: (starts laughing) Aw man!

Cyborg: Told ya I could do it!

A long pause ensues.

Beast Boy: So... now what?


Cyborg and Beast Boy Bro boogie!

Beast Boy turns into a pig again and the two start dancing. They suddenly stop when they see Starfire in the room, dancing as well.

Beast Boy: What are you doing?

Starfire: Look in my direction! I shall give you the smiles, too. (starts hopping around, making cat meows. Beast Boy and Cyborg are unimpressed)

Cyborg: Okay, stop.

Beast Boy: It's not happening.

Starfire: I hate being the only Titan who cannot do the joke.

Cyborg: (puts his head back on his body) Aww, don't feel bad, Star. Robin's not funny either.

Robin: (suddenly crashes in through the ceiling) Hey! I'm funny!

Beast Boy: Dude, no. You're not. You tell uncle jokes.

Starfire: Robin has never told a joke about his uncle.

Cyborg: (scoffs) Uncle jokes aren't about uncles. They're just lame jokes that someone like an uncle would tell.

Beast Boy: And they're never, ever funny.

Robin: I don't tell uncle jokes!

Beast Boy: Really?

A flashback montage begins

Raven: How do you want your steak cooked?

Robin: On a stove! Boom!

The word "Boom" is stamped over the scene. Cut to Cyborg sitting on the couch.

Cyborg: Man, I'm hungry.

Robin: enters Oh, nice to meet you, Hungry. I'm Robin. Boom!

"Boom" is stamped over the scene again. Cut to the bathroom. Beast Boy is about to use the toilet, when Robin suddenly appears from inside the shower.

Robin: Hey, Beast Boy! "Why can't you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?" "Because the "p" is silent!" Boom!

"Boom" is stamped again. Then it is stamped two more times over Robin saying it to Starfire, and then over Robin seeming to just scream the word.

Starfire: Please stop. I assure you I understand the concept now.

Raven: (chuckling) "The "p" is silent." I just got it.

Robin: Raven likes my jokes.

Cyborg: Dude, your jokes are so uncle-y, we oughta start calling you "uncle."

Beast Boy: Yeah, that's right, "uncle"!

Cyborg and Beast Boy Uncle, uncle, uncle!

Beast Boy sticks his tongue out at Robin. In response, Robin drops a smoke bomb, which detonates. However, he doesn't leave until the smoke has started to fade, and even then, he only walks away, growling.

Starfire: Your humor is quite masterful. Perhaps if I joined your company, I could learn something.

Cyborg and Beast Boy react in shock, looking back and forth between Starfire and each other.

Beast Boy: No way! This here... This is a twosome! (starts holding up signs) Not one. Not three. Dos! Two! Got it?

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